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at the end of the day... [03 Apr 2008|09:25am]
Despite the fact that aside from the soap-joke or the rainbow flowers, she hadn't seen any other pranks roll her way, Wanda still couldn't help but give the marshmallow bag a little eyeing when she plucked it from the cupboard. Hand on her hip while she scanned it up and down, left and right, she strained to look for anything suspicious.

When there was none, she was a happy occupant.

She sat herself down the kitchen table with her early evening snacks, one hand taking a squishy white thing from the bag and pinching it a few as she scrutinized it, narrowing her eyes in case Jubilee had planted a maggot in each and every piece of these sweets -- can anyone blame her for being extra careful? Footsteps echoed from the outside, she imagined something glowing brighter and brighter at every beat that walk took as she began to eat the marshmallow.

When the footstep had presented itself in the form of a human entering the kitchen with a tray of what looked like jellos in rainbow colors and something else, she strayed her eyes to the man in a white open polo top, sleeves folded, a black tank top underneath, and matched with a pair of khaki denims, "Oh, very colorful."

"Good evening, Wanda," was what Shiro had said to her in return by the time he had set the trays down to the kitchen table then proceeded to the counter to pull out a knife from the wooden holder then a fork from one of the small drawers just to the sink's side. "What happened to you today?"

"Nothing out of the norm. My soap has been rendered useless, my flowers all ruined and my pictures transformed to a mini-circus," dressed in a simple white dress (yes, that one she'd been looking for) Wanda was very slowly nibbling through her marshmallow when she watched the taller man drag a seat beside her. "Who do you think did it?"

"Who else?" Shiro rolled his eyes before cutting through a jello holding what looked like one of his Bulgaris in hostage. "Even if Sun's the youngest, you don't imagine him to have the mind of a six-year old."

Wanda must have giggled a little there before popping the rest of the mallow into her mouth. "That prank," she gestured to the one on Shiro's plate, "doesn't look like the prank of a six-year old."

"I'm sure you know who I'm talking about."

She sighed and shook her head, "We all do." She slipped her hand into the bag of mallows for another one.

"You don't have work tonight?"

"Night off," Wanda answered, the mallow halfway into her mouth as she glanced at the younger man, "The manager has a special someone singing on stage and after her, Barbara Cook's coming on."

"Barbara Cook?"

"You don't know your broadway."

"I never got into broadway," he returned to his extraction. With the fake pair of glasses dangling on his fork, he scraped the rest of the jello off with the knife before setting it on an empty space on the tray.

Wanda clapped her hands delightfully at this, "Congratulations, Mr. Yoshida! You have seven more plates to go."

"I know," Shiro slid that plate aside and sliced open the adjacent yellow one for another pair, "I'm well aware, actually..."

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fool's blood [03 Apr 2008|09:42am]
Turns wood into saw dust...I used to tell everyone no one's a mutant in my blood but now, I can't be too sure. )

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