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January 2nd, 2008

Crazy Colours

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Yet another evil experiment /mind game from the very cute and quirky book "Wishcraft"

EXERCISE 4: Pick a Color

Choose a color that appeals to you. It doesn’t have to be your all-time
favorite, or a color you especially like to wear—though it may be. The best
way to pick one is to look at a selection of colors, and I’d also like you to
have your color in front of you while you do this exercise. So you might
glance through a brightly colored magazine . . . or look around for a color
that catches your eye in a painting or print, a chair or a rug, in the room
where you’re sitting right now . . . or if you have a child’s box of crayons, or
a set of chalks or paints, that will give you an excellent range to choose
from. (Remember the delicious feeling of choice you got when you opened a
brand-new box of forty-eight sharp-pointed crayons and decided which one
to draw with first: silver? flesh? forest green?)

Now I would like you to role-play that color. That means you are going to
pretend you are that color and speak for it, since it cannot speak for itself. It
can’t tell us what it’s like to be royal purple, or buttercup, or black. You will
have to tell what it’s like to be your color.

The Emerald Serpent!

Oh yesss. So true that there's more to this one than meets the eye
Even when being totally restrained and staying with one single solitary colour, there's at least 40 shades of green that this serpent could happily snatch

So the reason for green

Red is too hot and yellow too bright. Blue is too cold but green is just right
It is a calming, relaxing and comforting colour and not easily slotted into the usual black - white, male - female, left - right pigeon holes

Getting more fussy and finicky

Olive green
Warm and friendly
Down to earth, quirky and eccentric
But bestest of all - a quiet unobtrusive sneaking about on the sidelines colour

Forest (emerald?) green (the green equivalent of burgundy, plum or navy blue)
Dark, mysterious, subtle and understated
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