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[04 Feb 2012|10:02am]

Hi I'm Dammie and extremely delayed- I'm so sorry about not playing in here. I play Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl and am up for play of any sorts.
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[05 Dec 2011|02:19pm]

Hi I'm Dammie and I am new here; I've brought in Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl; she's from after Bruce Wayne returns- so she's completely up to date. She's looking for plot, she's up for anything :D
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[25 Apr 2011|04:24am]

Hey all! This is Stephy and I'll be playing Sookie here! I can't wait to play her again, it's been awhile since the old game I was in with her closed. My aim is bad x woif is anyone wants to plot or ever needs to poke me for tags. I will admit that sometimes I forget and I seem to have a hard time keeping up with games on IJ for some reason.

Can't wait to play! <3
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[13 Apr 2011|09:20pm]

So I guess I'll kick things off. My name is Irish and I'm bringing you two characters. The first is Jo Harvelle from Supernatural. She's a hunter and is coming in from after her death... which freaks her out a little bit, but hey, there's a lot of weird things that happen in her line of work.

The second is an OC from True Blood named Tahnee Stanton ([info]panthera_pardus). She's a werepanther, black in nature, and from El Paso, TX originally. She also runs the bar that the weres tend to spend their time in.

I look forward to playing here and for play to start soon. :) You can reach me on AIM @ archer irlandais or at my email @ alationshadow@gmail.com.
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[13 Apr 2011|05:51pm]

Alright everyone, we've got a good amount of people, I say let's jump in and see what happens. Maybe along the way we'll get some much needed characters. So go ahead, start posting and let's get the ball rolling. Happy playing everyone!
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Not a first post, more of an FYI [23 Mar 2011|06:31pm]

Just thought you all should know in case you think I'm not on ever: Aol seems to have locked me out of my account.Thankfully I have several backup accounts and you can mostly find me on my game one until I get it all sorted out: deandrlove.

Feel free to IM me.And just for reference, my main AIM is withabrokenwings.

thanks-Michelle, your Cas player.
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