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June 1st, 2010

[Jun. 1st, 2010|09:55 pm]


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WHO: Verity Weller & Fred Weasley
WHAT: They need to talk
WHERE: Verity's house
WHEN: Tuesday night
WARNING/RATING/STATUS: Surprises!/R to be safe/Ongoing

Verity paced her living room, hating the anxiety bubbling up in her stomach. She wanted a drink to calm her nerves, but couldn't, and pacing wasn't helping. It was just making things worse and she thought she might throw up from nerves. She'd never been this sort of shaky, uncertain, girly sort of person and hated it.

She wasn't ready for this, but Trevor was right (Merlin, did that ever feel weird to say). Whinging about it wouldn't help anything. Straightening her back, she shook her head and forced herself into the kitchen, starting the kettle boiling. Focussing on the minutiae of making tea helped and when the knock came at the door, she was almost completely steady.

Opening her mouth to invite him in, she paused and crossed into the living room, peering through the window by the door before unlocking it. "Come on in," she called over her shoulder, making her way back into the kitchen.
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