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Sep. 21st, 2008


A Note from the Mod

Hello, all! I hope things are going well for all of you.

I have been extremely busy lately and quite frankly, my workload has gotten quite heavy.

I was wondering if there might be anyone willing to take over modship of this asylum. I am hoping that someone will come forward and stimulate the community into activity again.

If you think you are up to the challenge of modding here, let me know!

Apr. 24th, 2008



I've had this community added for a while, but haven't actually introduced myself... so.. I guess here I go. The comm's been quiet but I figure I can make some noise. :)

Howdy! I'm Kait, and [info]weighty_kaity is my health/weight loss journal, which I've been keeping for the last few months. I'm a 23-year-old actress, and so far, my weight has been a primary inhibitor in my success. Then again, my overweight type has been very helpful. I've gotten a lot of roles because of my size, and it's made me a fighter, rounding me out as an artist. I'm grateful for everything my weight has done for me as an actor, but I also realize what I'm not getting, particularly now that I'm transitioning from the non-professional world to the professional world. I decided that for my health and to further my versatility, I'm going to lose the weight at last and have a different experience. The first time I remember being told by a doctor that I was overweight was when I was 12 years old and weighing 175. I haven't weighed 175 since. :)

I've lost almost thirty pounds so far, losing about a pound to two pounds a week, by cutting out drinking a lot of calories (milk and juice), eating smaller portions, layering in lots more vegetables... the usual. I exercise minimally except for the current run of the play I'm doing five/six times a week, which I think burns a lot more calories than I believe it does thanks to all the dancing. :D I joined this community for support and to lend support----I'm succeeding and I'm healthier than I've been in a LONG time, but I also know that after 11 weeks of recording my progress daily, I get complacent, I slip up, I fall into old habits. Announcing this to a few more people might make me feel more accountable! *hops* Soooo... behind the cut are my numbers. And a picture. :O


Apr. 23rd, 2008


o hay whuts goin on in this thar comm?


I'm trying to lose 20 pounds. I don't really believe in dieting, just eating less crappy food and moving around more actively. I'm looking for some encouragement and friends. I like books, darkwave music, anime, yuri manga, costuming, and being fine art.

I'll try to update this or my own journal at least once a week with my thoughts and accomplishments and a few pics now and then. I don't really know anyone on IJ, and I've never been part of any kind of health community before. I am 20 years old and a university student. Please friend me. I'm open to meeting new people. :)

Copied from my journal )

My current goal is to be really good at cardio on the bike, and get that just-barely-overweight BMI down to an "Optimal" number.

I also took Zyprexa as a sleep/anti-anxiety aid for about six months, which also increased my weight. Ugh.

For the record, no health professionals have insisted that I try to lose weight, and I have a fine body image, an hourglass figure, and a significant other who finds me just fetching. I would just rather not allow myself to lapse into such unhealthy habits that any of that changes.

Apr. 18th, 2008


Hi there. I'm new here and I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to tell you a little about myself.

1st off, I don't have a low body image or anything like that and I'm not trying to lose weight to fit in with other peoples concepts of beauty. I'm a sexy larger lady who's proud of my curves. However, I've had some health problems recently (hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes) so my doctor has advised me to lose weight and who am I to argue? Your health comes first right?

Apr. 1st, 2008


Progress and Thinspiration

Wow, this community has been kinda dead lately. *Pokes with a stick* Anywho, I have a partial report of my progress, and a question for discussion (or just for you all to ponder).

I've lost 10 inches since I started dieting! :D I'm sure I'd be losing faster, but I'm more doing a "healthy diet" with not much exercise thrown in, so I'd say that's pretty good. I haven't had a chance to check my weight in several weeks, but I'll try and check it sometime soon. I'm curious to see how much it's changed. :)

Okay, so here's the question. What do you think about "thinspiration?" Now, I'm not talking about eating disorders or anything like that, but just the concept in general. I myself have never really needed it because up until two years ago I was really healthy. All I need to do is look at a picture of myself and see where I was and where I want to be again. But I've certainly run across pictures during my long trek to a healthy weight that made me say "damn, I wish I looked like that!" And I guess those have been healthy. Who doesn't want to be a hot babe?

But at the same time, do you think thinspiration can be discouraging and maybe even harmful to your ultimate goals. I'm sure the vast majority of girls (and guys) with eating disorders get them because of the desire to be thin. They want to look "beautiful" like the ridiculously underweight models plastered all over the place. So is anyone who uses thinspiration risking becoming addicted to "being just like them" or whatever? Or is it a risk it's better to take for that extra boost of determination?

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I will never be a tiny Japanese lolita, and I don't have the face structure for Morticia Addams, and I will never look like the lead singer of the (International) Noise Conspiracy. :)

Feb. 17th, 2008


Tea: The Elixir of Life

I came across this article talking about the health benefits of tea. I thought that my fellow patients at this asylum would enjoy reading it, especially with the following excerpt:

"As a weight loss tool, tea is a wonderfully cleansing way to flush the system, replace fluids - and pump the body full of powerful antioxidants at the same time. Aside from the health benefits, tea is a zero-calorie beverage, making it your best choice for weight loss. Pass on the diet soda, loaded with sugar and bone-weakening bubbles, and go for tea.

It is best to drink tea unsweetened and without milk, which can minimize some of the health benefits. To sweeten the tea without the extra calories, forgo the sugar and try instead honey, stevia products, or a stick of cinnamon."

Feb. 3rd, 2008


Article: Burn Fat & Personal Progress


Helpful advice that we should all keep in mind while deciding our exercise schedules. :)

I've officially lost 10lb.s since I started exercising which puts me at an even 190. It's been almost three weeks, so I'm not quite losing 5lbs a week, but my diet has been really screwy for the past week and a half. I'm hoping when things quiet down again I'll be able to jump back on it, but it's hard to diet when people are bringing me gobs of fast food and cake and ice cream. ;) And on top of that I've been not as diligent as a should with my DDR. I think I'll add in some basic crunches and push-ups this week. I want to do some lunges, too, but my knee might prevent that for a while yet.

Good luck, everyone! Keep your goals realistic! Don't get discouraged!

Jan. 17th, 2008


overcoming obstacles

I'm sure that you are all familiar with that one weight you just can't seem to get under no matter how hard you try. Well, I've been stuck at it for the past two months but at last I am under the wretched number. Score! I'm hoping that my progress speeds up a little now.

Oh, have I mentioned lately that you all are awesome support? ^_^

Jan. 8th, 2008


Mod statement to asylum

In light of some recent events on IJ, I wanted to make clear that this asylum does not endorse any diet of any kind, an specific exercise, and certainly not behaviors that lead to eating disorders.

What I do endorse is a healthy lifestyle - one that suits your life and your body.

If you find that you are on a diet that makes you feel worse than you did when you started, that diet may not be good or healthy for you. If you are in doubt, please consult a physician for a more personalized weight loss plan.

I also wanted to say that this community is not about vanity. I believe that everyone is beautiful as they are, no matter what your size. I also believe that you can be healthy at any weight - this is unique to you, the individual. What I mean by that is that if you weight 195 pounds and feel great, you may be perfectly healthy. I, on the other hand, am having health issues attributed to my weight gain, so therefore - and with doctor's advisement - have to lose some poundage. It is all very personal and all very unique.

When beginning a healthy weight loss plan, keep your goals realistic. Please consider your genetics, heritage, bone structure, lifestyle, etc. For example, I come from a family of broad shouldered women who are of the stocky set. There is no way I am thinking of a size 4. More like a 14 and I would be perfectly comfortable.

We are all here because we desire the support of our peers. We like to know that we are not alone in our triumphs and struggles. That is what this community is for.

We welcome tips, recipes, discussion of trials and successes, etc. Please keep in mind that not everything will work for everybody and some common sense must be used when tailoring a plan to suit your needs.

I am not going to claim to be an expert on weight loss, however I have struggled with my weight for the past 7 years. I have been through failed diets, several types of exercise, and I really didn't even start to make progress until I decided to listen to my body. If it hurts, I don't do it. If it makes me feel bad or sick, I don't do it. If a diet causes me to crave, feel guilty and shameful, I don't use it. Be smart with yourselves. A little common sense goes a long way.

I would like to see all of you succeed in your goals in the year 2008. I wish you health and wisdom on your journey.

If you have any questions regarding this asylum, please contact me. I may not always post anymore, but I am still very much here.

Jan. 3rd, 2008


I found an interesting article that links weight problems and an unorganized lifestyle. I can certainly relate to this. My parents are just like this, and I'm a chronic hoarder. :|

Dec. 28th, 2007


Dance Dance Revolution

Hi everyone, I'm in the UK and need to lose a few (a lot :P) pounds.

I am, however, agoraphobic and I just hate exercise and I'm addicted to my Xbox. I saw a lot of you talking about DDR and other such games and was wondering if they really work?

I recently bought a side-step machine (which I have yet to christen, due to laziness... guh) but thought that if DDR works it might be worth investing in. I figured it would at least get me off my bum and perhaps motivated to do a little more.

So... does it? And is there any you'd suggest? I searched and am seriously confused about it all. I saw one ages ago that came with a dance mat but the DDR search doesn't come up with anything. Maybe I broke something D:

Any tips or... stuff?

Thanks :)

Dec. 26th, 2007


How I'm doing....

Hey everyone! I thought I'd update with my progress (and regress)! And I found a nice article, too. :D

Well, I lost about 10 lbs while I was  away. That made me quite happy. Of course I came back and I think I gained back 5 lbs. I'm not terribly concerned about it though. I'm adding in a fairly harsh exercise regimen starting either today or tomorrow, and my goal is to hit 170 by March 1. I'm pretty sure if I follow my plan I'll make it, so maybe it's not a high enough goal. But I think it's a good start.

Dec. 21st, 2007


No pain, no gain.

It's shameful to admit that I've been slacking on my diet and exercise over the past few weeks. For some reason Thanksgiving ruined it, and I didn't eat any more than usual. I've kind of been stuck at that weight since then. Know how one just can't seem to get below a certain number? One of those obstacles that I just can't seem to overcome. But my little DDR area is clean again and I have more room to move around. Geez, one round of basic Butterfly upswing mix and I'm ready for a break! *lol*

One of my Christmas presents is going to be the Disney version of the DDR game. ♥ How cool is that? I can be dancing to Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah!

Dec. 11th, 2007



Hi! I'm Swanky. I'm 22, and I've been overweight since I was about 5. I was diagnosed with Polly Cystic Ovary Syndrome when I was 16, which causes me to retain weight in my belly area mostly, and I have been struggling with losing weight because of this for most of my life. Here's a brief overview...

Click )

Um, so, yeah, that's my story. I'm trying to set up an easy but healthy diet- I actually have very healthy taste buds, so I've been told- but I am sort of at a loss. Any help that anyone can give me would be more than welcome. I really don't know what to do to help me loose weight in a healthy way. o_0

Best of luck to everyone with their weight struggles!

Nov. 13th, 2007


A little bit of success.

I stepped on the scales this evening to discover that in the past month I have lost 15 pounds. *does a little dance*

I've been walking just about every day, playing DDR religiously, cut my meals to two a day, and a lot of the fat out of it. I've also restrained my soda intake to one can a day, otherwise drinking water and tea. There's usually one snack sometime during the day and I have myself a fattening treat once a week so that I'm not too deprived. Taking your advice!

Just wanted to share some good news and thank everyone here for the support. ^_^ I hope to have more success to report in the coming months. Okay, especially in the coming months with two food-obsessed holidays on the way!

Oct. 16th, 2007


Minor accomplishments.

I've taken to walking about two blocks to the public library from the university campus three times a week once my afternoon class is over. I think it helps a little bit, but I was wondering what a good distance to cover during those days of motivated exercise would be? I was thinking of visiting a few stores that would add more blocks to my walk.

I had a lapse though. For the past two weeks I've cut off my sweet intake almost entirely because I knew I was going to get one of those deliciously fattening chocolate birthday cakes. So that's put on a few pounds. Back to the drawing board! Starting to drink more water again too.

Sep. 21st, 2007


Happy Equinox (a little early)

As we cruise into autumn, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who’s been with us this summer. The sense of community here has been fantastic, just what people need when tackling a difficult problem such as weight loss. Morale is really more important than statistics here, since everyone’s journey is going to be unique.


I’d like to remind everyone that this asylum is meant for regular folks to share their experiences on their quest for healthy weight. Any opinions expressed here are intended to help you explore your options; we don’t want you to try these things without doing your homework, which should always include talking with your family doctor to make sure you’re staying safe.


The field of weight loss advice is full of opposing viewpoints. Something that is fashionable one year is debunked the next, or worse, declared downright bad for you. If you try something and it doesn’t feel right, stop and talk to your doctor – we want you safe and healthy all the way to your goal. If something works for you, be aware it might not work for the next guy; conversely, if it works for the other guy but not for you, don’t lose heart: our bodies are different, our needs are different, and our results will be different no matter what approach we take.


~ ~ ~


Fall Madness!


Now, for me, the months of October, November, and December are really tough when it comes to making smart choices about my food. Anyone out there have road-tested strategies that might just make it easier to survive the holidays without a major setback? Let’s hear from you!


Cross-Train, Less Pain

Suffer ongoing soreness? Losing interest in your physical activity routine? Want to take your fitness level up a notch? Then cross-train.


Why cross-train? By adding a variety to your workout, you work different muscles, which helps make your whole body stronger, more flexible, and perhaps more fit. You won’t strain the same muscles, bones, and joints, reducing your chance of injury. best of all, cross-training is more interesting and more fun, so you’re more likely to stay with it.


Consider cross-training this week:


  • Alternate from day to day. Walk one day. Bicycle, swim, or dance the next.
  • Add something different to your regular routine. If you walk, add 5 minutes of jumping rope or stair stepping.
  • Switch activities within your workout. At a gym, you might do 10 minutes on a treadmill, 5 minutes on a stationary bike, and 5 minutes on a rowing machine. At home, you might walk briskly for 10 minutes, do calisthenics for 5 minutes, then flexibility exercises for 5 minutes.


Source: Roberta Larson Duyff, MS, RD, FADA, CFCS


The Dangers of Water

Most diets and dieting/weight loss tips I've seen advocate the old "8 Glasses of Water" a day or something similar. It sounds so simple. But it's really a lot more dangerous than it sounds, especially if you don't pay attention to your own body, and don't research the ins and outs of it before you do.

I've tried to do the 8 Glasses a Day thing before. Each time I do, it makes me ill. I use normal-sized dinner glasses. I reach my max around 5 or 6. It's especially risky if you're doing a lot of outside work and/or exercise and are sweating a lot. You don't want water then. You want something like Gatorade. Continuing to drink a lot of plain water will cause severe problems that can kill you. Water isn't as harmless as it sounds, and drinking large amounts, especially if you start to feel sloshy and overly hydrated even if you haven't reached the "8 Glasses a Day" thing yet, can put your health at risk.

From the second link:
If you eat plenty of foods that are naturally rich in water, such as vegetables, fruits, and cooked legumes and whole grains, you may not need to drink very much water at all. If you do not use much or any salt and other seasonings, your need for drinking water goes down even further.
The main idea that I wish to share through this article is to beware of mindlessly drinking several glasses of water per day without considering your diet, exercise habits, climate, and sense of thirst. And when you do find yourself in need of water, remember that you can get it from liquids and/or whole foods.

That applies to me. I drink plain, unsweetened iced tea most of the time. I eat grapes and other fruits, and other foods that have a high water content. If I'm thirsty, I drink. I can also tell when I need plain water because nothing else feels like it's helping me. I pay attention to what my body's needs are, and don't follow a formula like drinking 8 glasses, 3 quarts of water, or half my body weight of plain water a day. If I need the water, I drink it. I get my hydration from other sources. Yes, there's no calories in water. But there's also no sodium and other nutrients that get depleted when you exercise. You're better off drinking Gatorade at the gym than plain water, even if Gatorade has calories.

Don't follow a formula to the letter. Pick something to use for a guideline, and pay attention to your own body's needs and changes and requirements, and adjust it accordingly. Losing weight is a good thing. It's just better to be smart about it. If you find yourself obsessively craving something beyond all reason that you've been denying yourself in the course of a diet (like bread products on a protein-only diet) that's a warning sign. Listen to your body and work with it, not against it.

Sep. 20th, 2007


Packed Your Sneakers?

Do you stick to your fitness routine when you travel? If so, great! Still, you know it isn’t always easy. The next time you take a trip – whether for business or pleasure – take steps to keep your fitness plan on track.


Some travel fitness tips:


  • For your trip planning, book a hotel with a fitness area. Belong to a health club? See if the club offers benefits elsewhere.
  • As you pack, tuck in athletic shoes and comfortable clothes, and perhaps a bathing suit or jump rope. Bring an ipod to enjoy while you walk or jog.
  • On your way, walk the airport concourse; skip people movers. Take regular walk-and-stretch breaks if you drive.
  • After you arrive, get a local walking map – then walk to business meetings, tourist sites, and restaurants. Start or end your day with a power walk or a jog. Work out in your hotel room with a televised fitness program.


Source: Roberta Larson Duyff, MS, RD, FADA, CFCS

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