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October 10th, 2010

[Oct. 10th, 2010|08:38 pm]
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Who: Dean and Seamus
What: Friend Time
When: Tonight
Where: Dean's studio/gallery space
Rating/Warning: TBA

He was dressed more in paint than anything. )
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Daily Prophet: 10 October, 2003 [Oct. 10th, 2010|09:15 pm]
Falmouth Falcon Learns to Watch that Foul Mouth
Juniper Stansby

It was announced only days ago that quidditch fan favourites Oliver Wood and Megan McCormack would be expecting their first child in the near spring. While many hearts were broken over the news that Oliver Woods last shred of bachelorhood was now gone, many more still feel hope with the likes of single wizards Joey Jenkins of the Catapualts, Alexander Jones of the Arrows and even Marcus Flint of the Falcons. But don't hold your breath, ladies, not for Flint. He says he's not even focused on his lovelife, not when he's got a new season coming up and a new bundle of responsibility too.

"It's true," he states firmly, looking dashing in a set of designer robes as we interview him in his country manor. "I won't have much time for anything other than my career and my son."

Son? Say it ain't so, Marcus! Has some lucky witch managed to rope you into the domestic life? On the contrary, while he admits that he is a father to be he also confesses he will not be a husband.

"We decided we believed far more in the sanctity of marriage. We don't want to force a marriage just because we're having a baby. My son will be well cared for, and she'll be fantastic mother. I'll be in the picture one hundered percent, just not with a ring on my finger."

Not yet, anyway. When asked if he ever looked forward to marriage one day the normally brutish, though devastatingly handsome, chaser merely smiled shyly. So what will this mean for one of quidditch's most brutal player?

"I'm going to have to learn to watch my mouth, Merlin knows I have a way with cursing, that's for damned sure," he laughs.

And what of the witch in question? He makes no comment, no mention of her name, though he is reminded that it can't be kept a secret forever.

"For now, it will be, until she truly feels comfortable with coming out with it I won't be mentioning her after this."

There you have it, not one but two of our favored quidditch bachelors are fathers to be, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their children. When asked if their children would carry on the same famous rivalry seen between the players Marcus Flint merely thew his head back and barked a laugh.

"You're damned right that'll never die!"
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