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Work out not working out? [open] [13 Feb 2008|09:00pm]
Unlike certain members of the X-Men, Jubilee was not diligent in her training. Of course she'd attend any group Danger Room sessions, and she took great joy in running around outside to keep fit, but toiling away on a machine didn't bring - or so she told herself - optimum results. Today she had designated as a gym day, looking to work on her flexibility. She was feeling a little stiff lately, and so out of practice.

After some stretching and warm up, she was on the beam, doing a handstand to find her balance and getting used to all the blood rushing to her head. Feeling more confident, Jubilee settled into an easy routine, careful to avoid strains. She took it as a good sign that none of her muscles complained when she put her weight on them, so one leg dangling off the side of the beam, Jubilee took a breather before delving into a more difficult sequence.

She was landing from a leap (or at least trying to land) when her foot missed the beam completely, causing her to flail wildly for a split second before falling to the floor, banging her thigh on the wood as she went down.

Jubilee just lay there for a while, waiting for the pain to settle in on her leg, thanking various deities for the concept of lower practice beams, and foam mats.

"Mm, soft," she muttered as she patted the mat, enjoying its cushiony comfort.
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