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When they left Weisshaupt, they had renounced their oaths to the Imperium. They were soldiers no longer: They were the Grey Wardens.
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Fic Meme [Oct 31st, 10
9:20 pm

Okay so, this was a little something that the ever interesting and lovely Signy shared with us over our very exciting weekend which included a suicidal deer amongst other things. However, this is decidedly more awesome.

Anyway the simple idea is... crackfics. I know we get our crackporn fed in the IRC, but this is a more general sort of crack, not necessarily of the dirty variety. Someone can make a request, for any sort of fic, though the more ridiculous the better. Example: "Alderic is forced to dress up as a woman and infiltrate the Orlesian Royal Court". Then someone else takes the idea and runs with it. Posting a short, one-shot ficlet in which the request occurs.

This is, of course, not to distract you from your posting, but to give you something silly to do when you're bored, or to just keep your writing sharp. Have fun~

modly post #25 : monthly check & plotz [Oct 30th, 10
3:27 am

HAI U GUIZE. We are once again closed for applications, but that is because we have our final character (bringing our total up to a nice even 60) and a new player -- so please welcome her in her intro post, and run your f-button if you haven't already! Since we think we've reached a manageable cap for now, we will likely remain at this number until these first rounds of missions have been completed. After that...well, who knows? Anyway, it's that time again!

ACTIVITY CHECK FOR ALL MEMBERS: If you are active and are not marked down as being on official Hiatus according to the directory, please reply to this thread with ONE of your journals, and list the names/journals of your characters if you have multiples. If you should be listed on Hiatus and are not, please let us know this as well. Just to reiterate what this means, a Hiatus indicates that you will be unable to post for a significant period of time, upwards of 2 weeks. Everyone has until SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH to respond to this entry; after that point, we will be contacting players with removal warnings. If we do not receive a response to these warnings within 72 hours, we will assume that the player is no longer interested in participation and they will be removed, with their characters handled in an appropriate manner by the moderators. Please continue to post as you normally would during this period.

Here is your plot progress report: OCTOBER 16-30 )

That's all! Any questions or comments or corrections, just drop us a line. We will be updating all plotting threads tomorrow with the most accurate and up to date info. Happy Halloween! ♥

EDIT: We've also added new tags to the OOC comm for your easy perusal of all important older entries.

Hello everyone [Oct 28th, 10
11:17 pm

Hello everyone.
Well I suppose I should introduce myself. (I believe I already know some of you. Hurray. ^__^) My name is Ronnie and I have brought to you Kenton Wyndem, Circle Enchanter and Battlemage. He's the son of two knights of Redcliffe but grew up in the Tower of course.

Ummm, real fast about his character, Kent's very much a classic nerdy scholar. His favorite pass time is reading and he likes to know a little bit about everything. Despite being a mage he likes to rely on thinking and logic than magic. And believes that almost every answer needed can be found in a book.

He's a bit quiet and reserved, generally okay with staying in the background with his thoughts or a book. But he's not unfriendly. Just a little socially awkard at times.

In battle Kenton is a fierce companion. He prefers to stay on the frontlines with the warriors using glyphs and electrical/ice magic to bolster the frontline and hinder/stun/general crowd control the enemies. He's also rather wreckless with his life in order to protect and help the others.

He'll be joining group 3 in Gwaren, as he's been staying there studying the potential for rune-crafting agents in the Brecilian Forest.

I guess that's gone on too long now. If you wanted to know more about him you can check out his bio. Ummm, looking forward to RP-ing with you guys!

[Oct 27th, 10
10:45 am

I'm currently on break at work sooo I can't really promise these will be done immediatelt, but since I'm at a standstill when it comes to tags right now, I figure when I get home I can find something else to do. Namely, I'm currently in the mood to do a little photoshopping, so if anyone needs any character soundtrack art, feel free to make a request here. All I need is a title! I tend to come up with my own ideas after browsing pictures for a while, but if there is something in particular you want on it, do let me know, as well.

Examples of my prior ventures into album covers can be found here, if anyone's curious. I might also want to start doing some drawing again since it's been a couple of months, so if anyone wants a character drawing or a scene (examples also found on my devart account), I'm taking requests again. Those will take a little longer, but I don't mind racking up a list.

Request list )

[Oct 26th, 10
6:08 pm

Hey everyone: Just dropping a quick line, I know I owe quite a few of you tags. I dislocated my shoulder on Sunday- doing some EXTREME STRETCHING ACTION.... (getting out of bed Sunday morning), and am now in wicked pain and under the influence of pain killers. I'll keep you posted, and appreciate your patience.

it's that time again, kiddies. [Oct 26th, 10
12:08 pm

Meme time~ (posted to the CORRECT comm this time)

This is an original I came up with while bored at work. I like to call it The Yearbook Meme.

How to play:

1) Post with a character. This part should be obvious by now. Post as many or as few as you want.

2) Under other characters' posts, put accolades that you might find in that character's yearbook entry. (Let's use Alderic as an example.) You can be as sober and serious ("Most Likely To Succeed") or as strange and hilarious ("Most Likely To Die In A Freak Lightning Strike") as you want.

3) ???

4) Profit.

'Allo! Bonjour! [Oct 22nd, 10
9:04 pm

It is I, player of [info]signyature and [info]lucressia, fighting the urge to do this entire intro post in badly put-together pseudoFrench, but I shall somehow pull through! I'm picking up a third character. This is Chevalier Guillemette Sybille d'Abbevilliers-Roissy, chevalier of Orlais, woman with way too much name. (Blame her parents? or her entire society, either one.)

To sum up, briefly, she is a lady chevalier, young and mostly inexperienced and incredibly, extremely, astronomically innocent. (She may not fit the content 100%, but she really approaches the name of this trope at times.) She's an idealist and a believer, and has been sheltered enough from the way the world works that it's possibly a wonder that she can function without her brain exploding. She's nice enough, though, if excessively Orleasian. She's got rose-tinted goggles in 3D. And accompanying surround-sound. She also has an ancestor who was involved in the conquest of Ferelden—and an ancestor who was subsequently involved in Orlais being kicked right back out of Ferelden. (Can you say awkward.)

And she's headed to Gwaren on a fetch quest honorable, knightly retrieval of an item that is purported to have great emotional significance for her mentor (despite the fact that it never belonged to her mentor at all and means nothing to her, but Guillemette doesn't know that). I'll be posting to the G3 planning thread in a bit (because surprise shock, being in Gwaren, that's who she's joining), but I'm up for plots and background ideas!

[Oct 22nd, 10
5:49 pm

hullo again! I'm back with character number three and now that I have eyes and ears in EVERY GROUP I'm done... mwahahahahhahahahhahahaha...

anywho. This here is Terin Oros, older brother to Arya Oros. All his information is in his journal, but basically he was born and raised in Denerim. his two younger siblings were taken by the Tevinter slavers before the Battle of Denerim. His mother died of a broken heart soon there after and when the Bligh was done ravaging the city and killing off the only two remaining family members he had, he helped rebuild the Alienage and then ran off to find the Dalish. he found Lanaya's clan (or rather, they found him) and made himself at home there and has been there ever since.

he's a pretty reserved guy, though in finding the Dalish he has warmed up a bit. he's got a wife and a five year old son. I'm open for so much backscenage it's not even funny. LET'S DO THIS.

I don't know why I'm so hyper... I just am right now >.>

[Oct 19th, 10
1:10 pm

Just found this on the Dragon Age fanpage on FaceBook. It's pretty funny.


Oh, it's for JRPGs. Still funny!

Have list [Oct 19th, 10
9:11 pm

Yes I really am this bored. Here's a character list sorted by first letter. ._.

GAH! [Oct 18th, 10
12:57 pm

Hello my lovelies!!

First off, let me apologize for my unannounced semi-hiatus there. Nothing like a good bout of kidney stones and anemia and a short hospital stay to knock you off your RP track, eh? Let me be the first to say that this baby's due date can't come fast enough now! But I'm back, and healthy, and ready to return to my normal growly grumpy self, which I'm SURE you've all missed. Right?...right? >.>

So, to anyone who's threads I've held up on my 3 characters, I apologize. And let me say I'm very happy and excited to get back to the regularly scheduled Cormac. Thank you all for your patience!!

(Look, I've even included a smile-pic as an olive branch. You all forgive me, right??)

Hem hem [Oct 17th, 10
7:07 pm

Yeah, so once upon a time I had too much time on my hands and this happened. And now, well since we have so many lovely additions to the game, I thought I'd post this again with the latest up-dates.

Wanna send granny a post card from Thedas?

(So come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab....)

And now, an introduction! [Oct 16th, 10
9:44 pm

Greetings to all of you out there in the internets! It's wonderful to meet you! (Well some of you I already know. Yes, it's everyone's favorite anti-social Asian soldier from the ME RP!) Anyhow! I'm Tamara and I'm so very pleased to introduce Arja Serik. A surface dwarf who was born and raised in Gwaren by her banished warrior mother and second gen surface dwarf father (and her grandparents too)!

Arja's a sweet girl, friendly, and she loves music. (Hey she's a bard... what do you know? How'd that happen?) When she's not out hunting with her trusty crossbow or sitting around playing a tune on her lute, she works as a bar maid in a local pub. Her life, so far, hasn't been extremely extraordinary, but maybe that'll change... >_>. XD

Since she's living in Gwaren, she'll be hitting up with Group Three eventually! And I'm so excited that I just can't stand it!!! (Patience Tamara... patience.) But! Until then I'm definitely open and available for future plotting or backscenes. Sadly, since she's never left the coastal city, it'd have to be with someone who's traveled there.

Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't ramble. (Which I already have...) So I'll end it there. Let me just say, in closing, that I'm sooo looking forward to RP-ing with all of you! And I'm so pleased to be here! <3

/zooms away to try and catch up with the plot thread!

Rumors of my death... [Oct 16th, 10
3:08 pm

I heard Tobias mentioning my name, and like the devil I return. Or something. Lets go with something. Regardless, life has let me go from that deep dark hole that it had me locked in. So I'm back, and I should be back to posting soon enough. So! If there are anything that my terrible Templar should know/look at/yell at/smack with an axe/or make bedroom eyes at then please drop me a line! I'm hoping to get back to where I can regularly post sometime after the 31st.

Even if I'm going to be stuck in a cave...

With Tobias...

...eh. Could be worse. Could be Seda.


plot update #1 [Oct 15th, 10
6:36 pm

Heeeeey guys. Rather than strictly doing monthly posts attached to activity checks, we've decided we want to try out a new system of keeping everyone up to date on group threads and up to speed by typing up some separate Plot Update posts once every two weeks -- either on Fridays or Saturdays, depending on mod availability. This means we will be still be doing our monthly (or close to it) checks WITH plot updates, but there will be posts in between. Hopefully, this will keep everyone better engaged and aware of their activity and what they should or could be doing for their characters. We will also take this time to throw up any other info you ought to know about -- for example, we have a couple of new characters this week, so run your f-button if you haven't already! Also, GROUP ONE has finally received their next plot update. Check it out.

So without further ado, here's the round up: OCTOBER 9-15 )

[Oct 14th, 10
12:56 pm

Heeyyy everyone! I'm not sure exactly what to say to introduce myself (I suck at intros), but I guess I'll just make it up! My name is Hilary, and some of you may know me from Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC and Resident Evil games. Those are basically my fandoms that I get all fangirly about, but I figured I'd try out Dragon Age after I was recommended here by [info]coan! More about me? I'm an Advertising student up in the Great White North of Canada, I have a degree in English and I absolutely love fantasy, RP, and creativity as a whole! I'm also way too nice and gullible for my own good, haha.

I'll be bringing a pretty unique character into this RPG. My character's name is Aedre, and yes, she has just one name, and she comes from the Korcari Wilds. Crazy, right?! Well, she is one of those long-hated and feared Chasind Wilders that they talk about in the start of Origins. Because of this, she can't really have much backstory with your characters unless they happened to go into Korcari and found her village. Often the Dalish have encounters with the Chasind, so that is certainly plausible if you like!

Otherwise, Aedre will simply be stumbling less-than-gracefully on the Group Two people! She knows the Korcari Wilds better than most, and will have a lot of experience trudging around the massacre that tends to go on down there every Blight. She is a shaman of the Chasind people, which of course means that she's a mage, and more particularly is a mage that excels in nature magic. I haven't really familiarized myself with the plot yet because I had school earlier today, but I'm about to mosey on over there and read up.

But yes! If you would like to chat with me about plotting, or even just talk, you can find me on aim at salut etoile! I am quite good at talking, which anyone will attest to, so please do not be shy. I will not refuse to talk to you, ever! If I don't reply it's probably because I'm AFK. Also, commenting here is awesome because then I can talk to you when I'm in class and on my phone. lmao.


[Oct 14th, 10
10:30 am

so I got bored one day and decided to play in photoshop. I don't know how everyone feels about the whole grey-wardens-having-a-griffon-tattoo thing but I think its kinda cool. that and I like putting tattoo's on people that don't normally have them~ so I went through and ink'd our Wardens... enjoy!!

the images aren't huge but there's a bunch of them (one for each Warden) and I will warn you... most of the male Wardens don't have their shirts on... I think only one has a shirt on to be totally honest... take that back three... but two of them just have on a-shirts so I don't know if those count lol

this really made me want another tatt btw )

like I said, don't know how everyone feels about the whole tattoo thing but I like it lol.

well hello hello hello [Oct 13th, 10
8:08 pm

Hello loverly people of this Dragon Age RP! Some of you already know me (yes, that crazy mad genius over in the ME RP), but for those of you who don't, I'm Ashley and I present for your entertainment, Arya Oros. She was born in the Elven Alienage in Denerim, but at five years of age was kidnapped by those nasty Tevinter slavers that Loghain was so buddy-buddy with. Help came a little too late and she was shipped out to spend the next nine or so years as a slave before joining a rebellion and managing to escape.

She's since been on the road home to find a family that she barely remembers - and of course, when she gets there, most of them died in the Siege of Denerim when the darkspawn attacked. She has one last brother supposedly still alive who left the alienage to look for the Dalish, so she practically sets out immediately to try and find him.

Thus, I'll be joining those of you heading towards the awesome woods with the talking trees :D

Arya has been to Nevarra and Orlais (both the capital cities), so if anyone wants to do a backscene of any sort or possible plottage, I am open to pretty much anything. Arya is a pretty friendly elf by all accounts, and wants to work towards peace between the elves and the humans...but the elves need to have rights first! She isn't big on violence but knows how to take care of herself. What's most telling about her is the need to help pretty much anyone or anything that crosses her path, though, so I doubt she'll take much convincing in helping out with the fight against the coming Blight.

So helllllooooo!!!!

*skips off to begin reading the plot thread...*

Meme: Grey Wardens Battle Music [Oct 11th, 10
1:50 am

So I thought, I have a playlist of music that I like to listen to when I write fight scenes or general badassery, and I thought some of you all might too, and for those who don't maybe you'd like a little sumthin since we all have a lot of fighting coming up! So I'm posting mine here, and anyone else can feel free to reply with their own list, either using this handy mixpod or by just linking a Youtube playlist if preferred! Enjoy!

Click here for the music )

modly post #24 : f-lists and plot updates [Oct 9th, 10
2:44 pm

If you haven't in a while, here's a reminder to update your friends list, as we have added a few characters in the last couple of weeks. We still have THREE (3) spots for new characters open, though keep in mind that any and all additions to the game must wind up in the following locations in order for them to be incorporated into current central plot: Redcliffe/Frostback Mountains (group 1), Lothering/Korcari Wilds (group 2), Brecilian Forest/Gwaren (group 3).

Secondly, for GROUP TWO and GROUP THREE, we have posted some new information for upcoming plot development. Please check it out to get a better idea of what's to come, and if you'd like to start thinking about where you'd like to go in terms of character development. GROUP ONE will be receiving further information about their next adventure/new subgroups after the Battle of Redcliffe, once they have completed their current threads involving the Orchard and Preparations.

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