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May. 20th, 2009


Supply Shopping (Open)

Gwen was out on a mission: supplies for the coffeehouse she and Jack were within days of having open to the public. So as she walked she scanned buildings, trying to find the supply shop she had located a few days before. "All this for a few bags of fancy coffee and a few trays of cookies unique to England" she mused her her breath. She made a note to stop at the paper as well to look into rates for an ad,*Because afrer all Torchwood Coffee does need the press* able to smile a little more.

But unlike a few days before Gwen was starting to smile a little more. From the shop to restarting Torchwood to even finding a local version of PC Andy, maybe things would get a tiny bit brighter. Only thing missing: Rhys.

Feb. 15th, 2009


Fight magic with magic [Cupid challenge: Teddy]

Rincewind had not met any other actual magic practitioners in the City yet other than Schmendrick. When he felt the familiar feeling of gods start to work its way through the City, he knew at once it had not been the hapless magician.

"This is far greater than anything I've seen here," the wizzard muttered to himself. "There must be Discworld powers at work!"

He scoured through the books that the Luggage had thankfully carried to him and stored an anti-god spell in his staff. Well, it wasn't really anti-god, as in would make them disappear, but it could fight off their believers or the effects of their believer's beliefs. Like, it would keep your household goods from disappearing in the face of a follower of Anoia, Goddess of Things That Stick in Drawers.

Rincewind strode out of Serenity, confidently swinging his staff around like....well, a staff.

He managed to shoot down a few arrows and he singed one of the little flying gods. However, he just managed to make it mad. It hit him with a barrage of arrows, which he quickly magicked away.

He ran off after the little flying thing, which giggled and did a little loop in the air before disappearing, leaving his standing in the same park he had fallen into upon his arrival.

"Damn the gods!"

Jan. 25th, 2009


Incoming: one big, green teenager. (OPEN)

"Speed, honestly, if you'd look at where you were aiming instead of--"

Hulkling rounded the corner, fully expecting his teammates to be on his heels and Central Park to be clearly visible to the north. Instead, he'd come out on an empty square. He turned, looking for the others, only to find that no one was lined up in the alley behind him. "Patriot? Wiccan?"

No one. Hulkling frowned and rubbed at a rapidly-healing gash on his arm - some debris from one of Speed's explosions had slashed him across the bicep. Where was he? "Hello?" He called. No one answered; he could see some people in a deli across the street, but there were no pedestrians out and about. It was dark - dark enough to be nearing midnight - and the 'Open' sign blinking cheerfully in the deli window seemed the best bet. Hulkling took a breath and started out into the square. He'd find out where he was, and he'd regroup and go in search of the rest of his team.

Cut to a new panel: A sunny outdoor shot, with a figure in a hooded sweatshirt exiting onto the street. )