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Fandom: Multi-fandom, [info]brimac13, Pairings You Hate

This is the masterlist for my Pairings You Hate challenge.


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Fandom: Multi-fandom, [info]brimac13

Fandom: Multi-fandom
Challenge Title: Pairings You Hate
Challenge Type (fic or graphics/art): fic and graphics/art
Character(s) Involved: Any
Pairing(s) Involved: Any
Challenge Specs: The challenge is simple: Pick a fandom, pick a pairing you hate within that fandom and write a fic and/or draw/create something featuring that pairing in a positive light. Fics should have at least 100 words, but no real limit otherwise. Any rating. Absolutely no flaming/ship bashing. Saying you dislike a pairing is one thing; running it into the ground is another.


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This post is for affiliates of [info]wild_card. All affiliated asylums will be listed here, with a brief description. If you wish to affiliate your asylum with [info]wild_card, comment to this post.

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Fandom: Multi-Fandom Crossover, [info]brimac13, Crossing Dawn

This is the masterlist for my Crossing Dawn challenge.


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Fandom: Multi-Fandom Crossover, [info]brimac13

Fandom: Multi-Fandom Crossover
Challenge Title: Crossing Dawn
Challenge Type (fic or graphics/art): Fic
Character(s) Involved: Dawn Summers (BtVS), various
Pairing(s) Involved:Dawn/Legolas (LotR), Dawn/Sirius Black (HP), Dawn/Connor (AtS), Dawn/Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Dawn/Jacob Black (Twilight)
Challenge Specs: Fic featuring Dawn Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossed with any of the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Angel (though, technically, it's not a crossover because it's in the same "universe", but Dawn never met Connor on either show...), Supernatural, Twilight, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, or Heroes.

Wherein I get a little too specific... )

I don't care about the ratings (G to NC-17 are completely acceptable). Fics should not be longer than 10,000 words.

Please comment to this entry with your challenge responses.


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Fandom: Harry Potter, [info]brimac13, Missing Moments

This post is the masterlist for my "Missing Moments" challenge, posted here.


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Fandom: Harry Potter, [info]brimac13

Fandom: Harry Potter
Challenge Title: Missing Moments
Challenge Type (fic or graphics/art): Both fic and art
Character(s) Involved: Ensemble
Pairing(s) Involved: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Bill/Fleur, Molly/Arthur, Remus/Tonks, Percy/Audrey, Neville/Hannah, Teddy/Victoire, George/Angelina, Luna/Rolf, Draco/Astoria, Frank/Alice, James/Lily
Challenge Specs: Write/draw a missing moment from any of the seven books featuring any of the above canon ships, with the couples shown in a positive light (I like fluff, people...well, ok, fluffy angst). Rating doesn't matter, but, if it's fic, nothing over 10,000 words. There is no "expiration date" on this challenge.

Comment on this post with your challenge entries.


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