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Jul. 17th, 2014


Girl can't keep her shoes on...

Hi, all! My name is Mel and I'm here to play Cinderella! Well, she just goes by Ella now, to be fair. I'm very excited to play with all of you, and I wouldn't mind building a little backstory as well. Perhaps she has a friend or two out there among the other royals? A peasant she used to see at the market? I'm up for anything!

I'm on aim at setsunaluna, and gmail at the same place. Feel free to message me anytime if you'd like to play. I work from home and I'm sitting on the comp all day, so I can be rather...prolific. :)

Looking forward to it!

Oct. 16th, 2013



Sheesh, Kate. Have a little self-control, woman. :P I mean, he's approved for LESS THAN AN HOUR and already a post goes up.

So, for starters, this game is not dead. We just all got busy and stuff got crazy and yeah... play now. Let's play.


This is Prince Henry. He's Opal's husband, though he kind of dislikes that whole 'husband' title. It's weird and a little uncomfortable. Like putting on trews that are just a touch too small in the crotch area. But yeah. So, read his bio. Plot... and I guess I'll go get to that thread Kate put up omgnow.


So impatient.

~ Dawn

PS: Gin has had an open thread for awhile now. Does anyone want to grab that?

Apr. 24th, 2013


Just a Little Longer


So, moving this time has been nothing short of a nightmare. I've moved 6 other times since coming to this city (my ex and I moved pretty much once a year for a while there, ugh) and this has to be, by far, the most stressed out and sick I've been over the whole thing in the history of ever. Not disorganized, everything is pretty well organized, but lack of help and douchebag movers (who refused to take any boxes at all and then put a hole in the ceiling at the new place, nice) and my work at home lines still not being installed (tomorrow marks a month to the day of my initial request) as kind of dampered any desire for anything.

Most of my days are spent alone and bored in a mostly vacant house with a radio that sometimes gets reception, with no wifi and an inability to swipe work internet for anything fun (stupid locked firewalls) that would require far more to break than is worth it, not to mention the weather has been cold and snowy and I'm just not in the mood for anything.

Which is a shame because I had intended on starting some owed replies last Sunday afternoon. Instead I'm just crabby. A sort of "nothing good will come from you opening your mouth" kind of crabby.

Keys for the old place are being turned in on Saturday or Sunday, so the nightmare should be over by then and then I can get back to fun things that keep me sane. Thank you all for being patient with me. I just ask for few more days to get this all sorted out, then a day or two of respite before I jump back into things. Believe me, I want to jump back into things.

Much love,

~ Dawn

King Charles, Gin and Rowan

x-posted everywhere I rp

Apr. 9th, 2013


Holy Crap!

I'm moving.

It's nothing spectacular, but I'm shuffling my stuff across town. Right now I live like.. walking distance from Lambeau Field -which makes doing anything during Packer home games a nightmare. I also don't have central air where I'm at now and the whole place is just small. Bleh. So, I'm moving on up... to the east side.

I get my keys on Monday. I'm still waiting on confirmation from the moving company on what exact day/time our furniture is being shuffled from here to there, but that will likely be next week as well. I have most of next week off of work to get things moved and settled. Oh, and I have to schedule the internet/cable/phone install at the new place, but I'm waiting for confirmation of move date first.

What does this mean for RP? It means I'll be slow. I'm not taking a hiatus or anything, but most of my free time is consumed with forming, taping and packing boxes. I'll still be doing replies here and there, as I need a break from packing. Now, I tend to obsess over things: as some of you well know, so it is unlikely that I will be unpacking for more than a week at the new place. Even so, I have to clean the current place from top to bottom (so I get my security deposit back, yo) and then have a “Holy Crap, Moving Sale” rummage sale to get rid of everything I no longer want.

So, be patient. I'll get to stuff slowly. I'm doing it all in the order of which I owe it (as I can, if I owe more than one reply on one character, I'll probably do those together). Love to you all and I'll be back to full force in a couple weeks. <3

~ Dawn
Gin, King Charles and Rowan

Mar. 23rd, 2013


Busy busy busy

In celebration of 50 years of THIS:

 photo Eleven.gif

I'm having a party next Saturday for season 7.5 opening episode. Which means I'm going to be busy most of the week making preparations. For those of you who I am in threads with, please be patient this week.


Tereesa (Buttons, Mama Goose, Verity)

x-posted everywhere!

Mar. 14th, 2013


Starter for Newbie...

A nice starter thread for a newbie?... Anyone?
(Hitting midterms this week for my last hectic semester of school)


Anybody want

A voluntarily mute, mildly dim, but totally cute and friendly peasant-turned-princess?

Or a prince that seems terribly lazy and rather stuck up until you get to know him?

Opal (from Diamonds and Toads) and Felix (the prince from Cinderella) are both available for plotting. Fred has already been claimed, but she'd be happy for some plot after her first thread too.


Who wants my kids?

Mother Goose and Verity are both available.

(Mrs. G says she has cookies!)

Mar. 5th, 2013


Slight Change of Plans

Hello Lovelies!

Your mods have been thinking -dangerous sometimes, we know; and there was a little hemming and hawing. But we discussed it and have decided that we are modifying our original plans for game opening. An email has been sent out in addition to the notice being posted here to announce that Into the Woods will be opening for play on Friday, March 15th.

So, what this means is that while that's not all that far away, we still have plenty of time -as players, to decide what our characters are going to do first and with whom. Feel free to use this post to help generate some opening plot if you would like. I know some of us are on different schedules so catching everyone on AIM can be problematic at times.

Go forth! Plot!

Also, yay!

Jan. 20th, 2013



Hey I’m Carrie… & yes, a newbie to the RP world. I’ve only got one character at this time due to free time restraints… figure it is best to start off small :)

This beautiful lady is Snow ([info]snow__white). Her step-mother has been the reason that she find it hard to trust others, however this should not be her overly large heart that has the constant yearning to help those that are in need. Even though she usually can have everything that she wants or needs brought to her, she will usually find any excuse to get out and experience things for herself. Being cooped up in a cottage in the woods for many years kept her away from many experiences she yearns to do. Even though she keeps her guard up for her step-mother, she is easily manipulated and usually doesn’t think scenarios out thoroughly without pursuing. Snow is easy to get along with. Her history is posted if would like to get a further look.

Since this is my first RP-ing experience I am up for any story ideas and suggestions. Also, any mentoring & experience you all have. Thanks.

Jan. 19th, 2013



Hello, I'm Tereesa. I can't come up with a witty comment about myself at the moment, but I'm sure you'll come up with your own, secretly among yourselves, I've no doubt!

This pretty little thing is Buttons. Yep. Buttons. I can't even make this stuff up. She is one of the sillies in the story The Three Sillies. She's not completely stupid, just a bit on the daft side. She can "foresee" all kinds of horrible things, and loves to share what she "knows" to save others from horrible fates. She is also quite naive, and thus likes and trusts everybody, despite her paranoia.

Then there is Verity, the wicked queen from Snow-White ([info]mirror_gazer). Having escaped from Snow and her prince on their wedding day, she has been hiding out in the woods, plotting her revenge and growing poisonous plants. Poison really is her calling and what she's best at- aside from being stunningly beautiful. Fairest in the land, she once was, and is determined to be again.

And finally there is Mother Goose ([info]mama_g). Mother Goose's home is open to everyone; she turns no one away who might need shelter, a bit of conversation, or a little fattening up. She almost always mysteriously has a new pan of cookies or a new pie coming out of the oven the very minute someone arrives at her door. She is also a bit of a meddler (bit = gobs) and likes things her way. But she is more than willing to share a treat, a little gossip, a little advice, or a story. Oh, and don't be frightened by the owl; Osgood knows if someone means harm and leaves those alone who don't.

So there they are! Let me know what ideas you might have for our little fairy tale folks!

Jan. 18th, 2013


Meet the Bad Boys

I can do this too!

I’m Cary. I’m the quiet one. But I’m cute, so it’s okay.

My boys say they need no introductions (one of them says that, the other isn’t sure what that is), but here they are anyway.

Captain James Matthew Crighton, AKA Captain Hook [info]good_form. He is a pirate, obviously. But a very well mannered pirate. He has a soft spot for women, especially the motherly type. He is very charming and is always using people to get what he needs. He’s not sure what he exactly needs right now, but he’s confident that it involves large sums of money and making friends in high places.

And this sweet boy is Bartleby Wolfe, formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf. Bartleby was transformed into a human after some hunter and little girl (glares at Rowen, he was just trying to survive too) put rocks in his stomach and left him to die. He can change back into a wolf, but it is a long painful process that he prefers to avoid. All of that is in his bio. Right now, Bartleby is wandering around, trying to learn all he can about humans and how they think. He's not really a bad boy, but he does have a bad rep as a wolf.

So the boys would love to play.


Alright, following Kate's lead...

I'm Dawn. To some of you I'm that bossy older sibling, to some I'm that bossy friend, to all of you I am incredibly awesome. :P j/k

Alright, so I currently have three here and I'll give you a quick rundown.

First, there is King Charles ([info]thrushbeard) who is the former-prince-now-king in the Thrushbeard tale. No, that's not really his name... Thrushbeard, I mean. But, the haughty princess that is now his wife called him that once and while it made him terribly self-conscious (dude's good a funny looking chin under that beard, which is why he wears the beard in the first place... though it's far less Grizzly Adams now than it was in the tale) at the time, he loved her enough (love a first sight, yo) to teach Miss Haughypants some humility. Now, he totally owns that formerly insulting moniker. Read his bio, read his tale, he's seriously awesome. He's exceedingly kind unless he is facing arrogance, a bit of a trickster, ace at disguises, tends to dress as a peasant to hang out with peasants (again, disguises) and loves his currently nameless wife/Queen completely.

Then, we have Rowan ([info]cloakednscarlet), aka Little Red Riding Hood. She is incredibly sweet, albeit naive. Very naive. Even with everything she's been through, she tends to blind herself to any fault and only sees the good or the potential for good in everyone and everything. She probably about 14 or 15 when the the hunter carved her and her grandmother free from the wolf's belly (Barleby, she's not sorry about that. Girl's got to live.) She's about 18ish now. Now taking her young age and her naivete into consideration, she has developed a rather ill-placed obsessive crush on the hunter that saved her. She still looks for him to this day. Not that she'd have a clue what to do with him if she did find him, but there we have it.

Finally, showing in this journal, is Gin ([info]asfastasican)... the Gingerbread Man. He is my favorite, but that might have something to do with the fact that when I was little I had the early 1980s version of this on vinyl 45 record that came with a book and I learned to read with it. I played that thing to death. I think if my mom never hears, "Run, run, as fast as I can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man" ever again, it will be too soon. Gin is... nice... persay. He doesn't trust anyone, but not in a constantly cowering way. More in that he'll lie to you while looking you straight in the eye, swipes your coin purse and maybe that apple you had in the bag slung over your shoulder before patting you on the back and sending you on your way none the wiser. So very few know his true name that he doesn't even remember who does at this point. He tends to make up names to give people as the situation calls for it. He's a crafty little thief and he lives in a house, in the trees, in the woods. He's a coward that would rather run far away than fight. Also, if panicked, he turns into a anthropomorphic cookie.

Yes. A cookie. I'm not even joking.

Anyways, they are all awesome and fun and I can pretty much figure out a way to make anything work if there is anything you can plot up. Share your ideas with me!



Okay, so to get the plottage going, I'll start.

Hi! I'm Kate! Some of you may know me from such things at Vampire Babies, Lemon Ladies, or Name that God. Anyhoo...

Quick intro to my critters here.

I have Princess Winnifred Regina Maria Susanna Elissa Matilda Victoria Josephine Bunny Charlotte Elizabeth Penelope Anne IV, aka Fred ([info]whinny_fred). Fred is from the Princess and the Pea. She's mildly plump and not at all interested in princessy things like dancing the gavotte or embroidering tapestries. She'd much rather be building a stomping machine that could help the wineries in her kingdom produce wine faster, but the last time she tried it she may or may not have caused a minor earthquake. She's... quirky. But very engagable and ready to play with just about anybody. Except her mother-in-law.

I have Prince Felix Charming, aka Mr. Cinderella ([info]charmed_prince). He's... well bluntly, he's a bit of a whiny ass. He feels quite put upon with all the demands and restrictions and requirements and responsibilities of being a prince, let alone a husband. He'd much rather be out hunting and playing than doing whatever it is his parents have decided he should do this week. He's got a good deal of growing up to do, but under it all, he does have a good and generous heart. It just might take some prodding to get him to show it.

And I have Princess Opal, from Diamonds and Toads ([info]princess_opal). Opal was not born a princess, and frankly has no real idea how to be one. She makes terrible social gaffes all the time because she doesn't understand the protocol, and because she's just a wee bit on the dim side. She's not stupid, it just takes her a while to catch on to what's going on around her. But she's very sweet, very generous, and very kind, sometimes to her own detriment. She also has a bit of an affliction: any time she speaks, a gemstone or flower falls from her mouth with each word uttered. Needless to say, it's not the blessing that some others may think it is, and Opal has learned how to keep from speaking if at all possible. She should be fun to play with if only to see if you can get her to talk.

Would anybody like to play with any of my little fairy tale critters?

Jan. 15th, 2013




I just wanted to take a moment to give everyone an update. We have five players now. We need one more to officially open again. We've been putting ads out, but... and most of us know this, word of mouth is the best way to attract new players. If you know anyone that was hinting at or might be interested in joining, send them our way.

In the meanwhile. If you guys want to socialize, plot, or tease each other relentlessly here in the OOC comm, that's perfectly fine. It would be a good way to introduce (or in some cases due to character changes, reintroduce) our characters and come up with some ideas to start the game off with.

Go forth! Make merry in OOC.

Nov. 14th, 2012


Re-Opening Soon

So, if you weren't aware, which most of you are, Kate and I have redone a good deal of the graphics, layouts and even some of the verbage involved in this game in order to get it set to open. We have decided the game will re-open officially when we have six players. Right now we have four. So, this is where you come in:

I, Dawn, will be reworking the ad to post in communities to attract new players. Kate has stepped up as a second mod to help me with things. But you, players, we need you to be our street team. Do you know someone who might be interested in playing? Send them this way to look over the game information.

Holds are open now. The hold policy remains the same: two weeks from date of hold with a possible one week extension. And maybe additional after that depending upon the circumstances.

Along with the re-open comes a complete plot reset. So it will be basically starting over completely.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Dec. 3rd, 2009


So Here We Are Again

Time has passed, things have changed, the game grew quiet.

It happens. But since there has been interest, I am reopening the game for play. We only have one mod right now and we will probably run with that for the foreseeable future.

I put up this post for us to discuss plot options to get a couple threads started.

For me, Dawn, I still have Little Red (Rowan), King Thrushbeard (Charles) and The Gingerbread Man (Gin) in play. Anyone want any of them?

Jun. 23rd, 2009


The Status of the Game

Let me first quell your fears by telling you that Into the Woods is not going anywhere. I'm not closing the game, even though we've lost about a third of our characters and one of the moderators. I am keeping it open so that those of us who enjoy playing with the characters we've created, can do just that.

Second, I have a boon to ask from you. A favor, and that is to give me your sincerest opinions. What do you want to see happen with this game? I know we'd all like to see more players and more characters, but what else? What about and beyond that would you like to see? What do you think that I, your sole mod at this point, should do with the game?

I want to, and have every intention of, leaving it open for play. Even if threads take months to complete, consider is a small game to do with what we please. But I want your feedback. What say you?



I am sadly announcing my departure from Into the Woods. As one of your mods, this has a double impact for me, as I have been here from its launch.

Unfortunately, I am finding I am at a point in my life where I just do not have the time or energy necessary to give the proper dedication to my characters, or to your own wonderful critters who deserve so much more than I am able to grant right now. Change is never easy, and saying goodbye is even worse. I hope you can all understand my decision, and forgive my abrupt departure.

Thank you for the fun we have shared. Perhaps, one day, Buttons, Verity, and Mother Goose will make a reappearance. Until then, as Mr. Goose always used to say, "You have to give your very best to everything you do. If you find you can no longer do that, then the time has come to let something go."  Damn man always was right.

Apr. 29th, 2009


Hey Royals, Looking for Plot

Mother Goose has put it into Mile's head that he should visit the captain of the guard at the castle to inquire about his forgotten past. This presents an opportunity for Miles to encounter anyone currently hanging about the palace. Is anyone up for a new thread?

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