September 2008



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Sep. 28th, 2008


Dexter fandom help

Fan History could really use your help improving the Dexter article. We're trying to document the history of the Dexter fandom and what is currently documented on the article is too focused on LiveJournal and FanLib. It needs to be a bit more well rounded, giving a better idea of what is happening and what has happened in the fandom.

We're also tracking the growth of the Dexter fan fiction community. The numbers are a bit goofy because the fandom is surprisingly small and contained. (Is FanFiction.Net the only major multifandom archive that has a Dexter community.) The community is also a bit weird as it seems to be contracting: People are deleting their stories.

Fan History is also looking for help with our directory of Dexter fans. We currently have 45 articles about members of the fandom with Flash Foreward, Kcblackstar, Aelane, Zillah 91, and Marcus Rowland being the most popular. It would be great to see additional articles about members of the fandom created and existing articles improved. Stumped as to how to improve them? Add information about any ficathons a person organized, communities a person ran, charity work a person did, plagiarism a person did or was victim to.

Thank you for you help!

Oct. 8th, 2007


All right, I added a bit to this, edited it a bit more, clarified exactly the length of time this takes place over (breakfast to bedtime) and finally submitted it. This being my first-ever piece of Dexterfic, I could really use some feedback. Does it sound like Dexter's thoughts? Someone said the first version of this was too rambly -- I strongly suspect that was retaliatory sour grapes on their part. And I find it hard to understand how a piece that's barely 800 words long can be rambly. Nevertheless, it's certainly possible, and I'd much rather be wrong and know it than dismiss a valid critique just because it happens to *sound* like sour grapes. Hence, I took it somewhere totally unbiased. I like detailed concrit if you have the time, and as always, I reciprocate. Thanks in advance. :)

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Oct. 3rd, 2007

[info]thrillkiller is having a Dexter writing contest. I've been thinking of picking up darkly dreaming Dexter as a character, if only because we have so very, very much in common ... so I decided to give it a shot. This is the very first bit of Dexterfic I've ever written, based on the challenge prompt for the contest. If I submit it for the contest I'm probably going to expand it, of course, but I want to know how well I've captured the character first, in the opinion of other fans of the show. This matters to me perhaps more than it should. :p

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Sep. 9th, 2007



Who's read them? What are your thoughts books vs show.
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Aug. 21st, 2007


Dexter Season 2 Poster

in here. Not really spoilery but still beware

I am not scared of that poster. I am not scared of that poster. I am not scared of that poster. I am not scared of that poster.

Aug. 6th, 2007


I'm a Very Neat Monster

Welcome, welcome.

We here at are a shiny new group, dedicated to the appreciation of Showtime's wonderful TV program, Dexter.

We are a welcome home for fannish efforts (fanvids, fic, icons, etcetera), just please mark them for content and spoiler warnings.

We are also a welcome home for discussion and random squee.

Our spoiler policy is simple. Season 2 will be considered 'spoilers' until one month after the season has finished airing. All Season 2 must be placed behind journal cuts until such time. When it comes to the books, all plot points and etcetera shall be considered spoiler material, just to be safe.

That's all I got! Have fun!