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going my way? [07 Apr 2008|07:37pm]
He pulled his coat tighter the moment he'd stepped out of the office building, throwing a squinted gaze up to the overcast skies lording over New York as he climbed the rest of the short steps down. Considering the generally sunny day he'd spent with his father just yesterday (he was supposed to go on Saturday but as the weather wasn't looking nice then, his father pushed the date to Sunday and much to both their lucks, it pulled through) in Washington DC, he would have thought that last Saturday was the end of the gloomy days if the news hadn't warned everyone about a stormy week ahead.

Shiro dearly hoped it wouldn't suddenly rain on him. He also made a mental note to bring along an umbrella tomorrow.

Turning around to Jacobs who called for him to take care, he smiled, raised a hand to wave and nodded, telling him to do the same. Left hand in his coat pocket, right just by the bag strap slung over his shoulder, he started over to the sidewalk and to his usual taxi waiting spot.

It was just when he was about to put on his Ray Ban glasses when two beeps would honk just behind him and he would turn in time to see that familiar blue-green Second Generation Nissan Sentra pulling over to his part of the sidewalk. Shiro grinned as he watched and he turned back to approach the driver's side of the vehicle. Leaning low enough to meet the driver in her eye level by the time the window would be rolling down, he said, "Ms. Irene."

[ Open to: Irene ]
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