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Pillow Talk [09 Feb 2008|06:26pm]
Who: Jean and Scott
Where: Their room.
What: Discussing the wedding.

The room they shared was not so big, but it was more than enough for the two of them at the moment. )
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sing me the hymns inaudible [09 Feb 2008|07:52pm]
"Ladies and gentlemen, once again...Miss Wanda Maximoff."

The sounds of hands pattered into the four walls of Cafe Carlyle as the keys of the piano began its melody and the percussions began its rhythm. Lights dimmed at the mellow tempo of her song but she never lost the glow where she stood. Swaying some as she waited for her cue, Wanda's eyes swept through the evening's crowd and she had a small smile to her face...perhaps something akin to a subtle smirk as a hand flew to rest on her mic. For this night, she wore a dark gown that shone a favorable shade of marroon as the light touched it where she moved.

Reaching out to her audience, Wanda began her song, her voice round and bold as she canted her head a bit to a side. Her swaying continued if only on stronger motions and she soon fell to blend with the music that she sang. Had this been some years ago, she would have played with her voice and turned it to light to surround her and give her a golden aura.

But these days, the people were more knowledgeable and though her powers were subtle, she was not going to risk it.

Still, Wanda imagined herself glowing in her own light. Even if her audience didn't see it, in her mind, behind closed eyes, she glew and she was bright...and she smiled in her own invisible light.

"The dark nights to come -- so kiss me for good-bye. The grace of the godland is near to you..."

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