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Where to Start? [10 Oct 2008|11:37pm]

Ok, I'm not a comic artist at all, but for five years, I've wanted to be.  I've got characters, a world, and most of the ending planned all the way back to the dramatic climax.  I just have no idea how to start, motivations for the characters to do what they do, and whenever I try to start, I get bogged down with tiny annoying technical details..like how I don't like the paper I'm choosing.  Or the annoying fact that I hate drawing inside boxes.  xD;
Anyone else have problems like that?
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New Featured Comic [10 Sep 2008|08:36am]

I found a webcomic-slash-avatar-site Avaricia/Road to Eden. It's quite interesting. And the avatar site is a very good idea for promoting a webcomic(although the artist told me it was rather hard managing time between the two XD)

This is the avatar site. I'm Rae on there.

This is the comic portion. The art is very polished and she has a good sense of lighting.
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Books on Comics [26 Jun 2008|12:29pm]

What books do you find useful in the making of comics? Pose books? How-to books? Etc, etc.

Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics and Making Comics are my favorites, and the ones I've found most useful. I've also been wanting to get this book on facial expressions since it looks rather fun.
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A few of my webcomic characters [09 Jun 2008|11:02am]

Sorry I've been neglecting. Things happening and all that! I'll have a new featured webcomic up when I think of one! XD

I have something for my own new webcomic that will be up as soon as I finish the site and find my folder of comic pages >>;

Character portraits!

Gateweaver Portraits )
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Stupid, stupid newyear... [01 Feb 2008|08:47am]

I decided to start Chapter Four of Side Quests not with a bang, but with a savage mauling.

Bon appetit.
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Kismetropolis RSS Feed Now Available [23 Sep 2007|08:57pm]

Well, at the risk of being all chatty:

Kismetropolis now has an RSS feed available here.
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[15 Sep 2007|09:14am]

[ mood | disgusted ]

I really should be more careful when I check the linkbacks for Kismetropolis.

Someone suggested me to the guy who writes Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad as "a nice pleasant person with no discernible talent". They go on to describe some of the gags as not funny, yada yada.

This is not just a case of "if you post on the internet, expect people to comment, and expect some of those comments to be negative." The site in question is dedicated solely to trashing. Not criticism. Criticism implies there are style and preference issues, or that the things that are "wrong" can be fixable. And the person who runs this site actually began with the most popular webcomics and tore those apart for sucking. So constructive criticism, and anything resembling credibility go right out the window. He just slams webcomics [many of which are genuinely good] just because they're popular and he thinks it's funny to tirade.

More Artificially Inflated Internet Balls. He likes to say "the real world is not insulated," but it is. In the real world, people like this are [usually] mitigated by having to see the expression on the face of the person they just took such a cheap shot at.

I'm not linking to it because that "review" site revels in being as mean and cruel as possible [even though I haven't had a review, the people who read and enjoy the site like the meanness and want to see it continue].

Gotta love people who think it's fun and cool to do things like this.

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Intro Post: Hola! [13 Sep 2007|11:50am]

Hi, I'm Indigo.

My webcomic is Kismetropolis, located at http://www.kismetropolis.com

This is a good time for me to be talking up the comic, too, as it's about to hit its 200th page and its second anniversary, and I just was one of the webcomics panel at Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend.
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Featured Comic [12 Sep 2007|12:38pm]

Featured Comic

Summary: "Treffalis is a land of magic, but few are gifted with the control of the elements. When an old forgotten face comes back to pay his dues, Anri's world is ripped apart as she is cast into unfamiliar territory where she can do nothing but wreak havoc. When the nightmares of the old world seem to be tracking her down, she finds help in certain strangers she is not sure she can trust."
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The First 20 pages [25 Aug 2007|11:04am]

The first 20 pages are often what makes or breaks a comic idea. In fact, many comic artists don't get past it. Is it just the nervousness of starting out? The effort of getting it out on paper? Time? Maybe a combination of all of them.

What is the hardest part of starting out with webcomicking for you?
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Featured Webcomic [16 Aug 2007|11:36am]

Today's Featured Webcomic

A girl finds that her school is much more than it seems. With a dark, somewhat melancholy style, Tom Sidell truly puts out an intriguing story of mystery, magic, and science.

I decided this might be an interesting thing to start this community off. Every two weeks or more(depending on schedules and submissions), I will feature a webcomic that I, or someone else, enjoys.

The Submission Guidelines:
-Shoot an email to raeraesama@hotmail.com to suggest a webcomic.

-Write a short summary of the comic, or why you like it.

-You may not feature your own webcomic.

-Anything over PG-13 must have a note saying such accompanying it.

-Please do not ask when the comic will be featured. I either have a list before it already, or I haven't gotten to looking at it yet.
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First post to new asylum :) [13 Aug 2007|05:19pm]

Er. Yes. Introductory post. I saw the asylum on asylum-promo, and as a webcomicker, I just couldn't resist.

I'm relatively new to webcomicking - I've got a webcomic over on drunkduck.com (Morphic, a cross between urban fantasy and a half-hearted mystery, with some antropomorphic-ish characters, etc.), but that is the first comic I've ever drawn/written that's gotten past the first five pages.

I hope I'll gain something from this asylum, and that I can contribute something as well.
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New comicker needs feedback? [12 Aug 2007|10:23pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm quite new in this webcomic business and I have a little comic of my own.
Let me count the ways is a comic about two girls in their late teens/early twenties. Ruby and Robin are flatmates and although we don’t get to know where - sometimes it seems like it must be an asylum - we certainly get to know how they spend their time:
With fandom.
Both love their fandoms (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, etc.) and are equally mad about them, though not in the same ways.

I’d love to hear what you think about my concept, the style, the format, anything. :D

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Opening Post! [11 Aug 2007|10:35am]

Welcome to Webcomickers! I am your maintainer, raerae. I created the BL webcomic Avalon, and soon to have another comic called Gateweaver.

I hope this community grows into something interesting. And I hope some of you creators learn a few things.

Welcome, and get posting!
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