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The NY Daily News Editorial, P14 [07 Mar 2008|02:53pm]
The Daily Digest with Panama Rhymes

All-American Mutant To Represent Illinois

The term "All-American" is applied loosely here, as the newly named Miss Illinois can only be considered American in the barest of legal terms. Olivia Robertson, a native of Chicago won the title last year, and is now in contention for the Miss America crown, the finals of which taking place on March 16th. I don't have to remind everyone what a privilege it would be to hold that title, so I wonder: are we ready for a mutant to get her hands on this prestigious prize?

The answer is, in short, no. Robertson, whose talent in the pageant is dancing on water (that's part of her mutation - more on it later), supposedly dazzled the judges with her verbosity and outspokenness, qualities which the nation will have to wait to witness, unless you happen to live in the state.

Speculation surrounds Robetson's every move - she's now a veritable celebrity in the competition, and bookers assure me that her odds of winning are very good. As a mutant in the public eye, the official line is that she can selectively alter the surface tension of liquids, which would then support her weight, making for a dazzling display. Friends in Peoria tell me that her performance would've been positively lackluster had it not been for its unusual stage.

That now begs the question - does Roberson deserve it? Some people are born with obvious talents, genetically blessed with good looks and impressive intellect. Surely, you might argue, that the high schooler's ability is just an extension of her natural talents.

But we weren't all born with the X-gene, we don't all have super-strength or telepathy or even naturally fresh breath. Clearly Miss Illinois has some sort of advantage over her peers - and it is an unfair one, given her extra gene. The question now is whether the judges will recognise this for what it is, or will they allow her to cruise her way to a title she doesn't deserve.
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Trouble on Monday [07 Mar 2008|09:42pm]
I can't believe this is happening to me... )

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