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Jan. 24th, 2009


Cat Scratch Fever [Attn: Cameron, hospital people]

OOC: Some of this contains a joint post between Dean/Cameron

Dean moved through the tunnel, not sure where it was leading. His feet were soaked in sewer wetness that he didn't want to know what made it up. His body sweating in the heat even though it was spring time cool up above from where he was. The flashlight in his hand flickered a moment and Dean got his usual sinking feeling. This often occurred, in his experience, when there was a demon or spirit around.

Water dripped as Dean continued on, his eyes ever searching for any kind of movement. Shadows crept along the walls as the hunter moved. Dean couldn't be sure what was actually moving and what was caused by the flicker of his flashlight. He paused a moment, turning his head. A roach crawled along the wall. Dean was just glad not to see slime. Slime of skin that was shed. Shed by a shape-shifter.

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Jan. 14th, 2009


Abandoned Fruits [Snowed In - Jennifer, Cox, JiJi]

Zoe was ready to shoot someone; anyone would have done, but a certain doctor type would have been pleasant. The Amazon wasn't always of a violent mindset, yet the City was testing her limits. How could it keep her away from those she loved? How could she question how she felt? And how could it snow so gorram much? Sure, they'd seen some crazy weather when the terraforming didn't work properly, but this was ridiculous.

She knew she couldn't fight through the snow for long, especially when she lost track of where she was going and ran into a postal box three times. She was rather certain it was the same one because on the second run in, she'd scored the side with her knife. So what if it was illegal, she needed some sort of marker; it was the only distinction she could see among the blobs of white crystals. On the third time, she stamped her way to the nearest door, or what looked like a door. It was angled oddly, but she supposed if it was to an underground area, it was better than nothing. Maybe there'd be supplies.

She shook off the snow as she walked down the steps and had to shiver at the bleak concrete. There were a few supplies, but none of them filled her with shiny happy thoughts. No, they made her think of some poor store room forgotten by a family, who was busy running from the bombardment. It made her think of the war. The cold didn't help, but she'd survive. Climbing back up the steps, she reached for the door to close out the snow and maybe some of the chill. She didn't want to close anyone out, but she couldn't leave the door open forever.

Jan. 4th, 2009


The Perfect Prank. (Cox's arrival, open to anyone!)

It started with a simple prank.

Well, it wasn't exactly simple, but Perry Cox liked to call something this grand and tremendous 'simple' just to flaunt his apparent genius. Jumpsuit had traded him the keys to Newbie's apartment for a more effective dental plan than the one Kelso had set up, which Cox was only too happy to give him and the rest of his motley crew. Staring at the toothless faces of janitors as they mopped baby vomit up in the halls would only give him something else to add to his list of 'Things That Make Me Drink', and what with Jordan sucking him dry for botox money, he couldn't really afford that list to get any longer.

Besides, a couple grand here, couple grand there for a dental plan was peanuts when it came to making Dorian suffer. Random Girl's Name had been trying super-duper hard recently to get on that one last nerve he actually had saved from the wrath of both of his children and his bat of an ex-wife, and the bastard needed teaching a lesson.

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