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[ March 12, 2008 • 12:25pm]

Governor caught in Mutant Call Girl Scandal! )

ooc )

[ March 10, 2008 • 9:01pm]

BH Members are so not invited, sorry to say. Jean would have a fit. )

puss in boots [Scott] [ March 08, 2008 • 8:20pm]

Reading was not one of his strong points, but the library was still one of Sun's favorite places in the mansion. Occasionally, he could be found curled up somewhere in the corner, trying to struggle through a random novel, but more often than not he would seek out a warm spot and fall asleep. No one seemed to mind; he was a quiet sleeper, after all, and libraries weren't exactly hubs of activity, so he wasn't taking up needed space.

He could've slept somewhere else - there were spots in the halls that tended to get a lot of sunlight (or, more sunlight than elsewhere, as the case often was), but Sun found that there was something lulling about the dusty, somehow timeless smell of books. He was comforted by the warmth of the room as much as the scent of paper and leather bindings, pages rustling in his head as he rolled over onto his back and flopped onto his stomach again, tail twitching against the carpet.

Sun was particularly fond of sleeping in his cat shape. It lent itself to sleeping well - able to get comfortable in any number of strange places - and also to waking up well. His human self never could just wake up and be awake the way his cat self could, which he'd learned after several rude awakenings that ended with him falling out of bed and not landing on his feet (or arms, or legs, or hands, for that matter).

He'd just settled in to sleep, face nestled between his front paws, when a sound and a scent jerked him out of his peaceful dozing and into an instinctual wariness. Even though Sun knew that Scott wasn't a threat, part of him refused to accept it, and he could feel his claws flex slightly, ears pricking up as he tried to relax again.

If Scott was going to ruin his nap, Sun was going to put a dead mouse in his bed. Or his shoe, since Jean would probably not appreciate the bed part.

Trouble on Monday [ March 07, 2008 • 9:42pm]

I can't believe this is happening to me... )

[ Closed. ]

The NY Daily News Editorial, P14 [ March 07, 2008 • 2:53pm]

The Daily Digest with Panama Rhymes

All-American Mutant To Represent Illinois

The term "All-American" is applied loosely here, as the newly named Miss Illinois can only be considered American in the barest of legal terms. Olivia Robertson, a native of Chicago won the title last year, and is now in contention for the Miss America crown, the finals of which taking place on March 16th. I don't have to remind everyone what a privilege it would be to hold that title, so I wonder: are we ready for a mutant to get her hands on this prestigious prize?

The answer is, in short, no. Robertson, whose talent in the pageant is dancing on water (that's part of her mutation - more on it later), supposedly dazzled the judges with her verbosity and outspokenness, qualities which the nation will have to wait to witness, unless you happen to live in the state.

Speculation surrounds Robetson's every move - she's now a veritable celebrity in the competition, and bookers assure me that her odds of winning are very good. As a mutant in the public eye, the official line is that she can selectively alter the surface tension of liquids, which would then support her weight, making for a dazzling display. Friends in Peoria tell me that her performance would've been positively lackluster had it not been for its unusual stage.

That now begs the question - does Roberson deserve it? Some people are born with obvious talents, genetically blessed with good looks and impressive intellect. Surely, you might argue, that the high schooler's ability is just an extension of her natural talents.

But we weren't all born with the X-gene, we don't all have super-strength or telepathy or even naturally fresh breath. Clearly Miss Illinois has some sort of advantage over her peers - and it is an unfair one, given her extra gene. The question now is whether the judges will recognise this for what it is, or will they allow her to cruise her way to a title she doesn't deserve.

An article in Time magazine this week. [ March 06, 2008 • 5:22pm]

Mutant Problem No Longer A Problem? John Oakes

In America today it is impossible to escape the mutant issue. Senator Graydon Creed has promised compulsory mutant registration if he is elected to office. A mutant woman from Illinois may become the first mutant Miss America later this month, sparking controversy about the rules and regulations of the institution and riots and protests in the area of Manhattan known colloquially as Mutant Town are becoming commonplace on the nightly news. In many ways it seems that mutants have permeated the news media as the hot issue of society today.

Mutancy is a relatively new phenomenon. Reports of mutation began to emerge in the early twentieth century, but the population has been growing in size and power since then, sparking spirited debate over their position in society. While there are some mutants who's mutations are rather mundane, like green skin, or being able to walk on water, there are those who possess abilities that could potentially cause significant disruption to society, even in extreme cases terrorism. Not to mention that mutation most commonly manifests during puberty, a very emotionally unstable point of any teenager's life and there have been several reports over the last decade of people being seriously harmed by the manifestation of a child's mutant power. Subsequently views and opinions on this new phenomenon and what should be done about it vary widely, anywhere from complete acceptance to fear and loathing.

A recent poll of the residents of Mutant town indicates their dissatisfaction with the political attitude towards their community. 85% believe that life will become worse for them if Mutant Registration were introduced, and an overwhelming 76% would consider leaving the country if the bill that Creed proposes passes into law.

It's really no surprise then, that the latest census statistics that show a significant rise in immigration to the African country of Genosha.

Genosha is an independent democratic republic situated on an island off the east coast of Africa not far from Madagascar. Once known to Americans only as an ideal tropical holiday destination, it has developed a reputation within the global community for their tolerance of the mutant phenomenon. While other countries place restrictions on mutant migration, the Genoshan government openly encourages mutant refugees to consider relocating to their country. David Moreau, the Genoshan Minister for Immigration and Foreign Affairs said at a conference last month:

"We understand that some people may fear these gifted individuals as the science of the phenomenon is still not completely understood. But here in Genosha we believe that if these individuals are treated with respect and fairness, then they can help contribute to our society in a way not seen anywhere else in the world and subsequently help make Genosha a global leader in the fields of health, education, technology and science."

And he seems to be right.

Statistically, Genosha is an oddity in the region. While the countries of mainland Africa are stricken with issues of poverty, disease, political turmoil and economic recession, Genosha is very well off. Their economy is mainly driven by the tourism industry but the Bank of Genosha, based in the capitol: Hammer Bay, reported a decade-low interest rate last quarter, resulting in an increase in foreign investment in the region. The country has a politically stable democracy, with their general elections scheduled to be held early next year, and their unique geographical position shields them from the worst weather that the Indian Ocean can produce.

Meanwhile, the gang violence and organised crime syndicates that cause so much of the disruption in Mutant Town continue to worry the authorities. Many have called for a formal inquiry into the lax police presence in the area, while others believe that the police are doing all they can with the resources available and that heavier restrictions on the citizens in that area, including a curfew, may be in order.

It's easy to see why the idea of migration to Genosha is so appealing for the mutant community especially in this current climate. East African Air, the flagship airline of Genosha, has just recently announced the addition of a new route flying direct from New York to Hammer Bay twice a week to begin in April. As part of the launch they're offering a significant discount to those who plan to emigrate to the country. It's a risky venture encouraging immigration so publically, one not attempted by a country for many years and certainly not with a community who're considered so dangerous. But the Genoshan government believes strongly that their positive attitude towards the Mutant people will be nothing but a successful venture and there is little that the rest of the world can do but sit back and watch the situation unfold.

[ March 04, 2008 • 4:02pm]

Who: Scott and Jean
What: Talkin' and sexin'. Alex, avert your eyes.
When: Today.ish.
Rating: R

Scott was slowly but surely getting used to the concept of the walking cast. )

[ March 04, 2008 • 1:41pm]

WHO The Summers Brothas
WHAT Having lunch together!
WHEN Uh, some afternoon.
WHERE The dining room!

They were all too happy to personalize it for you! )

free food [ March 04, 2008 • 10:06am]

He'd only meant to cook some for himself but as doing that was to practically make a mess for nothing, he decided he could just as well give the others a little treat.


It was instant macaroni and cheese he'd found in the cupboard but he had done the effort of cooking everything up plus adding some meaty bits and some other spices (the stuff from McCormick). It wouldn't taste much better but it definitely looked more presentable and less like something you just popped into the stove and let cook for half an hour or something.

On the table, he placed everything else: more McCormick, more cheese (Parmesan), more bacon bits and because some people might be weird, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. Bread was being toasted on the kitchen counter now and if they wanted it garlic, they could just grab the garlic butter from the fridge.

If it was still there.

Stepping out, he called towards the empty hallway, "Heeey." And with a pan and a spatula, Kevin started to bang the two together so that the sound sort of echoed through the walls. "Lunchtime, c'mon."

[ Open to: Everyone Within the Brotherhood House ]

dress-less Sunday [ March 03, 2008 • 2:43pm]

Wanda was losing her dress.

It was a new one, too -- white and lacy and soft to the skin and it was a Sunday and she was in the mood to wear it to shopping today. But as it is, the problem was that it was lost.

And she would not have this.

Dressed instead in her relatively new tangerine top and bell-bottom chocolate slacks, Wanda then set off for a search for her new dress. She'd checked the laundry area but it was not there so she was back in the hallways -- posing in the middle of it with one hand on her hip as she flicked her hair back.

She was thinking of a plan.

[ Open to: Everyone Within the X-Mansion ]

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