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Jul. 22nd, 2009


..and he took my horse (Marian goes to Market - Open/Guy?)

Marian had been sluggish to get out of bed that morning, the coy call of such softness was too much temptation. She could see how this place would lure people to sleep all day. Of course that wouldn't do at all, so eventually she dragged herself out of bed and after a refreshing wash, she dressed. Not overly concerned with her hair she left it down rather that twisting it back to hide the short cut of her punishment.

A few minutes gave her time to eat and she setout to the street. She needed to find a better place to keep her horse than simply tethered in front of her home. Horses needed room to move and be horses. Much to her startled amazement there was no chestnut equine waiting for her outside, had her horse been vanished away like robin's cave? Marian hurried back in and threw the door open to Robin's dwelling, fearing the same had happened to him.

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Feb. 19th, 2009


Couples in the park (Everyone - Cupid)

The day was crisp and clear. Only a slight warm breeze made the leaves of the trees move, making the dappled light on the ground below shimmer and dance. Playing shadows over the faces of the playing children and the walking couples in the area.

The Valentine's day spirit had taken up residence in many, and was showing thusly in the store windows. Nobody had yet taken down their decorations. The sales for jewelry and candy went on, with the hope that more would be bought and lavished upon those who were loved and loving.

There was a man carrying balloons for sale. A woman carrying a basket of assorted flowers that never seemed to empty, no matter how many of her beautiful wares were bought. Another man pushing an ice cream cart, and a lady in a colorful outfit giving out free cotton candy and selling roasted nuts. There were performers of every sort. People on stilts, people juggling. A fire breather, yes, right in the middle of it all, carefully showing what she could do. A belly dancer dancing around in a circle, a sword swallower doing his thing in the middle of that circle. It was almost like a circus, this show for the lovers.

It seemed as if everything was greener. The sky bluer. The flowers more radiant and filled with scent. The water of the lake clearer, with paddle boats and row boats gliding over it's surface easily. The birds sang sweeter. All was perfect.

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Feb. 17th, 2009


A funny thing happened on the way to the Tavern on the Green (Bruce W // Cupid)

Robin had not wanted to let her go out alone, he worried overly much for her. But Marian insisted that she need some air some space. In reality she just needed time away from him. The more time she spent close to him the more she felt...the more she felt inclined to him. She had no idea how or why she was growing more attached to him but it had come to the point that even her dreams were filled with images of him some memories some possible portents of the future he foretold. She did not hate him, not by any means but this was all so overwhelming she needed time to cope with it, time to understand her own feelings and how things could proceed from here.

Robin had not pushed more on her, though his tiny shows of affection were far more effective than they had been upon his return from the Holy Land. Why her heart jumped when he took her hand, or her breath stilled when she turned to find his gaze lingering on her, were beyond her. Even more baffling was the fact that she had all but stopped chiding him about it. She was warming to him, she knew that much, but things were happening very fast and the recent appearance of a version of her home, set up to hold a half dozen people, well that had given her reason enough to need the time to think.

Walking in the fresh air, or as fresh as could be had in this city, had been bracing for her. It made her feel more at ease even if her surroundings were more than alien, walking was soothing and her newly gifted horse, which she needed to stable soon, was rejuvenating. Marian took her time on the ride, a long meandering ride through the park from whence she had originally emerged. Dark was beginning to set in when she hit one of the shadowy paths near the edge of the forest, where some prettily lit eatery sat in the park.

Marian allowed her gaze to leave the path as she looked on at the fancy dining place and the people who were seated nearest the garden path, a handsome man sat surrounded by pretty women in ornate jewels and not much else to speak of. Her low laugh at the pomposity of such a man who entertained such company was cut short by a thorn of some such jabbing into her thigh. She brushed it off and checked her skirt but could find no hole, as if it had dissolved off like mist. She frowned before turning back to the diners, this time her breath catching with a full on look at the man. He was...handsome. He was beautiful. Marian could not stop herself as she edged the horse closer over to the railed patio that housed this man of such noble countance that she felt she had to see him without the distance between them.

Jan. 14th, 2009


Let it snow, let it snow, let it..oh you get the idea (Snowed In:Angel, Cameron, Lyra)

The snow was really quite lovely, it was also nearly the only thing that reminded her of home. Everything here was so strange, carriages that ran themselves without benefit of horses, people who dressed in so little as to be parading around in their underclothes and yet it was not remarked on. Women of grown age with hair as short as a man's.
It was simply not at all what she was used to but this, the falling white, it was like home. At least at first it had been. It just kept falling. Marian had taken to the street when she had trouble opening her door, she walked down the road, soon having to trudge through banks of snow up to her shin. Everywhere looked as blanketed in white as everywhere else and soon enough she could not tell from which direction she had come.
All these buildings looked so similar, with the temperature dropping and no end to the snowfall she had no choice but to seek refuge somewhere. By the time she fought her way up the steps to the nearest door the snow had piled knee deep. She had to shovel it away with her hands just to get to the door properly, leaving quite the trail behind her in the mounds of white.
Marian swung the door open calling out to the interior. "Hello? Please forgive the intrusion, but ...I simply must come in from the cold. I will not misuse your hospitality for long." Marian stamped the snow off her shoes and shook it from her heavy woolen cloak. She stepped deeper into the home and was delighted to find a blanket draped over a chair. Used to harsh winters Marian wrapped herself up and curled up in the chair, eyes peering out the window, yet more of that expensive clear glass that seemed everywhere. Beyond the pane the snow continued to fall.

Jan. 10th, 2009


All washed up (Marian arrives, open to anyone on the street)

Things were getting more complicated. Ever since Robin's return and the escalation of hostilities it had been harder and harder to continue with duties as the Nightwatchman. Father had done little to help, even if he had pride in her for her ability and the noble work she did, he still feared overly much for her. She was still just a woman and her life was being tugged this way and that by men. She was sick to death of the control they lorded over her.

Marian had come to a decision on her father was grudgingly accepting and one she knew would not please neither Robin nor Guy. If her life was to be ruled by men then she would separate herself from them. She would join the Holy Order and take vows, her life would be spent in a nunnery where the only male of consequence would be the Lord.

She was loath to tell the Gisburne and Locksely, fearing they would react similarly, and she had not the strength to face a confrontation from them both.She resolved that it was a necessary matter and that she would, in due course, ride into Nottingham to speak with Guy first. After a good hot bath, something in the simple act that cleansed spirit and soothed the mind. She could do well with some soothing of her overly worried thoughts.

Warm water eased her muscles and felt wonderful on the healing wound Guy unwittingly left on her in their encounter under her guise of the 'watchman. She had managed to play off the injury during her attendance at the fair with Sir Guy, and thankfully it felt as though it was healing well. In fact the bath was refreshing enough to let her drift in a daze of peace. She should wash her hair, and with an impulsive motion dunked herself under the water.
Liquid silence swam around her, she closed her eyes and felt the tiny bubbles of air leak from her nose, striving for the surface, for freedom.


A chill ran through the water and Marian shoved herself upward, her hands and feet met no resistance! A moment of panic hit her, eyes opened wide and she twisted her body round. It was as if the confines of the tub were...well....gone. Light..she saw light above her shimmering through the water. She swam for it, hard strong pulls of her arms taking her upward until she broke the surface with a hard loud gasp.

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