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Rooftop cats (Erik) [28 Mar 2008|02:54pm]
They swarmed her until they covered her entirely like a cloak stuck on a branch. They horded her until she couldn't breathe and lost control. But she showed none of this. Yes, she will feel pain and she will suffer. These were little things that were part of the job and she would accept them, but she will never allow herself to be affected.

Rahne opened her eyes and she returned back to where she was. The shower had been pouring nonstop. Gallons of water must have gone wasted as she became fixated in recalling what had happened during the protest and how that X-Man slighted her with his nightmarish hallucinations. She did not realize how water started flooding in her cubicle and that the water was already her ankle level.

She left the pool behind to wear some loose clothes for the night. It was late when she opened her window to give her wings a stretch before settling in. Rahne flew more openly in the dark because she wouldn't be attracting much attention.

Her definition of settling in wasn't exactly heading to bed. Most often than not it meant sitting on top of the roof and spending the rest of the night on it. Whether she slept or not, it didn't matter. What she does wasn't very exciting. It was simply an equivalent to meditation, or just passing time by. These after a whole day spent in training, which was another of those unexciting things she ever does.

But she was not alone. )
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The Aftermath... [28 Mar 2008|10:45pm]
Her head did not feel so good. Her brain felt a little too big for her head, as though suddenly overnight it had filled with air. Scott had woken her with a glass of water and a few Advils in hope to stave off the roaring hangover before it hit her, but it was too late, and it was very likely she was still a little bit drunk.

The details of the night before were a little fuzzy. She still had on a sparkly silver top she'd put on before they'd gone out clubbing and she had a tacky tiara tangled up in her hair. Scott thankfully had managed to tug off her boots when she'd gotten into bed, but he had not the skill nor the perseverance to try and remove the tiara and so it had stayed.

For some reason, and it was probably the extra alcohol in her system that was playing a part in this particular confusion, there was a fertility statue sitting on her bedside table. There was no question as to who'd gifted it, as a "♥ Ororo" was etched into the base, but she had absolutely no recollection of getting it the night before, and most certainly didn't remember positioning it in such a lurid way next to her engagement photograph and the portrait of her parents.

She had to put the night behind her and move onwards and upwards, away from the nausea and the headache and down to breakfast, though considering it was after midday already it was probably more aptly called lunch. Her parents were arriving later in the afternoon, and while her father wouldn't have any problems with her looking a little dishevelled, she was sure that her mother would have something to say about it.

She stumbled into the kitchen, having switched out of her silver top and into her pyjamas, though still with the tiara stuck in her hair. She'd shower after she'd had a little bit of something fatty and disgusting to eat. She wondered what there was in the fridge.
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