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puss in boots [Scott] [08 Mar 2008|08:20pm]
Reading was not one of his strong points, but the library was still one of Sun's favorite places in the mansion. Occasionally, he could be found curled up somewhere in the corner, trying to struggle through a random novel, but more often than not he would seek out a warm spot and fall asleep. No one seemed to mind; he was a quiet sleeper, after all, and libraries weren't exactly hubs of activity, so he wasn't taking up needed space.

He could've slept somewhere else - there were spots in the halls that tended to get a lot of sunlight (or, more sunlight than elsewhere, as the case often was), but Sun found that there was something lulling about the dusty, somehow timeless smell of books. He was comforted by the warmth of the room as much as the scent of paper and leather bindings, pages rustling in his head as he rolled over onto his back and flopped onto his stomach again, tail twitching against the carpet.

Sun was particularly fond of sleeping in his cat shape. It lent itself to sleeping well - able to get comfortable in any number of strange places - and also to waking up well. His human self never could just wake up and be awake the way his cat self could, which he'd learned after several rude awakenings that ended with him falling out of bed and not landing on his feet (or arms, or legs, or hands, for that matter).

He'd just settled in to sleep, face nestled between his front paws, when a sound and a scent jerked him out of his peaceful dozing and into an instinctual wariness. Even though Sun knew that Scott wasn't a threat, part of him refused to accept it, and he could feel his claws flex slightly, ears pricking up as he tried to relax again.

If Scott was going to ruin his nap, Sun was going to put a dead mouse in his bed. Or his shoe, since Jean would probably not appreciate the bed part.
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