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a trip to the vet is just like the doctors. except with more fur. [scott/alex/jean] [21 Feb 2008|12:17pm]
Medland Veterinary Hospital was a good fifteen minute drive from 1407 Greymalkin lane. They weren't particularly cheap, either, but they were a vet hospital, so they were open all night seven days a week, and when your boyfriend was stuck in wolf form with a possible broken leg, Jean didn't really have any choice but to pop him in the back of the SUV and drive him on down.

Of course, Scott was a little heavy in wolf form, and when he was in pain and injured, he tended to be a little more grumpy than he normally was. So Jean took along company to help. Alex was stronger than she was while she had to look like her normal self, and unfortunately when the vet hospital had a fairly extensive file on your dog because of his habit of getting into trouble, you had to be a little consistent in what you looked like when you turned up for the examination.

Jean pulled up into the parking lot trying to find a space as close as possible to the front door. Scott had been stubborn before they'd left, insisting on walking around on his broken leg instead of sucking up his pride and letting himself be carried. But Jean was going to have none of that while they were here in public. If they were at the vet, he had to act like a dog. A well behaved dog who was in pain because they thought he got hit by a car. So he would be carried into the vet's office.

"Thanks for coming with me, Alex." She said unbuckling her seatbelt, looking over her shoulder pointedly at the trunk, where her fiance was hopefully lying down.
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Savior (Brian) [21 Feb 2008|08:27pm]
He'd called.

Just as she'd seen the note on the fridge about the meeting they were going to have, he'd called. Betsy had known that the meeting was going to be about the protest Jamie had spoken of, and that it was important, but she couldn't ignore the call.

Brian was her brother, and Brian was the most important thing in her life. He was rungs above everything else on the ladder of important.

He hadn't sound panicked, but he'd asked her to come get him. She couldn't be sure if he needed help, or just a ride, but it didn't really matter in the end. If she was needed, she was going to be there.

Betsy could only hope that Erik wouldn't hold this too much against her. She'd find a way to make it up to him somehow.

The drive to Boston was made longer by the fact that Betsy had no idea if her brother was in trouble. Their phone call had been extremely short, and it had gotten cut off by bad reception at the end. He might have tried to tell her something, but she just hadn't heard it. If both hands hadn't been clutched onto the wheel so tightly that her knuckles were white, she might have chewed her nails all the way to get him.

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