Aug. 22nd, 2007


Fic: First Encounter (Brad/Schu)

Title: First Encounter
Author: [info]schu_chan
Pairing/Characters: Brad Crawford, Schuldig
Words: 1750
Rating: PG13 (for language)
Disclaimer/claimer: I don’t own Weiss Kreuz. All belongs to Koyasu Takehito and Project Weiss.
Summary: The boy had a lot to learn and would go through many things before he would match the man he had seen in his visions.
A/N: written for [info]30_somethings. A slightly different take on how Crawford and Schuldig met.

First Encounter

Aug. 1st, 2007


Schudariel’s Desire

Title: Schudariel’s Desire
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Crack, complete and utter crack (with song parodies)
Word count: 1,763
Summary: If Weiss had gone Disney and merged to create a modern take on The Little Mermaid. Our red-haired hero (Schudariel) pines for his dark-haired prince (Braderic). Our hero’s sidekicks, Naounder and Farbastien, do not approve – especially when the dastardly villain (Ursafumi) enters the picture.
Note: Written for a challenge community.

Schudariel’s Desire )