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Oct. 12th, 2008 @ 01:22 pm Fic: Dreams Come True by Scratchingpost1
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Title: Dreams Come True
Rating: FRAO
Written for: </a></b></a>[info]oreadno1
Prompt: Willow/Giles, post-Chosen. Halloween/Samhain in London, possibly a 'discussion' (or more) of her season 2 Halloween costume?
Word Count: 1209
Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They belong to Joss, Twentieth Century Fox, UPN, WB & Mutant Enemy. This is purely for fun.
Note: This was supposed to be a drabble or a short ficlet, but my muse finally kicked in and made it longer. I guess it's really a short story now. Though there's really not much story to it.

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