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When they left Weisshaupt, they had renounced their oaths to the Imperium. They were soldiers no longer: They were the Grey Wardens.
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So. [Mar 3rd, 11
12:12 am

Is this the end?

Let's be reasonable here; the last open thread was posted back in January, and plot progression has come to a complete halt. Whether it be from a mutual lack of interest, burnout, an inability to find time, or simply not caring anymore, what was once a thriving community is now nearly dead.

My question is, can it, should it, be resurrected?

And if not, would anyone like some closure in the form of a short story, just so that people can get their happy (or not so happy) endings?

[Feb 14th, 11
2:47 pm

hey everyone! happy valentine's day!! )

Moderation in All Things, My Dear, Except Blood [Feb 7th, 11
10:43 pm

Hello lovely RPers, I just got note from Beth and Coan tonight and would just like to let you know that I will be aiding them now in the moderation side of GreyWardens. I am very honored to help them out, and just want to let you all know that I am available as well should you have questions or concerns, though you can't get any modly secrets out of me because the vault is so large I haven't gotten to those yet ;)

In any case, I'll still be RPing alongside you all just the same, but you may be getting pestered by me if you are inactive or if you disappear off the face of the planet. Do you really want to be pestered by a Reaver? :)

Thanks again to Beth and Coan for allowing me the opportunity to help them out on this game that I love. Very much looking forward to kicking it into gear again and hope you guys are with me ^_^

[Jan 31st, 11
5:42 pm

Hey there.

Apologies for the lack of contact over the last few weeks, but we've been considering current circumstances for a while now, and it's time that we address them. To be completely honest, both mods are just burned out, from RL issues, other interests/hobbies, and just the way running the game has been over the last few months. In all fairness, everyone's been busy over the holidays and we understand that completely. But our enthusiasm for the setting and player management has waned. We aren't at all short on ideas or plot -- we've had everything planned since the beginning -- but we are having trouble feeling motivated to keep going. What the solution for this may be is unclear, though the last thing we want to do is close the game. But before we can move forward with plot threads, we really feel that we need to do some reorganization.

That being said, this post is two parts: one is a general activity check, and the other is a gauge of interest in one member becoming part of the moderation team. First, we'd like for all players who are still interested in actively writing for this game to comment to this entry. If you are no longer interested or are unable to play, please state that as well -- we need to know who we can count on if we are to continue, and please know that we don't begrudge anyone at all if they do decide to leave. We just want to be able to work out any departures ICly ahead of time.

Secondly, what we really need is someone who is willing to do more on the managerial side of things -- contacting inactive players, keeping tabs on hiatuses, updating plot threads to keep everyone informed of changes, etc. These are tasks that we have struggled with the most and really just haven't had time to address. Again, we have game plot settled already, though obviously, we'd be open to working on these ideas collaboratively with a third person. It is preferred that any potential applicants for this role be active, be good at diplomacy and social organization, and able to use GDocs, as that's where all of our plotting takes place. This is a really big responsibility and would be a great help to us, so please be serious about your commitment to the game.

All comments are screened for your privacy. Feedback and suggestions on what other things we can do to improve our situation are welcome. Thanks everyone, we appreciate your patience and hope everything works out!

He lives! [Jan 21st, 11
11:55 am

Hello GW! As some of you may know I have been away from the game for quite awhile, for reasons which you can find behind this cut!

Season's greetings to you all! [Dec 23rd, 10
12:21 am


[Dec 22nd, 10
3:04 pm
lol okay schools out so i guess i'll do things now.

[Dec 16th, 10
6:14 pm

Oooh hi, do you remember me?

You know those posts that people make sometimes that basically say "Hi, I'm still here, play with me"? Yeah, this is one of those. I only pop into IRC now and then (and there's never anyone there; did we abandon that?) because of a busy past couple of weeks. But fear not, minions. Myself, Jaden, Simon, and Mat are still very much alive, active, and generally caught up on the game.

Just an Official Notice! [Dec 15th, 10
6:58 pm

Hi guys! I'm here making an official notice. Niki (aka Imenry et al... LOL) is taking over the character of Falina. So unless Jess decides to return I'll be playing our resident dwarf rogue Warden. I want to make sure that I stick to the plans for the character, so please do hit me up for plotting and any information you think I should know in regards to character relationships with Falina.
Thanks ahead of time ^_^ <33

happy anniversary, ~greywardens! [Dec 15th, 10
1:59 am

I'm not entirely sure when this game officially opened, but I started writing my app on December 13, 2009, which means that I probably submitted my app within five or so days. I also remember hearing that the game opened before I actually knew of it, so I'm assuming that it opened during the beginning of December and, evidently, that means that the game has hit it's one year mark!

So, in all ~*~GLORIOUSNESS~*~ of being here for a year, I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you all, it's been a great year despite all the drama that has happened and I'm hoping that the game will remain alive and open for yet another great year!

[Dec 14th, 10
6:30 pm

Oh my god, you guys. I am so excited to be going home this weekend because I am missing y'all SO MUCH.

SO! Because I miss you and because I'm avoiding finishing my final paper, I want to know what you want for Christmas. And Lalin wants to know what your characters want... you know, if Ferelden celebrated Christmas.

modly post #27 : monthly activity check [Dec 2nd, 10
5:29 pm

We're a little late on this, but please run your f-button to update your lists. As was stated last week, not a lot of progress has been made this month, so we won't be putting up any plot updates, since there isn't much to update at present moment. Again, no one's fault -- November has just turned out to be a total hell month. But good news! Circumstances forced me to quit my second job, so I will have way more time to dedicate to the game, as well as a three day weekend to catch up on things. Thank you everyone for your patience during this difficult and slow period.

More importantly, we are doing our monthly activity check!
ACTIVITY CHECK FOR ALL MEMBERS: If you are active and are not marked down as being on official Hiatus according to the directory, please reply to this thread with ONE of your journals, and list the names/journals of your characters if you have multiples. If you should be listed on Hiatus and are not, please let us know this as well. Just to reiterate what this means, a Hiatus indicates that you will be unable to post for a significant period of time, upwards of 2 weeks. Everyone has until SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11TH to respond to this entry; after that point, we will be contacting players with removal warnings. If we do not receive a response to these warnings within 72 hours, we will assume that the player is no longer interested in participation and they will be removed, with their characters handled in an appropriate manner by the moderators. Please continue to post as you normally would during this period.

[Nov 29th, 10
9:54 am

I've never been very good at beginning things, so I'm just going to jump right in.

Just when it might be time for me to start writing and plotting with the community at large (of course!), I'm going to be saying adieu to Grey Wardens. This is a decision that has been long-coming and something I've been mulling over for a few months now, but it's not one that I've finally arrived at lightly. I've waffled back and forth in my own head about staying or leaving, but now that I've finally come to a decision, I feel that it must be the right one.

No one person or one event has led me to this decision. To be perfectly clear: the anonymous business that happened a few days ago was not the deciding factor (I wouldn't give anonymous the satisfaction, so I'm stating it plainly). That was something awful and personal that happened to Falina/Jess and has little to do with me -- other than my resulting anger and disappointment with whoever decided to take that course of action. I can't say anything to anonymous that hasn't been more eloquently stated elsewhere by the mods. Taking a hard line is the only way to weed out this sort of behavior if any evidence comes to light, and I applaud the mods and wish them the best of luck in that search.

To make a very long story short, I simply am not taking to RP and writing the way that I should. The thought of contribution has begun to feel, unfortunately, like an obligation, rather than the fun it should be. It is due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which is my own writing schedule for work, which saps the creativity right out of me on a daily basis. My own shyness and trepidation has prevented me from feeling like part of a writing community, and right now I don't have the desire or effort to throw myself back in.

The lack of desire has little to do with the community at large.

The player base and moderators of this game have been, by and large, the most wonderful group of writers and RPers that I've had the pleasure to write and communicate with. I may not have been the loudest member of the community and I know that my appearances in chat and IM were sporadic at best (that whole shy thing), but I was always happy and humbled to be accepted into a game with writers of such high caliber and with a group of people that had an overwhelmingly friendly nature. It truly impressed me and those are the memories that I will take with me when I go - memories of laughter, endless ideas for plotting, enthusiasm, and a generous love and skill for writing. Unfortunately, I just don't have those characteristics in me right now, and it's not fair for myself or anyone else for me to stay when I really need to go.

I love you all. I may not be the best at expressing it, but all I can do is to extend loving virtual hugs and hope that they're accepted <3

I've already expressed my decision to leave to the mods, and I thank them for leaving me access to the OOC to post a goodbye.

In terms of plot, Viara and Thren decided that they really didn't care enough about the Blight to stay on with the group, and after some traveling with Valan and Galen, turned around with the family that they were escorting and went back to the Northern Star. Viara is available as an NPC (and might even be adoptable to the right person) and as far as I'm concerned, she belongs here, with you all, so do with her as you see fit. She'd certainly be amenable to being contracted by the Grey Wardens or other groups for ferry runs, attack, or supplies (for a modest fee) and she will always be there, along with the rest of the crew, to serve this game and the fantastic plot that's yet to come.

Thank you for accepting me, and thank you to the mods for making this game. It's been a good ride.

All my best wishes,


[Nov 26th, 10
10:25 am

Dear Anonymous,

Get the fuck out of our game. Step up, quit being shady, and just leave if you're so consistently unhappy with everyone else. The game doesn't revolve around YOU, as much as you'd like to think it so. Your commentary on anyone else's behavior in this game is unwanted and unneeded, especially when you should be checking your own if you feel so adamant about talking shit about other people.

I don't need your vitriol to poison a perfectly happy gaming environment. That said, if anyone has a problem with the way things are going or being run, come to us first. We are trying our hardest to keep things moving and people motivated. We greatly prefer discretion over making situations uglier than they absolutely have to be.

If I find out who you are, there are no second chances this time. I was being forgiving and patient last time, and I thought a very vital lesson had been learned, but you are going too far and you need to be stopped. You have NO RIGHT to be an asshole to anyone else in this game and ruin what everyone else has worked so hard on. This is a GAME. It should be fun, so stop sucking it out and go away, or just shut the hell up.


EDIT: And to everyone else, we implore you not to drop for the sake of one idiotic person's actions. We have so much planned and we love you. Haters gonna hate, and they can go fuck themselves with a rusty, jagged spoon. I know it's difficult to ignore this behavior, but if you're enjoying yourself and your own interactions with the people you DO like, please keep doing so. Don't feed the trolls, don't let the terrorists win. And if you do think this might be the final straw...PLEASE just PM us or comment us FIRST, because we are very, very tired of seeing strings of OOC posts coming out of nowhere and then having to scramble to fix a situation. This hurts US more than it hurts the anons out there.

[Nov 26th, 10
10:51 am

"Hi Falina. Neglecting another game because you're 'busy' while creating a new one to mod makes you look like a shady flake. Stop pretending. Just drop, instead of stringing everyone along. At least don't use the same email for everything."

To anon:

If you had just asked, I would have told you that I reserved the asylum names after a Thanksgiving conversation with my sister, and wasn't planning on actually opening the game until February. I have a dropbox, and I have IM. In my year of being here, I've never been short of receptive to anyone who contacted me. It's not necessary to drop anon comments before you have any real information aside from the email address used for registration. Whoever you are, you aren't noble.

I am busy, and was legitimately injured. It's disheartening to see a place that I care about treat people like this again, after one horrible implosion. I'm a person, and should be treated with respect. I'm sorry to anyone who has felt slighted by my hiatus, or strung along, as that was not my intent. But I've never once acted shadily in regards to expanding my roleplaying life. The game in question was never going to be kept a secret, nor was it going to be active anytime soon. To say that I was creating it with duplicitous intent is not only offensive, but it is incredibly hurtful.

To Greywardens at large:

Officially, I am not going to be returning from my hiatus. Please feel free to do with my characters what you will.

I hate to do it, because I do have a lot of love left for this place, the stories that we still have to tell, and for the stories that we have already told. But this post has just completely hurt me, and I don't feel like I would even be able to return knowing that I would be playing with this person. I'm more upset than this person could ever know.

I wish all of you the best, and encourage any of you to contact me in the future. I have made some good friends here, and enjoyed my time here. I never wanted to leave this way, but unfortunately it's been made clear to me that it's my time to move on.

Thanks to the Mods for creating a game that started me on roleplaying, thanks to the friends who have helped me through the worst year of my life, and thanks to all of you for your support and love.


Edited to add: If someone would like to adopt Falina, I will gladly talk her through with anyone who wanted to take her on. She has some great established lines in the game, and has been a pleasure to play.

All of my characters can be adopted or NPCed. As far as I'm concerned, they belong to this game. I will gladly work with, or answer any questions for, anyone who wants to take any of them on, in whatever capacity they wish. Right now, I'm going to work with the mods to make my absence as seamless as possible, and work out what I can so this is more of a transitional phase, rather than a dead stop for my storylines. <3

modly post #26 : excuses & plot refresher [Nov 26th, 10
9:23 am

Hey all! Sorry for the silence as of late -- November is a crazy month for everyone, especially with the holidays coming up, so we really can't blame anyone for being slow during this period. However, we are absolutely still here and adamant about getting things going again ASAP. We'll be putting up the activity check next week, after the Thanksgiving weekend has passed, since we're aware that a lot of people probably aren't around right now (and belated happy turkey day to those who celebrated!).

This is where we'd like to give you all another plot update, but to be honest...not a lot has actually happened in the past few weeks since then, so we'll just refer you all to the last post for in depth summaries. Just as a refresher, the main threads that are flagged as highest priority before we can move forward are With the Face of a Ghost (recruiting Brennan & Elsa?) & Attack of the 4'5" Woman (recruiting Johann; G1), Champagne is... (recruiting Æolyn, Israa & Kyrio) & Where the Wild Things Are (recruiting Aedre; G2), and Group Three Arrives at the Forest (G3) (recruiting Arya, Galen & Valan).

Since I have the time today, I will be doing my part in participating by commenting to OOC plot posts where relevant and trying to figure out a way to move things forward with my own characters. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

Arja and Galen dancing! [Nov 24th, 10
11:29 am

Because this ought to make everyone at least a little happy! :D


/bandwagon [Nov 18th, 10
11:58 am

So yeah! Like Aedre and Beth, I've been slammed with work, and seeing as I work at the service desk in Walmart coming up Christmas season, it's only going to get worse. I apologize for lack of my presence! (It's actually not due to ACB, much as I would like it to be. Our TV exploded and the temporary replacement doesn't have XBOX hookups.)

I may post a Gunnarr!narrative here soon to try and kickstart my writing juices. I'll be back to posting as soon as I adjust to the hell that is holiday retail returns!

[Nov 18th, 10
1:07 am

Hey all, just wanted to drop you guys a note -- sorry for being slightly MIA and not on the ball with plot things lately. As I may have mentioned to a few of you, I'm actually working a second painting job right now that's taking up my free time. This is going to keep going for the next few weeks until it opens in early December, since it's a Christmas show. I've also just been feeling really under the weather the last few days, so focusing on writing has been hard. Last and certainly not least, I am moving AGAIN this weekend (Sunday, to be specific) to my second, new swanky hotel room, so I'll probably be scarce then, too, until I'm settled in.

I know a lot of people have been getting hammered with work and school, as well, and it's certainly that time of the year for things to hit hard, with midterms, finals and holidays coming up. So no worries to anyone else if things are going slow on your end -- RL is always the priority here. I do apologize to those who are waiting, though, and just want to reassure you that once stuff on our end calms down, we'll be more than ready and eager to get things moving along.

Sorry again and thanks for all your patience!

[Nov 16th, 10
6:32 pm

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know why I've been a little MIA recently, and why I'm gonna be (and have been) a little later than usual on some of my tags and stuff. In school right now I'm seriously getting eaten alive. I have waaayyy too many huge assignments than I know what to do with. This doesn't mean, however, that I'll be on a complete hiatus... I'm still around, and if you need to get a hold of me I'm always on AIM or MSN when I'm on my computer. I'm just trying to prioritize for the first time in my life, lmfao!! I promise that I would rather be writing with you guys than writing headlines and taglines and researching consumer behaviour patterns. UGH. I have a headache just thinking about it. But I'm just too tired at the end of the day to write any decent sounding replies. :( So I promise it's coming, just slowly!

Oh, and if you need to know my contact info, it's in my contact post! I'm not too busy to say hey!

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