Sep. 1st, 2007


The Way We Were

Title: The Way We Were
Author: Maycat
Fandom: Schwarz :p
Rating/Warnings: PG for legal and illegal substance abuse and slightly implied violence
Words: 2422
Summary: A not-quite-serious vignette-ish story about Schwarz , before they were Schwarz, with some extra Red Shirts thrown in. Written from Nagi's perspective. 
Author's Notes:
This is one of (not yet finished) four stories that tell how Schwarz came to be, each from another team-member perspective, but it can be read as stand-alone. Read at your own risk, yelling at me for the mistakes made is welcome and appreciated. It makes more sense if you've seen Five Years Later or The Shampoo Ad
 (which is also a bit of a spoiler for this story).
Characters of Schwarz belong to whoever owns Weiss Kreuz series at the moment, I'm borrowing and returning them in one piece. OC's belong to themselves. 

Aug. 23rd, 2007


Schuldig/Youji Fanart

Title: Schuldig and Youji Getting Friendly
Rating: PG-13/R (almost/not entirely work safe; it's on the edge)
Warnings: some upper body nudity, very intense cuddling
Characters: Kudou Youji/Schuldig
Author's Notes: Connected to A Schwarz Day at the Convention

Fanart )


A Schwarz Day at the Convention

Title: A Schwarz day at the Convention 
Rating: PG
Warnings: implied  violence and murders; smuggling of alcohol into an alcohol-free environment;
Word Count: 1852
Summary: A drabble that grew up: Schwarz attends a Profesional Assasins Convention. And there'a a bit of Weiss, too. Not to be taken entirely seriously.
Author's Notes: Slight implied Youji/Schuldig and pre Nagi/Omi if you have lots of imagination. Connected to A Schwarz Day at the Convention (Warning: R-rated fanart under that link)

PAIn )