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May 9th, 2008

01:38 pm - Crazy Goals - Go!
With shameless stealing from the other members who posted before me ^^;;

Word Count Goal: 900 words per day, miniimum, or 7000 words per week if I miss a day
Muses: Oh hai I see what u did thar!

Furthermore, I have a goal of completing at least 4 fanfics and the planning for one original novel in each of the next three months, including this one. Yes, that means I have three original novels I'm planning >.< I'm not sure which one I'm actually going to write first. The novels are as follows:

- Keystone Gathering (1st draft complete, but I need to do a tonne of world building that I neglected to do before, so I can get to work on revisions)
- The World
- The Sleep of Death

Theoretically, I'll finish the planning for these in reverse order and start writing either World or Sleep before the deadline. Which is...

Deadline: August 31, 2008

It occurred to me that I'm starting law school in September, which will probably force a revision of my daily goal. So I might as well make that the deadline.

Problems I foresee and possible solutions:
Like anyone else, I do have days that don't go the way I want, and so I miss my goal for that day. April...was a month like that, and my average output was like 300 words :( I'm hoping that I won't run into any other months like that, because quite frankly it wasn't a matter of laziness. In any case, I'm also hoping that having a weekly goal that supports my daily goal will help out in that. If I miss a day, I just know that I not only have to make up for it but do a little extra, but that if I do that I'm still meeting my goals. If I've written lots early in the week, it also gives me the chance to take a day off if I choose.

I'm also the kind of person who joins things to 'keep me honest' and then doesn't actually post. Sometimes I don't post because I'm cheating and feel ashamed. Other times I don't post because things are going so well that I don't feel the need. I hope that seeing other people post will keep me going, and I also hope that I'll take the opportunity I'm given and ask for help if I need it.

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May 8th, 2008

06:40 pm - Query ^_^
I really like the concept for this asylum! Thank you for making it ^_^ I'm sure this is just the thing to give me a boot some days.

I have a question before I post my own little intro thingy. Is it OK if I have a daily wordcount goal that doesn't have a deadline attached?

The reason I ask is that I'm less concerned with getting a single particular story done, as with meeting a certain wordcount goal each day, as a long-term habit. I've been doing this for over a year now, and I don't have a support group for it over here on IJ. I started one, but I don't have the time to keep it going myself, because of my RL commitments :( I found that I wasn't consistent enough about doing the modly things to keep it up, so it's languished.

Anyway, just wanted to ask that as I ponder what my goal should be.


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05:18 pm - Confessions of a NaNoWriMo... er
Word Count Goal: 50,000 words (or the novel is finished, whichever comes first)
Novel Title (so I don't have to keep calling it "the novel" or "that damned book"): Where Darkness Falls
Deadline: July 15th, 2008

Once upon a time (wow, was it only six months ago?) I took part in my first NaNoWriMo. And lo, it was good, and just over 53,000 words poured out of my keyboard. And I did cry, "Hooray!", and collapse, and turn my face away from the project in relief, for although I did believe in the worthiness of the endeavor, truly, I was sick of turning out 1666+ words per day on the wretched thing. So I left it half-finished and went on to other things.

But like any worthwhile writing project, the novel would not... stay... dead. And it has been nibbling away at the edges of my mind with increasing frequency this last month or so. Hence my decision to get back on that horse and ride, using this community as the spurs.

Problems I forsee:
As a freelance artist, I can get swamped with work at a moment's notice and stay buried for weeks at a time. That's why I'm giving myself a relatively realistic goal of about 750 words a day, knowing that some days I'll turn in nothing, and on others I'll blast past the 2000 word mark without really breaking a sweat.

Posting to this asylum will help keep me honest. Seeing other people going through the same thing will help keep things in perspective. And knowing that I'm not the only one crazy enough to attempt it will help keep me sane.

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06:11 pm - Here We Go!
As I'm the admin, I suppose I should start this off, right?

Word Count Goal: 50,000 words
Deadline: June 21, 2008

I'm pretty busy this time of year, so it takes me a little longer to reach my deadlines, so I'll give myself a bit more than a month. ;) I'll be working on my fantasy novel, which has been going through spurts of writing followed by lulls of absolutely none for a few years now. I'm ready to get the stinking rough draft out of the way so I can stop worrying about it!

Problems I forsee:
School will distract me, of course, because we're not done until the end of June. I want to have the summer to dedicate to new projects, though. Marching band and work might also come in the way if I let them. The biggest problem will be that the middle part of the novel isn't completely outlined, and therefore getting from point A to point B might take longer than it normally would. I am determined to get it done, though!

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