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Dec. 10th, 2019


Just FYI - I'm playing with the layouts and things today so if stuff seems wonky for a minute or two, don't worry!

Nov. 26th, 2019


Hello, hello! I'm Manda and Ashe ALSO got me here. (I'm sensing a trend, y'all!)

For now, I've got Mike here and Daphne Blake ([info]whatdamsel). Come say hey and maybe somebody save Mike from losing his ever-loving mind. Daph? Daph has got this. No worries.

Nov. 22nd, 2019


Hihi! I'm slow to intro myself, sorry! I'm Kimity, and I was also brought here by Ashe!

I'm bringing youuuuu:

- The Meta-Crisis: [info]almosteleven | Doctor Who
- Damon Salvatore [info]niceish | Vampire Diaries
- Tifa Lockhart [info]premiumheart Final Fantasy VII
- Gamora [info]joysucker MCU
- Diana Prince [info]lassoingtruth | DC EU
- Kara Danvers [info]superhopeful | DC TV

That's enough, right? D: Come be their friendssss. For any canonmates that some of them have, umm. Maybe help me decide on what canon point would be most ideal for coalescing with yours? ♥ Feel free to poke me here, at my email ( or my Discord (Kimity#8664).

Thanks for having me!!

Oct. 29th, 2019


Welp you guys are stuck with me over here too. If anyone wants to plot with Connor, [info]illyria or [info]kalsonofel let me know!

Oct. 28th, 2019


Hi everyone! I’m Maria and I am bringing you FP Jones from Riverdale. He’s from 3.22.

I look forward to playing with you.

Oct. 27th, 2019


Misha here with one more. I've fallen into the Stranger Things rabbit hole and ended up with a muse for Hopper, ornery SOB that he is. He's really got a heart of gold, though. He's coming from the end of S3, bruised and battered from the death fight with Grigori. Obvs he's gonna think he's in hell or something, and really would it be a surprise given how whacked out his life has been the past couple years?

Hopper joins Eliot, Jenna, Jughead, Michael, Oliver, and Sam in my headspace. They are all open to random interactions and such if anyone wants to deal with them. :)

Oct. 20th, 2019


Hey everyone! It's Allie, and somehow, I was talked into nine more characters, because Ashe is a horrible person and an enabler.

This is short and sweet because I don't feel like writing something long winded.

  • Barbara Gordon [info]oracleisonline | DC Comics: Coming in from before the New 52. Barbara is still Oracle.
  • Carol Ferris [info]loveislethal | DC Comics: Also coming in from before the New 52. Hal Jordan, she knows that you somehow got her into this mess.
  • Conner Kent [info]boyoftomorrow | DC Comics: Another one coming in from before the New 52. He's going to be glad to see Tim is around.
  • Fen [info]highkingfen | The Magicians: Fen is coming in from the end of season four, but before she gets overthrown by the Dark King. She's not going to be too thrilled about being pulled away from Fillory.
  • Jean Grey [info]burnmythoughts | Marvel: Jean is coming from before the Return Of Jean Grey (the adult version) because I quite honestly haven't been actively keeping up.
  • Jennifer Walters [info]legallysmashing | Marvel: Jen is coming from the end of most recent She-Hulk comic, having dealt with losing her cousin, being in a coma, coming out of said coma, and dealing with her depression and brief Gray Hulk phase.
  • Koriand'r [info]fromtamaran | DC Universe's Titans: Koriand'r is coming from right before going to go to Titans Tower to help out with Deathstroke in season two.
  • Oliver Queen [info]battlingbowman | DC Comics: Ollie is coming in right before the New 52, after his marriage has basically gone to hell, and living as a hobo in the woods outside of Star City, like you do. Also, he looks like Robin Hood, so OUAT folks, have fun with that!
  • Tiana [info]queentiana | Once Upon A Time: Tiana is coming in right after the end of the series.

And with that, I am done bringing in characters for awhile. I swear.

Oct. 16th, 2019


Hey, everyone! Jachelle here. I know things juuuuust kicked off again, but I'm going on a smallish hiatus. My legally-bound boyfriend and I are off on our honeymoon! So I'll be gone from today through the 28th.

I'll have my phone with me and can check email or discord if you have any questions or need me for anything. So don't be shy about poking me if you need to. email:, discord: lipstick wonder woman#5086. My cast list is here.

Have lots of fun and I can't wait to get back and dive into playing with everyone again. ♥

Oct. 14th, 2019


Kaylie again, with a second character.

This is Lucas from Little Evil. It's on Netflix and you should go watch it as soon as possible because it's hilarious and unexpectedly adorable.

Lucas is the 14 year old Antichrist, born so that his father can take over his body and start the fun time that is the apocalypse. It was supposed to happen when he was 6, but his new stepfather stopped it, saved Lucas and adopted him. Despite being a spawn of Satan, Lucas actually isn't so bad, and honesty, deep down, just wants people to not hate him.

He's got some mad crazy powers that his mom and stepdad tell him not to use for evil and for the most part, Lucas tries not to use them for evil. Sometimes though, they're not the easiest things to control and he's just a kid and can get carried away.


Oct. 12th, 2019


Hey all, I'm Mena and I'm finally getting around to posting an introduction! Go me!

I'm bringing in the following characters but never say never as I might end up bringing in one or two more...

  • Beverly Marsh ([info]january_embers), from the end of IT Chapter Two

  • Billy Kaplan ([info]actualdemiurge), from Marvel Comics' 616 Verse, a little while after the end of the New Avengers run and just before the start of Death's Head.

  • Gaby Teller ([info]gaby_teller), from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. who's coming in right at the end of the film.

  • Ciri ([info]zireaelofcintra), from the Witcher franchise who is coming in just at the end of Witcher 3 where she said goodbye to Geralt to go be empress.

  • I look forward to playing with you all :)

    - Mena

    Oct. 11th, 2019


    Hey everyone! I'm Allie, and I was here a long time ago, but never really got around to playing much. I'm coming back from a long hiatus from rp, and am looking forward to jumping into things!

    I think I know almost everyone here, but in case I don't, looking forward to getting to know people!

    Here's my crew:

    • Hughie Campbell [info]goodlad | The Boys: Hughie is coming in from the end of the first season. He'd usually be excited about this kind of thing, but recent events in have made him pretty cynical. Also, if anyone wants to help me find some halfway decent icons, that'd be great, and I would super appreciate it.

    • Jason Todd [info]voteddead | DC Comics: This is the New Earth, pre New 52 version of Jason. He's going to be super grumpy. Basically, he's the middle child of the Robins.

    • Uma [info]nofakecrown | Descendants: Uma is coming in from the end of the third movie. Not sure the rest of the crew's canon point, but if they're from earlier, they can be shocked at her being friendly to them.

    • Luke Cage [info]sweetchristmas | Marvel: I actually haven't really been keeping up with comics in quite some time, so I'm just going to say his recent canon point after A vs X. He'll be glad to see some familiar faces, but miss his family and Danny.

    • Carol Danvers [info]flytheplane | MCU: Carol is going to be coming in from Endgame, mostly so I can say that she knows people from her universe other than Nick Fury. Feel free to hit me with handcanons for how her and the rest of the Avengers around during the five year gap got along. :)

    • Valkyrie [info]thekingofasgard | MCU: Also coming in from Endgame. Mostly, she's going to be concerned about being pulled away from New Asgard, as you know, recently named King.

    • Emma Swan [info]loveisstrength | Once Upon A Time: I'm still trying to figure out a canon point for her, though I'm tempted to bring her in from the end of the series and have her come in with baby Hope.

    • Betty Cooper [info]icatchbadmen | Riverdale: While Betty is used to weird shit happening to her, this is certainly something that she's never had happen to her. Betty is coming from the end of season three, but before the weird flashforward at the end where she's covered in blood in her underwear. Seriously, you guys, what the hell is this show?

    • Isobel Evans-Bracken [info]stareatthestars | Roswell, New Mexico: Isobel would like a break after all of the shit that happened with her husband, but clearly, she isn't going to catch one.

    I can be reached for plotting stuff at, [info]msalliepants, or on Discord at msalliepants#9244.

    Oct. 10th, 2019


    Hey all, I'm MJ and I have a couple that I'll be bringing along with me. Honestly looking forward to writing with everybody and having fun without any undue drama attached because no thank you!

    The ones I have are as follows

  • Quentin Coldwater, The Magicians, [info]minormending
  • Ben Hanscom, IT, [info]notdyingalone
  • Pietro Maximoff, MCU, [info]seethiscoming
  • Teddy Altman, Marvel 616, [info]actualspaceking
  • Illya Kuryakin, The Man from UNCLE, [info]redperilatdawn

  • These are my current crew but I will never say never because I know better than that. I'll also get around to a character list for ease of reference, but it's been crazy and it's my first week back at work so... that's been rough.

    I can be reached on email and also allsfairindecimation#7419 (because I'm super original like that) on discord so if any of mine interest you or you just want to chat about anything at all then feel free to hit me up.

    I don't bite, promise!



    Hi, everyone! I'm Kaylie. I'm super happy to be here and can't wait to write with all of you!

    I'm bringing in Five Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy. He's 29 years old and is coming in straight from a shitty apocalyptic world where his only friend is a mannequin named Dolores and everything pretty much sucks and his only hobby is survival. Five is a teleporter, and is capable of time travel, which is how he ended up in Apocalypse World in the first place. Needless to say, he's going to be very confused when he shows up. Please, just feed him coffee.

    Give me plots!


    Hi, hi. Misha here with two additions; Sam Winchester (Supernatural) and Jenna Cameron (Roswell, New Mexico). Sammy comes from the end of S12 -I have not seen S13 yet, I will eventually binge it, and spoilers DO NOT phase me in the least. Jenna comes from the end of S1, after she's left Roswell.

    I made a fancy character chart here!. I am also easily enabled, you can see the characters I play here and here; though there are some on the second list I no longer have any muse for AT ALL, but if there's someone there you want to see in play, don't hesitate to ask.

    All my journals have a drop box, and I'm on Discord (Misha#9641).

    Oct. 9th, 2019


    Hellooo all the new peoples. Also the not-new peoples. ♥ This is Jach.

    I've made some switch ups to my roster now that things are getting going again. All my new additions are:
    • Alec Hardison - Leverage - [info]geek_age.
    • Mary Winchester - Supernatural - [info]calltheinternet.
    • Max Evans - Roswell, New Mexico - [info]shewasworthit.
    • Queen Maeve - The Boys - [info]punchedatrain.
    • Robin "Nobin" Hood - Once Upon A Time - [info]babyhood.

    In addition to my newbies, you can find the rest of my remaining cast here. They've all been kicking around Night Vale doing their thing. Everyone is open for plots of any shape and size! New faces will be trickling in over the next week or so.

    I can be reached on discord at lipstick wonder woman#5086 or through the contact posts on my journals!


    What a crazy random happenstance that y'all are here :D Honestly, I'm so glad. I'm really looking forward to playing more with everyone.

    I picked up a bunch of characters to take for a spin in this game - besides Poe, I've got: Allison Hargreeves, Elementary's Sherlock Holmes, Annie January, Harley Quinn (DC Comics), MCU Peter Parker, both MCU and 616 Steve Rogers and Stephen Strange.

    I'm going to be rolling out their intros in the next couple days as I slowly get situated. It's been a very confusing couple of insanejournal days for me so it might take me a bit to get back on the ball.

    If you'd like to do something with someone from my cast, or would just otherwise like to talk to me, my discord is Ironheart#0957 - shaking your fist at the sky and yelling 'Damn you' has also been known to get my attention.


    Hello everyone. I'm HannahGrace and I'm bringing in Rey from Star Wars. She's really, really new to me, as a character, so I'm still feeling my way with her but I'm keen to get stuck in.

    If you haven't seen the most recent Star Wars films, Rey grew up essentially alone on a desert planet and she has very real abandonment issues but she's generally hopeful and cheerful so she should be pleasant for your characters to be around. There's more information about her personality and past here.

    I'm currently talking to R and Anna, who will be playing her canonmates, about how to intro her but watch this space - she'll be around soon.


    Hi everyone! I'm Shiri and I bring you Liz Ortecho. She's a Latina from Roswell, New Mexico. I am finding her very hard to describe in just a few words so you can read more about her here ( an app from another game ). I'm bringing her in from season 2ish of the show. I say ish because season 2 hasn't actually started yet but there was a promo and some info released at Comic Con that I'm rolling with. I look forward to playing with all of you!


    It's late, I'm migraining and can't sleep, so I figured I'd do a quick OOC. I'm Misha (Misha#9641) and I have an addiction. I've got four kids here, and if you know me at all, you know I'm easily enabled to play people. Especially right now as I'm not currently working (I am in school, though, and I'm taking care of my parents which is a full time job!), so my availability is completely random. I'm usually consistent in the morning, and then after dinner (I'm in Florida, so EST). I have a fur baby named Crowley (because naming a dog after the king of hell is FTW), no kids and no significant other.

    Enough about me. I'm playing Eliot Spencer (Leverage), Jughead Jones (Riverdale), Michael Guerin (Roswell, New Mexico), and Oliver Queen (Arrow). Eliot has been shelved for a while, so I might be a little rusty with him, but he's got a permanent spot in my headspace. He is canon compliant for the entire series. Jughead is from the end of S3, and without an active Betty he will be played asexual and aromantic. Betty is his exception. He might be young, but he's comfortable in his own skin (even if he does consider himself a weirdo). Michael is brand new to my headspace, but he seems to have what it takes to be a strong one long term for me. He is an alien of unknown origin with telekentic abilities among other things. His full potential is not yet known, and I am open to exploring options with him in game. (He is canonically bisexual, and I'm planning to ship him with Liz through heavy development in game). Last (for now), Oliver Queen. He's from Arrow, but I have only seen the first two seasons and I haven't rewatched or anything since those eps aired. I apologise preemptively if he is wildly OOC, I haven't seen his canon for quite a while, I am not current, and I haven't played him for a very long time, but I decided to give him a try here anyway.

    Ideally, I will pick up one more to have five. I like my muses to be in multiples of five for some reason. Gives me a variety of personalities to work with. I'm sure someone will speak to me sooner or later with a desire to be played here. In the meantime, I will get these four up and running over the next few days, but probably tomorrow.

    Now, though, I think it's time to consider sleep.

    Apr. 9th, 2019


    Hi, also! I'm Krista and I bow to peer pressure. *points at Jen* I just got back from a vacation and just got a new job with the state (yay!) but I'll be around!

    This is Maria Hill/MCU. Pretty open for anything with her. And since I'm binging Legacies I might be eyeing up a Hope Mikaelson muse.

    Hit me up on Maria's ooc or email thedrau AT gmail DOT com any time for plots!

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