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Apr. 10th, 2009


Obession is unhealthy [narrative]

She needed to get out. She'd holed herself up in her room for longer than she would admit aloud, surrounding herself with electronics that whirred and buzzed, but did not make for companionship well. Or at all. And that might have been well and good, considering she could stare at a computer screen for hours on end, but the final straw had come when one of the computers had caught a virus.

It was nothing she couldn't fix, but it would take time. And Mona wasn't exactly the most patient of beings. The moment she realized all her hard work was disappearing, the hard drive being eaten away, she'd given up. A growl of frustration had creeped it's way into her throat. "Fix yourself!" She shrieked at the machine before storming out of the apartment.

In truth, she had been out from time to time, if only to feed. But her quest to get in touch with the outside world, or more importantly, her Quinn, had kept her far too preoccupied to care about her surroundings. She was stuck here. She watched the news, read the paper: anything she needed to know was right there for her. She was aware of what had been happening, for the most part. She could hear the thoughts of the mortals in the apartments around her own, as well as the ones that wandered past from time to time. Love spells. Bewitching. No, she had already had a taste of that in her younger years, thank you very much. She could do without repeating history.

She knew, long before she even started, that she shouldn't even bother. That it was pointless to try. But she was determined, and when she was determined, anything that stood in her way risked certain death. Or being annoyed endlessly by her complaints. You know, whichever got the job done.

It wasn't that she wanted to leave, or even that she thought she could. )

Nov. 10th, 2008


At least she's not their kind of dead. [open, Lestat]

Mona let her eyes sweep across the empty street, the distinct feeling that something was off, more than off, having hit her like a ton of bricks since her arrival to the City less than ten minutes prior. She was off, mulling over time leaps and alternate realities obsessively. Maybe it had been a quantum leap, much like a streetcar jolting itself back onto a straight path after a particularly narrow curve. Or perhaps jumping the track altogether.

Drop the analogy.

"Gotcha." She replied aloud to her thoughts. Then she sighed. The fact that she had been on Magazine Street making her way towards the Quarter and now she was here, apparently alone, bothered her sincerely. She'd had to stop, remaining utterly still, as she took in her surroundings. She hadn't once thought she'd merely been turned around: the idea was absurd. She knew her hometown all too well; every street, every shortcut, every alley, she knew. This wasn't home. Somehow, she'd managed to step into a different reality. The realization had put her back on her trek, perhaps not quite as perturbed by it as she could have been. Yeah, it was weird, but what was she going to do? Run? Hide? Freak out? That wasn't Mona's style. She also did not believe that Quinn too might be here somewhere. She would have known immediately, and though she did pick up on a few scattered presences, she was well aware that none of them were he. Maybe she could look for a way out...

Or not. )