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Aug. 24th, 2012


A Wizard's Work... (Molly)

Slowly, Harry was building his stamina. With Karrin's help, he was getting in shape, eating better, and slowly regaining something like real tone to his body. He had been following Karrin's lead, because he knew how good she was at this whole thing, but Stars and stones, he had been aching as he built himself back. Six months of not moving and of very low nutrition had definitely taken a toll, and coming back from that would take time. He knew that. He still hated it. He had always worked out some, striving to make himself better at being able to run to, and away from, situations. But now he was starting all over, it felt like, and Harry? Harry had no patience for that sort of thing. Well, he hadn't had any. Now, he was having to learn it.

Today was one of his slowly lengthening walks on his own. His strength was not anywhere near what it had been once, but he could actually walk now, and slowly move about, and he had determined to do so. He had managed to acquire a walking stick. Nothing like the staff he was still seeking, but at least it helped him move. And carefully inscribing a few runes on it had been helpful for letting his mind heal as well. The concentration needed for the proper inscription of runes had helped him endure some real painful recovery time, and helped restore a touch of confidence when it did, indeed, help him channel his still recovering magical resources.

Walking in this new City was important, too, for he needed to discover it, to explore it, to feel it's streets as well as he had known and felt Chicago's. The more of it he did, the better he knew it, the more he would be able to do in it with his magic, and the better he would be able to navigate spells and knowledge here. He was a wizard, but he was also a detective, and more than quick wits, knowledge was the keystone to a detective's work. So, today, he was out gathering knowledge, and seeing the sights, and possibly swearing at various aches and pains a little. Ahead, on the right, he heard a scuffle from the alley there, and a voice, female, raised in either anger or fear amongst the noise. Without even thinking to do so, his steps quickened, an odd gait with the stick helping him along, as he moved toward the sounds. Harry had never been able to resist helping others, especially women, when they were in need. This had led to multiple adventures.

As he came around the corner, his eyes widened and he stared. "Stars and Stones..."

Aug. 16th, 2012


Welcome to Wonderland, Molly (Sam)

The last thing Molly Carpenter knew was Lea was dragging her back to their hideaway near one of the many entrances to Undertown in Chicago. The Ragged Lady had lost it on a trio of college guys who were getting handsy. Of course, her mind had slipped back to Chichén-Itzá thanks to an emotional overload brought on by the holidays being on her. It wasn't the first time she had missed the Carpenter family holiday traditions, but that didn't make it any easier. If anything this time it had been worse. Last year she had still been recovering. Thomas had told her that Harry was dead, and she was still physically damaged. The Leanansidhe had nipped her out of the hospital as soon as possible, healed her up more in a manner that really wasn't pleasant then picked up where Harry had left off with her wizard training. That had been the birth of The Ragged Lady, and a whole lot of things that had cemented the emotional and mental damage.

This year she still couldn't go home to her family. She couldn't take the chance of leading anyone to Her. She had been put there to be kept safe where she could grow up loved and warm. Molly would be doing Harry's memory no favors by going anywhere near Her. It still tore a chunk out of Molly's damaged emotions and her mind had slipped back into the war in South America where she had been surrounded by Red Court vampires. The three guys hadn't meant her any good, but they certainly weren't bat faced, blood sucking monsters hell bent on killing her in messy, painful ways. It also wasn't their fault that she mistook them for exactly that, and if not for the intervention of Lea, Molly would have killed them.

But something went wrong in the transportation. Whereas Molly was used to being dumped onto a filthy mattress and told to sleep it off, this time she landed in the middle of an intersection. A shriek escaped her as cars laid on their horns, screeching to avoid hitting her by swerving or slamming on their brakes. She pulled up a hasty, but strong shield to avoid getting hurt, cowering beneath it. When she was certain the vehicles weren't going to hurt her she dropped the shield. Mistake! Because now people were rushing to help her, and to Molly they all had bat-like faces.