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Challenge Post 2: Cookies

The topic for this post is cookies. Om nom nom!

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Challenge Post 1: Mistletoe

The topic for this post is mistletoe!

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New Round of Wishes for Kisses!

Welcome to Wishes for Kisses, the Wishes for Kisses Fanworks Challenge community! Challenge rules follow.

The Wishes for Kisses Fanworks Challengemust</em> include at least one kiss, between as many characters as you choose. For art, a depiction of a kiss is required. Art includes drawn art, photo manipulations, and brief vids (at least 15 seconds).

3. Please include the title of your fic, the fandom, and the pairing in the subject header of your comment.

4. Once you've replied to a challenge post for the first time with a new set of characters, you may make your own challenge post. Please follow the format of the first challenge post, which will be:

Subject: Challenge Post #: Challenge Topic

Body: The topic for this post is (challenge topic).

5. While you may reply to a single challenge post multiple times, you may only make your own challenge post after replying to each challenge post one time, and only if you produce your kiss featuring characters you have not already used. It doesn't matter if someone else has already produced a kiss featuring those characters, what's important is whether you have already used those characters.

6. You do not have to make a challenge post of your own if you don't wish. This is a no-pressure community.

7. Enjoy yourself!

Community rules are simple: no flaming, no off-topic posts, and let the mod handle any problems that may arise.

Your mod,


veleda_k [userpic]
For Elizacake: Saiyuki (Goku/Lirin)

Title: The Thrill of the Fight
Author: [info]veleda_k
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Goku/Lirin
Written For: [info]elizacake
Wordcount: 250

Goku notices right away that fighting Lirin is nothing like fighting Kougaiji. She's not as strong, but she's far more unpredictable.

Goku's enjoying the fight, holding back to make it last longer. He wants to see what she'll do next.

Lirin aims a kick at his head, which he dodges with ease. She doesn't seem to care that she missed. She laughs freely, as if she's just happy just to be moving, to be fighting.

Goku's too busy watching Lirin to pay attention to the terrain, and he pays for it by slipping on a patch of loose gravel. He grabs onto the first thing he can get his hands on, which happens to be Lirin, and they both fall.

Goku lands on his back with Lirin on top of him. It would be easy for him to spring back up, but something in Lirin's eyes stops him. She grins widely and plants a firm kiss onto his lips.

Goku scrambles up and gapes at her. She just grins wider and waves at him cheerily. “I have to go now! Let's play again soon!” With that she bounds off, leaving Goku staring. At first his mind threatens to shut down under the weight of confusion and unanswered questions, but then he shakes his head. If there's one thing he's learned, it's that life is only complicated if you make it that way. She would be back eventually. They could talk then.

Goku walks back towards the others, feeling decidedly optimistic.

Classier than Elvis on Velvet [userpic]
For Angelacaduca: Délicieux

Title: Délicieux
Author: Rana Eros
Fandom: DBSK
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yoochun/Changmin
Written For: [info]angelacaduca
Wordcount: 300
Author's Notes: Betaed and titled by Eliza.

Junsu is sweetly, dazzlingly drunk, letting Yunho cuddle him as he babbles into the camera. Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yoochun watch from farther down the bridge, momentarily out of the spotlight and taking advantage of it.

"They're so cute," Yoochun drawls, and it's probably meant to sound somewhat mocking, but his smile is too genuine, leaking into his voice.

Jaejoong shares it, though he says, "We better get some water into Junsu soon, or he won't be so cute in the morning."

Changmin says nothing, clearly distracted by the lights on the Eiffel Tower, by their reflection in the Seine, by stone bridges and wrought iron and a city with a history that still holds mysteries for him. They've all noticed how entranced Changmin is and, cute as Junsu and Yunho are, Changmin's a closer thing to watch.

To touch.

Jaejoong slides his eyes toward Yoochun, looking at Changmin the way Changmin looks at the night. Yoochun feels his gaze, and they converse silently. They're already on either side of Changmin; it's simple enough to loop their arms around Changmin's waist, entwine their fingers, lean their heads on Changmin's shoulders.

They wait until Changmin says, "What--" before pressing up to kiss him on each cheek. His skin is cool with the breeze from the water. He blinks when they pull back, then glances from one to the other. "What was that for?"

"Because you're cute too," Yoochun answers promptly. Changmin frowns at him mildly.

"Is that so?" he murmurs at last, then leans to swallow the answer before Yoochun can voice it.

Jaejoong shifts so he can see, so he can block the sight from photographers who might be finishing up with Junsu and Yunho.

So he's in a position to take over, when Changmin finally lets Yoochun up for air.


Eliza [userpic]
For Angelacaduca: DBSK (Jaejoong/Junsu/Changmin)

Title: Double Feature
Author: Eliza
Fandom: DBSK
Pairing: Jaejoong/Junsu/Changmin
Written For: [info]angelacaduca
Wordcount: Kiss (250)
Author's Notes: [info]ranalore checked it over and gave it two thumbs up.

Double Feature

The movie is sad. The movie is always sad on nights that Yunho and Yoochun go out. If Yoochun were here he'd be outcrying Changmin and Junsu, and they hate that. Both of them limit their tears to one or two, and then laugh at each other for being so sappy.

Jaejoong doesn't cry and he doesn't laugh. During the final scenes he sits between both of them pretending to be smug. He can taste the salt, though, even if it isn't on his cheeks. He smiles at the laughter, but all sound is strangled in his throat.

Until they kiss him.

Junsu's first because Changmin's polite. Or chicken. Or slow. Or kind, because Junsu smirks against Jaejoong's lips and mutters, "I can taste your tears."

"Let me try." Changmin turns Jaejoong's head with fingers on his jaw and pushes him into the cushions on the back of the sofa. Junsu pounces whereas Changmin stalks, moving slow and relentless, loosening Jaejoong's joints and his muscles and his throat. A long, rough moan follows Changmin's withdrawal, calling him back for another brush of lips and tongue and breath.

"No tears," he says to Junsu. "But it took long enough to get past the taste of you. Blech!"

"Blech?! I'll show you, 'Blech!'"

Jaejoong finds his voice, tears threatening again, when Junsu places his knee close to disaster as he clambers across Jaejoong's lap to get at Changmin. Jaejoong watches the preview; the second feature is always his favourite on movie night.

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For Eliza: Fear to Tread

Title: Fear to Tread
Author: Rana Eros
Fandom: Saiyuki/Yami no Matsuei
Pairing: Gojyo/Tatsumi
Written For: elizacakeEliza
Wordcount: 300
Author's Notes: Part of my Red Tape series. Brain breakage to commence in 3...2...1...

Fear to Tread

"You know," Sha Gojyo drawls when they pass in the hall, "if you can defend yourself, the best approach's to surprise him."

Tatsumi pauses, trying to make sense of the words. "I'm sorry, Sha-san, but about whom are you speaking?"

Sha snorts. "Let me guess, the kid kissed you first."

There'd been no mention in the paperwork that Sha had either empathic or telepathic abilities. And he's wrong in any case, because Kurosaki-kun hasn't--

Tatsumi puts a stop to that line of thought, pushes his glasses up his nose, and says, "Aren't you on the clock, Sha-san?"

"Just finishing a smoke break," Sha says. "But here, let me make sure you get your money's worth."

Sha's very fast, and manages to brush his lips against Tatsumi's before Tatsumi can push him back. The taste of smoke lingers, and Tatsumi should be disgusted, is disgusted.

He wonders what brand Sanzo-san smokes, if the taste of tea would overpower the taste of nicotine. Sha smirks at him from arm's length.

"You're fast; that's good. Watch out for the fan and the bullets." Yes, Tatsumi's already seen both weapons amply demonstrated, but Sha's not finished. "And kiss the kid while you're at it, will you? All your mutual repression is giving me a headache, and I think he'd probably take a body part if I tried to help him out."

"Don't think of touching Kurosaki-kun," Tatsumi growls. Then adds more calmly, "Or any of your other co-workers."

"I'll tell Hakkai you said that," Sha says, amused. "I'm sure he'll appreciate the restriction. Says I'm too grabby."

"Hakkai" is probably responsible for the phrasing "mutual repression," as well. Tatsumi feels a headache coming on.

"Good luck." Sha steps around him and heads for the bullpen.

Tatsumi tastes smoke for the rest of the afternoon.


For Eliza: Results, Method... Conclusion?

Title: Results, Method... Conclusion?
Author: [info]angelacaduca
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Pairing: Tatsumi/Watari
Written For: [info]elizacake
Wordcount: 250
Author's Notes: [info]ranalore said I had to post this.

Results, Method... Conclusion?

For once, nothing explodes, no noxious clouds of toxic gas are released, no inanimate objects become animated and no animals gain the sudden and disconcerting power of speech. In fact, nothing goes wrong at all. The experiment works perfectly, the very first time Watari tries it.

The whole thing is such a novelty that Watari doesn't know what to do with himself. He knows how to deal with disaster, destruction and Tatsumi threatening to cut his funding again. This - he hasn't got a clue. So he does what seems most natural. He grabs the closest person and hauls them into the tightest hug he can manage, squeezing until he hears a creak of ribs and a mumble of protest. Then he relaxes his hold just enough that he can pull back and plant a kiss square on the lips of the person he's holding. And then he looks to see who he's got his hands on.

It's Tatsumi, who just stares at Watari as Watari drops his hands hurriedly and steps back. Watari expects the dressing down of the century, but Tatsumi just blinks a couple of times, pushes a hand through his (still impeccable) hair, straightens his (slightly tilted) glasses, blinks a bit more, then turns on his heel and retreats rapidly out of the lab. Watari wonders if he's just imagining the tiniest of smiles on Tatsumi's face. Probably. Still, Watari feels his own lips curling into a grin as he contemplates repeating the experiment some other time.

For Rana: Coffee Prince (Eun Sae/Min Yeop)

Title: Shatterproof
Author: [info]angelacaduca
Fandom: Coffee Prince
Pairing: Eun Sae/Min Yeop
Written For: [info]ranalore
Wordcount: 250
Author's Notes: I made [info]ranalore beta too.


Eun Sae loves the way Min Yeop kisses her. Not that she'd ever dream of telling him that - it's more fun to critique his technique, to make him try again, and again, and again, until she says that's enough for now and he should try again tomorrow. Min Yeop treats her like she's made of china or glass, as if she'd shatter if he holds her too tight. He curls his hands around her like she's precious, holds her as if his life depends on it, moans in the back of his throat so she can feel it with her whole body when she bites delicately at his lip.

He kisses her carefully, that's the best word she's come up with for it. With care. Like she's worth caring about, like he might break her heart if he doesn't pay attention. She wonders if that's what won her over - the way he's so big and clumsy, and the way he takes so much care over kissing her, the way he pulls her up against him as if he's going to keep her safe from the world. (Eun Sae thinks the world probably needs more keeping safe from her; that's okay, a warning would spoil the surprise anyway. They don't know what's going to hit them, and neither does Min Yeop. That's the way she likes it.)

Generally, all of Min Yeop's cautiousness goes out of the window when things progress beyond kisses, but that's fine. She likes that too.

Classier than Elvis on Velvet [userpic]
Sign-Up Post

Sorry for the delay, folks. Yesterday knocked me for a loop.

This is the post where you comment with your requests for kisses. Please comment in the following format:

Fandom (Pairing)

So, for example:

GetBackers (Juubei/Toshiki/Kazuki)

Following are the rules for requests:

1. All fandoms are welcome, including RPF. Crossovers are also allowed.

2. Het, slash, including saffic, and hetslash are all welcome.

3. Only post one request at a time.

4. Do not post a second request until you have fulfilled someone else's request.

5. When posting subsequent requests, please select fandoms/pairings you've not already requested.

6. When claiming a request, comment to the request stating that you're claiming it, and whether you're doing fic or art.

7. Only claim one request at a time.

8. Post your fic or art in the community as a separate post. Use cut-tags for large art or explicit content. Please use the following format:

Subject: For (requester's name): Fandom (pairing)

Written For:
Author's Notes:


9. You can fulfill a request that has already been claimed, but this does not count toward making another request of your own.

10. Requests can be made until midnight PST on February 27th, 2008.

11. All kisses are due by midnight PST on February 28th, 2008.

12. There are two fic formats you can use for this community: the kiss, which is exactly 250 words, and the French kiss, which is exactly 300 words.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask for clarification. You can start claiming requests as soon as you see one you like.

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