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April 9th, 2008

Wow!: Intro and FAQ post!

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Ten members on the second full day that [info]wehavecookies exists.

Ten members and thirteen watchers. That is fast.

...So, for this post, I ask you guys to...

A) Ask me some questions!


B) Introduce yourselves! Don't be strangers!

I'll start: Hi, my name is Jordi, and this sort of 'fic interested me since I was in the Buffy fandom. I do not write for it anymore. Currently, I do most of my writing stuff in Kingdom Hearts, and as for reading, pretty much any fandom I'm at least vaguely familiar with. Everything I write is on [info]rubyfruit_taste!

Testing, one, two...

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Welcome, all, to [info]wehavecookies! Please, enjoy your stay, and cookies are over to the left.
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