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Jun. 8th, 2011


The cat's out of the house (Jake; Beauty & Ted invited too)

Charlie hadn't been avoiding the large and multifruited orchard, but something about it was bothering him. He couldn't decide if something were missing, or if something bad had happened in the beautiful orchard. He'd not bothered in talking to Ted about it because Ted didn't need to be concerned. The man had enough to worry about. Who knew looking after a cat could be so...adventurous? Not that Charlie had been too bothered by the white ball of fur, mainly because he hadn't been home for long enough periods of time. Somehow he'd even managed to sleep through the crazy attack kitty moments.

Today was a late day, and the kitty in question was actually surveying her territory. She was queen of a nice big house now. Even an orchard, but she'd yet to bother with going outside. There were still too many rooms to search when her male humans were away. The ginger, almost alpha, was good for a treat when she rubbed along his legs. Whether or not he did it to be kind or to get her to move along didn't matter. He wasn't cruel at least.

Charlie was definitely doing it to be kind. "So, Lucy Bell, do cats walk on leashes? I wouldn't ask, or put you on one, but I thought you'd like to go to the park. Ted wouldn't like it if I lost you." Even if she had her issues. "I'm also an officer of the law." Charlie paused for a moment as he was leaning down to scoop the white fluff of a cat up; were there leash laws in the City? He should probably know this.

Lucy Bell didn't fight him, even though she seemed more partial to the other human, the one who'd brought her to her new home. Charlie rubbed round her ears and scratched at her jaw and neck.

"I guess I could carry you. Do you chase mice?" Yes, Charlie was holding a conversation with a cat that didn't or couldn't talk back. "You probably could; animals don't forget how to kill even when they've got an easier life." Charlie would know. "I should know. Humans haven't stopped yet." He was currently walking to the front door and absently set her down to put his keys and a few other things in his pocket. Absently because as he was pocketing what he saw was necessary for the day, he also started to open the door. Lucy Bell saw her chance; it wasn't that this was a bad house, but who could resist an open door?

Charlie didn't curse, nor did he yell after her. He took a moment to text a note to Ted.

Cat ran out door. Will find her. Call if you want.

With that, he closed the door behind him, locked it, and went in search of a wayward kitty who had caught the scent of a fish market she had no idea existed. She wasn't the only one.