October 2011



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Oct. 2nd, 2011


step into the future...

After 10 years apart, the Wildcats have come back to Albuquerque. What was meant to be a night of fun and reminiscing turned into a crime scene and the start of an investigation. Kelsi Nielsen was found on the ground of the cafeteria, her neck snapped from falling over the balcony where Sharpay used to look over her "lesser" schoolmates. The death was clearly made to look like an accident, perhaps even a suicide, but after looking over the area, the police deemed a homicide had occurred.

But whodunit? In high school her only real enemy was the blond drama diva, but is she truly guilty? Did 10 years put some distance between the music maker and her one time best friends? Join us, and find out. Perhaps all is not what it seems.


Oct. 1st, 2011



  1. Don't godmod. We all join to play our own characters. Don't control what another character says or does.

  2. No one likes a Mary Sue.

  3. This is a JOURNAL based rpg. All roleplaying should take place in your character journals or the community.

  4. Please avoid re-commenting

  5. All character journals must be updated once every 3 weeks.

  6. You must participate in one of every 3 open community threads. Closed threads for ships or an exclusive group will not count.

  7. All major plotlines (death, rape, pregnancy, etc) must receive mod approval.

  8. Please try to keep a balance with your characters. They are more than their ship.

  9. All characters must reside in Albuquerque (or surrounding areas). Relocating for the investigation is acceptable.

  10. You are only allowed 2 characters, one of which MUST be a suspect. However, if you'd like to add another character, you can speak with the mods and they will consider it on a per case basis.

  11. All entries should be posted to friends/members only and tagged appropriately.

  12. The following form should be used when posting a group thread to the community

if you have any questions or concerns, please address your questions to [info]politicaltaylor

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