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May. 22nd, 2015


Patrol [Narrative/Open, backdated slightly]

Kuvira had wanted to arrest Bruce Banner for destruction of public property but was promptly commanded not to. Everything about The City's police department frustrated her. She wondered if this was how things were done in Republic City; slowly and with enough red tape to suspend a badgermole from the ceiling. The paperwork required so that she be allowed to modify her blue uniform with the metal strips of her old one and be exempt from carrying a gun, taser, baton or any of the other normal equipment, had been staggering.

Maybe she was being punished after all. There was something wrong with the natives. The only ones that provided decent conversation had been brought into The City like her. Perhaps the spirits had thrown her in for overseeing the weapon of mass destruction she had personally commissioned. It made as much sense as anything else.

If she couldn't arrest the Hulk she was damn sure going to clean up his mess. Kuvira's patrol was on foot, she still didn't know how to drive yet. When she got to broken concrete and cracked pavement where Banner had fought the giant lizard creature - someone called it a T-Rex - there were stares. It looked like a dance at first, tai chi on closer inspection, and something else to those who knew better. She smoothed the pavement, repaired the cracks, and made it safe to walk again, for cars to drive in the area, and strengthened the foundation of at least one building.

A small crowd gathered around her while she worked as if she were a common busker. Kuvira ignored them. This was her city to look after and protect now. She'd let the onlookers gawk as long as they stayed out of her way.

"Officer Kuvira, this is dispatch, do you copy? Officer Kuvira to dispatch." Kuvira looked down at the small radio attached to her uniform. She picked up the small receiver, "This is Officer Kuvira, over."

"What is your location? We're getting a couple more reports of dino sightings. Over."

"Dino?" Kuvira asked.

"The big lizard things. Over."

Kuvira looked around. She didn't see any other T-Rexes nearby. A creature of that size would have caused another panic. There would have been screams at a minimum. It was hard not to scream back at the other voice on the phone, bark commands. That wasn't her place anymore. She took a deep, centering breath.

"Not at my location. Over."

"Alright, keep an eye out and report if you see any suspicious dino activity. Over."

"Ten-four," Kuvira frowned and replaced the radio receiver on her uniform. The crowd was still watching her, expectantly. Kuvira sighed and waived them off, "Move along. Nothing to see here."

May. 4th, 2015


Neutral Jing [Narrative/Open to anyone who has business at Police HQ?]

She had been meditating. It wasn't the sort of activity that Kuvira had done in a very long time, and just the sort of thing she expected to fill her days for the years to come. She promised to submit to whatever punishment Republic City saw fit, perhaps then she'd be transfered to the independent city-state of Zaofu after that, and the Earth Kingdom after that. She'd committed crimes against them all.

Even if she were to remain in a cell until the day she died, Kuvira wondered if that would be enough.

There were rumors that the criminal Zaheer could transfer his consciousness into the Spirit Lands like the Avatar. In his prison cell, his spirit could roam free whenever he wished. Kuvira was not so enlightened. She opened her eyes.

This was not the cell they'd put her in at Republic City. It was similar to the holding cell back home, made with similar iron bars and a concrete floor, but nothing else was familiar. She'd never seen a room or hallways designed quite like this. Although she could have easily used her bending to manipulate the bars or tunnel through the floor, she waited.

"Hello?" she called.

There were two officers in blue uniforms, but they weren't like anything worn by the Water Tribes, North or South.

"I think she's a transfer," she heard one of the officers say.

"Then why is she locked up in a holding cell?" said the other.

One of the men had hair the color of gold. Kuvira couldn't help but stare openly, she'd never seen anything like it.

"I dunno. The paperwork probably hasn't gone through yet."

"Did you read her file?"

"Captain of the City Guard?"

"No, the other part."

"Deposed Commander of the Earth Empire?"

"Jesus, where does The City dig up these people?"

"Excuse me?" Kuvira found her voice. She was a handsome woman and her voice had always carried a certain level of authority. When she spoke people listened. Except neither of the officers paid any attention to her now. They continued arguing whether she was headed for booking or assignment with City PD.

"What city is this?" Kuvira asked again, firm but without anger. Her posture was straight, her gloved hands were settled peacefully on her knees. Her hair was loose over her shoulders. She was still wearing her old green uniform, lined with strips of metal at the shoulders, back and belt.

"It's just The City, lady. Welcome to your new home," one of the officers finally replied.

Kuvira exhaled and waited. Earth is the element of substance, she reminded herself. When she was just a child, her first lessons were about how to utilize neutral jing; waiting and listening for the right moment, acting decisively when it comes. She would endure until the answers revealed themselves.

She closed her eyes and began to meditate once more.