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April 8th, 2010

[Apr. 8th, 2010|12:22 am]


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Who: Drew & [OPEN]
When: The day of the big lock down
Where: Hufflepuff dorm room, all trapped up
What: All this house arrest is setting off Drew's claustrophobia
Rating: TBD

Breathe, keep breathing, don't lose your nerve )
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[Apr. 8th, 2010|11:23 am]


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Who: Justin and Ernie
When: This morning before classes
Where: 7th Year Puff Dorms
What: Cursing, among other things
Rating: Let's go with PG, at least. Justin isn't happy.
Open/Closed: Open to other 7th Year Puff boys

where the bleeding heel has my wand gone? )
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Posted Around Hogwarts [Apr. 8th, 2010|04:18 pm]
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Educational Decree Number Thirty

Previously appealed Educational Decrees numbers one through twenty-seven, excluding degrees number twenty-three and twenty-four, are hereby reinstated. A complete list of these decrees has been made available in the office of the Headmaster.

Educational Decree Number Thirty-One

Due to a unseemly history of bad influences plaguing Hogwarts all correspondence sent to or from Hogwarts castle by owl will be reviewed by the Chief Constable of Hogwarts before delivery, in the case of received messages, and before departure, in the case of missives being sent.
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hello hurrah -- what a nice day for the Eton Rifles [Apr. 8th, 2010|09:20 pm]
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[Current Music |"The Eton Rifles" -- The Jam]

Who: Wayne and Eloise
When: EARLY morning
Where: Hufflepuff Common Room
What: the world is falling apart
Rating: PG-13--there will be cursing

Bollocks. )
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[Apr. 8th, 2010|11:01 pm]


Private to Greg, nasty wards against anyone who isn't Greg who so much as tries to look )
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