Sep. 22nd, 2009



...hello? Anyone?

*lonely glen*

Aug. 28th, 2009


Long hiatus is long.

S-Sorry, guys. I know I've been gone forever, but.. minus the conventions and working extra shifts, I think my schedule's stable enough to return, if you guys'll have me. orz;;

Is there a chatroom or something I can hop in on? Not right now, but.. I'd like to get plotting again real soon.

Aug. 15th, 2009


Not again. Seriously. Sorry.

Hey, Purple and Edgar here,

I kinda forgot I promised to accompany a friend to the beach for the week, so I'm not sure how often I'll be online, if at all. I promise, the second I get back, I'll be back on track with being active and such. <3 I WILL MISS YOU GUYS. TT

Aug. 11th, 2009




Aug. 3rd, 2009



I am like... half back. I can get about an hour a day here at the library when I get on base.... So yeah.


I was expecting a massive overload of e-mail needed to be read when I can back and lots of threadds but it's dead. ;;

Is everyone still playing? :D (I HOPE SO)

Jul. 25th, 2009


I'm baaack~

Just catching up on things now. ♥ Let me know if I'm needed somewhere!

Jul. 11th, 2009


I've been mulling over whether to bring this guy over and decided more Sol is good Sol. A Sol Agent, Jirou can be put out on infiltration or poaching duties by any of the three Commanders, as needed. But he's also a trainer. With a propensity for failing Gym challenges.

Jirou considers Pokemon to be worth keeping only if they're useful, and enjoys manipulating people into acting in a similar manner for kicks. So if you want, have your character convinced they're letting their Pokemon go to set them free. :)

Jul. 10th, 2009


Grunt delivery!

Sup it's Dorsey/Rochelle and Lulu-mun here to flood the place with Persona PBs/give you a cute little Sol grunt.

His name is Max and he likes it when things go kaboom. He's twelve years old, has no badges, and is a screaming whining brat. But most characters will see him as a cute innocent little kid, because he's quite a talented liar~

Enjoy him raidin' ur gyms.

Jul. 8th, 2009


(mod thing)

We were considering a gym raid while Sol's on a roll to let BIG THREAT happen. We'd prefer the raid to be Ayumi and Ember's gyms. Is this okay with muns in question? (And in the case of Ayumi any preferances for what they'd be aiming to steal? In Ember's case they'd be after growlithe eggs.)

And any other volunteers? I'd offer up Garth but there's not much there right now that Aki couldn't get by just asking nicely anyway.

Jul. 6th, 2009


So.. um.. yeah..

I need to hop in some logs. ._.; Anyone wanna thread with me?

My characters are Kodachi, Shinji, and Takeshi. So since everyone's been posting refreshers:

Kodachi's a bit older, more mature in her role as a commander, with slightly stronger Pokemon. She has an Empoleon and a Skarmory, and totally still loves her birds and wants to make them stronger (I wanna try to get her in on Kido's gym to work undercover at some point.. learn all his birdie sekrits) Trying to make her more plotty and vengeful. Still with the whole disguises thing~

Takeshi's still derp. >>; Still lacks his abilities, though he might hit them sooner rather than later. Still working as a trainer under the gym, still tortured by the rest of the trainers, still trying to communicate with a Slowpoke.. though now he only has three of his own Pokemon, and I gave his Abra more of a role in his life. Any girls wanna make him oblivious and awkward? haha

Shinji has a bit of a personality change.. a bit more approachable.. might throw him in the reporter thread. He's interested in training, maybe will start researching breeding, depending on how things play out. He's still an artist, and has his comic strips and stuff that get published in various Pokemon magazines, though he's mostly a 'local' star if anything. Not everyone relate him to his art, which goes under the 'Maeda, Ink.' signature.


Hey there DSM with my third character. Ester Ribola, there's been two slight changes here. Firstly she's a breeder and working out of Garth's gym, secondly she's 17 and only has a total of 1 badge. She's really quiet nice and has a licenes from Dr. Yew. Over all she's got a friendly personality and a sweet disposition. Just don't get her worked up or she'll flush and freak out.


For those who don't know him, or need a refreser, meet Shiko's lovable dork-boss, Tamaki Kido. He's cute, he's sweet, he's well chibi at times. Tamaki, if you read his profile, is rather quiet the child in a lot of ways. Adventurious, he likes to jump off cliffs with his flying pokemon for fun, Tamaki tends to be very energetic and happy. He's got a smile on his face virtually all the time and loves to give out hugs to his friends. He's the sort of guy that you want as your brother or best friend.

One thing of note though, do not hurt pokemon around him, because then he gets pissed off. On the rare occasion that he is angry, Tamaki will show a darker side that will prove to be a very serious foe.

Regarding battleing, if he seems weak, don't think that. While for new trainers he will play with kid gloves mostly, when it comes to the second go around, which he offers all trainers after they've gotten their fourth badge, as he will meet the trainers around the area, he's as strong as the lot of them. Tamaki is serious about his job and takes his role as a trainer seriously too.

He's also a pizza delivery boy.


Chase is the Ace of Spades...and apparently hearts as well.

Hey all Liz here, or DSM whichever you prefer, offering up Chase Williams here. Changed a bit about him, so listen up. While he's still an Ex Rocket, he now works full time for the PNN, pokemon news network as a celeberity reporter who tries to out scoop most of the others. His past is still an issue and he's still as arrogent as ever, but this news hound will be tracking down info and turning it into on the spot reporting hopefully that will have you laughing.

He's still a charmer and a weirdo. I'll be posting up my others very soon.

Jul. 5th, 2009



It be Melissa bringing back the most awesome Sol Commander everrrrr, Satomi. OH. Speaking of the commanders. As an ex-Chemistry major I adore the whole 'Group 9' thing. The periodic table was possibly my favorite thing about Chemistry ^_^

BUT, BACK ON TRACK. Satomi is back and pretty much the same except for the addition of a Raichu to her team. Basically, Satomi hates you all. Unless you're stronger than her. Then she either admires you (if you're on the same side as her) or really hates you (if you're a good guy). She hates doing things she thinks are below her. She's arrogant and easily angered, though she does not show it or, at least, she thinks she doesn't show it. Her Espeon is her best friend and the two are incredibly devoted to each other. Do something to hurt one of them and you're sure to incur the wrath of the other. Satomi's a rather good trainer and at her best when battling with Espeon. Her and Raichu have a certain connection when it comes to battling, as well, though that is mostly because of the fact that he was her first Pokemon.

And then I have Ayumi Miura, [info]glint_n_glisten, the sixth gym leader! She's adorably tiny, but don't let that fool you~ She's a great battler. She grew up Sinnoh and collected all those badges before doing some coordinating and finally settling down at her uncle's gym. Her birthday just passed at the end of June and her uncle just named her leader. She loves cute things, so if you have any adorable Pokemon she'd love for you to come by and hang out at the gym. It's like a wintery paradise~ Everyone can play in the snow!

Jun. 30th, 2009


'allo again

Rochelle-mun is now bringing you Lulu, Russet City's dark-type gym leader/detective who specializes in SOL HUNTING. She's mostly down-to-business and pretty irritable/overworked/uptight, so have fun with that. Not that she's incapable of being friendly, she's just...selective. ♥

She's been in charge of the gym for six years, and before that, she was in Team Magma. That last part is a secret she's rather ashamed of, though. Consider her Sol hunting compensation for that.


Jun. 27th, 2009


Hey Guys!

We'll be starting on the 5th July, and we have an event sure to start things off with a bang. We'll be posting it in [info]wings_plot but since some might need an explaination of the three comms, here they are:

[info]wings_plot - This community is for raids, meetings - anything connected with the main plot. Everything else goes in [info]wings_rpg.

[info]wings_rpg - This community is for swarms, social gatherings - anything not connected with the main plot. Events that are go in [info]wings_plot.

[info]wings_ooc - this is self-explainatory.

If you have any questions, please ask. :)

EDIT: It's the 5th, which means you can find the event here. Remember to friend-add all current journals. You can find it, friend-locked, on this mod journal.

Jun. 25th, 2009


Hi guys! <3

I missed you, darlings~ I'm bringing back Rochelle just the same as she was before. Love her.