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October 17th, 2007

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I thought you guys might enjoy 70 Days of Sweat. The current round started on the 15th, but I imagine there's still plenty of room to join, since the actual goal is 93 days away. They give you 23 days to goof around, use as a sort of flex-time. I've joined up, but as I've yet to actually finish anything, we'll see how far this actually goes.

September 25th, 2007


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As many of you may or may not know, NaNoWriMo sign-ups begin next month. IJ has its very own NaNo comm, [info]nanowrimo, open year-round.

How are you all doing in your writing goals? I freely admit I'm a total screw-off and have been writing fanfic instead of original fic for the last month. I have an HP piece that's coming together nicely. I wrote a 700 word Buffy fic that's going to lead into more. But have done Jack-all on my original stuff.

August 10th, 2007

My Progress

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Has been awful. I'm a very bad role model, kiddies. Haven't written word one in AGES. I finally broke through a bit of a block while I was away at DexCon, but my novel is still not moving at all. It doesn't help that I left my flash drive at my parents' house.

So, goals for August.

Total novel goal - 67 500
August goal - 8400
Daily goal - 400

Since I still don't have my flash drive, I have no idea what my current word count is. I'll update later.

So, darling Write Clubbers, what are you doing?

July 21st, 2007

Software Pimpage

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I'd like to take a moment to pimp the HELL out of SpaceJock software. The gentleman who created all of this software is a published author.

I use his yWriter3 Beta software for writing and couldn't be happier. It's so incredibly easy to organize EVERYTHING I'd ever want to organize. It makes me positively giddy.

I installed it on my flash drive and am able to take my writing with me everywhere I go. The program is compatible with any PC Win95 or higher, and many forms of Linux.

He also has programs for keeping track of which manuscripts you've submitted to which publisher (Sonar), a program to organize your book collection (BookDB2), a program to make reading eBooks more paperbook like (yBook), and a program for reading text aloud, such as your manuscripts (yRead).

Best of all? It doesn't cost a CENT. All of this incredible software is freeware. After using yWriter, I'd happily pay for it. I guess instead I'll have to buy some of his books. Maybe all of them.

Goals for July

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I'm working on a novel with a total word count goal of about 67 500 words. I would like to finish by 30 September 2007.

Ultimate Goal - 67 500
July Goal - 23 250
Current Word Count - 6 515

.... As you can tell, I'm a little behind.


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Welcome to Write Club. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that the first rule of Write Club is that you do not talk about Write Club.

This would be wrong. I want EVERYBODY to talk about Write Club. I think if we have a decent number of people here, this could be a very good resource for writers. I was part of Novel in 90 over in the Land That Shan't Be Mentioned and it was TREMENDOUSLY helpful for me. I'd like Write Club to be a bit more inclusive and flexible.

Rules of Write Club
1. If you are part of Write Club, you MUST write. I don't care how much or of what, but you WILL write something. 100 words a week or 1000 words a day, you will write, and you will tell us about it. Even if it's a reply on the weekly progress report of just a number, I want to hear about it.
2. I have a preferred format for goals, which will go up next, but I'm not going to be picky.
3. There is no three. Just go out and write.

Also, suggestions are quite welcome. I'm a little new at this. All I really want to do is help myself and others get their novel/novella/short story/article/term paper/anything written.
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