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May. 30th, 2011


Would little Red Riding Hood Taste as Sweet? (Wolf)

How long had she been cooped up in that Tower? Oh, it wasn't that Fred minded helping, but something made her want to get out. She had a few other ideas, and while the Tower had a lot of information on Jack Napier/Joker, it didn't seem to have all that she wanted. She stayed at the Tower until Dinah had stopped by and told her it was okay to step out for a bit. The computers were left running the recognition software, looking for anything. Yes, even a certain Impala, but the way the City moved about, it was sometimes hard for the computers to give useful answers, or any answers at all.

Her idea was to find all the comics the Library might have on the current big bad; though, really, Joker seemed to be an always big bad. He didn't stop being a big bad when he wasn't the main character of a story. He was always and forever a bad guy. Well, maybe not forever, but certainly for a really long time. So, after a large meal of waffles and bacon, she needed a little meat with her sweet, she headed over to the Library, pausing at the museum's entrance and peeking in to see if anything had been added that might be of help. Well, if they had Dean's necklace...

Her hand went up to her neck, and the pendent the before Sam had given her was missing. She'd have to see if the new Sam, if he was a new Sam, had any. Would he even give her one? She let that go, but she promised herself she'd find the Sam and see what he knew, who he was. Someone had to keep these Winchesters straight because they didn't seem all that capable of doing it themselves.

"Batman, Batgirl, Batbatbat. If I were a loony clown type, where would I stay? Though Jack Nicholson wasn't very clownish, he was a gangster. Why would he go all clown anyway? I should look that up. It's not like the smile demands a clown. Not really. Is he really all smiley? I really should know this, right?" She frowned at her reflection a little as she passed a set of cased books, pausing as something seem to be a little amiss. She shrugged, moving on.

She'd gone for a pair of jeans that were a little more snug than usual. The shirt hugged and dipped. She even did something with her hair. It didn't hurt to show off what little bit of "assets" she had, did it? "Now where would I be if I were a comic book character who was crazy and had a thing for dynamic duos?"

Apr. 25th, 2011


Hungry Wolf [Wolf/Logan - Complete]

Bright lights, strange roaring sounds, a metal object three times the size of a house hurtling at him on a strangely covered street. Wolf stood on the edge of the grass and watched everything. He had never seen so many lights in his life. Or so many magical things. Carriages of all shapes and sizes that moved under their own power. Buildings with all sorts of exotic names. Smells such as he had never encountered before.

"Well, huff puff," he said in admiration. "What a place!"

He wanted to follow all of the smells - he even wanted to roll in some - but he banished that thought quickly. He liked to think of himself as an enhanced human, but sometimes his animal nature got the better of him. Like with that girl. That creamy, dreamy--

No. He wouldn't allow that again. He had a job to do, and he would do it, just as he was supposed to.

He sniffed, separating out all the scents, labeling and identifying the ones he could. Then he caught one that made his stomach growl. "Meat!" The girl had gotten away, and the chicken-legged cottage had kicked him aside, and Wolf was still hungry. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a good meal, one that didn't consist of slop or beanstalk stew.

Wolf began to follow the scent, looking for the building that held it.

Apr. 15th, 2011


I See Trouble on the Way [Wolf/Baba]

[to be continued in comments]

After seeing Wendell the Dog jump through the magic mirror, Wolf approached it with some caution. The image was wavering like water, but he could see trees and a night sky. Lights burning a thousand times brighter than stars lined the buildings behind the trees. That worried him a bit, but the goal was the dog. The Queen wanted the dog, so Wolf would fetch him. He'd given his word, his will.

Before he could run off, tail between his legs, Wolf stepped through the mirror. Everything blurred in that moment, shifted and stretched. When he could see again, it was daytime. The shapes of the buildings had changed, though there was still grass and trees in front of him. With a frown, Wolf sniffed at the air. There was a lot of smells, but the dog-smell of Wendell was not among them. Not even faintly, as if Wolf had simply arrived the morning after the prince had crossed into the mirror. A scent could linger for days on the open ground. Weeks, in the wintertime.

Wolf bent at the knees, getting closer to the ground. His nostrils flared as he sniffed again. Dogs, more dogs, and -- a growl rose in his throat, one corner of his lip curling -- a few cats. No prince. Staying low, Wolf began to work his way downwind to the treeline. It might work, if the dog had crossed over there. )