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May. 14th, 2015


Blood Lust (Killian)

"Nonono, get back here!" "Sparrow" yelled, sliding over a rooftop, her long red skirt flaring out behind her, the leather of her nomex suit catching the light. "K, grab him!" she yelled through her mic, trying to direct her partner on the other roof to grab the kidnapper they were after.

As her target took off to leap towards the roof Killian was on, Effie slashed out with her bo staff, trying to trip him, not really caring if he fell onto the roof or the ground below. She cursed as she just missed by an inch, leaping into the air after the man again, bo staff ready to slap the man upside the head if Killian didn't get him first.

Apr. 22nd, 2015


Sailing the...One Sea (Killian)

Effie was standing at the wheel of the Jolly Roger, absently spinning the wheel of the anchored ship. It did nothing but make the rudder turn, but she had a good enough imagination. She was nude except for Killian's leather coat, the light wind blowing across her body, making her feel comfortable and relaxed in the heat (being nude in public wasn't something that bothered her in the slightest).

She spun the wheel again, sighing softly, looking off, across the dock and towards the City proper. She was bored and uncertain. Years ago, when she dreamed of being twenty one, once, she thought she would be promoted to full super-hero, out of the junior leagues and old enough to work with the likes of Batman and Green Arrow (and maybe get Superman's autograph...), then, she thought she would head her own gang, not be one of her

And then...then the City had changed everything. She had been kidnapped, and given a different life, outliving the one written out in her world by three years. She had found the man of her dreams and her future changed, and idea that she would grow old with him (or at least live a full life until her father killed her in this world)...and then it was all ripped away from her in one night. Well, what had seemed like one night.

Now...she had no idea where to go or what to do, following along with things as if she were asleep and being lead by the hand. Selina suggested a shop, so she started to open it (the 'grand opening' was that weekend), she had met Killian and as the only guy she had met in several months willing to sleep with her (and as a sex addict that had been a very long few months), she stuck with him.

She wanted something more out of everything. To escape the haze and lost feeling of grief, to become herself again. She couldn't steal, she couldn't murder...if not for the damn conscious Erik had given her back (fuck you very much), but the simple fact she looked horrible in orange. But she couldn't be a hero either...the Gothamites in town wouldn't allow it (seriously, she thought Red Robin would break the Bat-Family's no killing rule just to stop her).

She spun the wheel again, jerking her eyes from the Wayne/Stark Tower (and her Warehouse, which she just now realized was both close in distance and in wonder she met Bruce), trying to focus on the here and now...and absently wondered when her not!boyfriend would wake up and join her (she did work him out for several hours after all). She poked at the wheel, wondering if he would mind if she took the ship out for a spin while he was asleep...

Apr. 21st, 2015


Beijing Cocktail (Narrative)

It wasn't beyond Killian to harm someone when he had a good reason, and a woman's wrath was definitely not a motive that the dear Captain was going to blatantly argue with. Eddie had mentioned something about a man whom had done her wrong and it was beneath Killian to allow that atrocity to go unchallenged. Why she couldn't do it herself, though, had the pirate wondering. But that was another thing he would keep to himself. The reason was really all the prompting he needed to make the situation more even in Effie's favor.

Killian had given Effie the last of the Dreamshade, and why she didn't want to use that on the victim in question he didn't know. Perhaps she was looking for some way to just hurt the heart of the man that had wronged her. But honestly he wasn't sure as to why they weren't trying to hurt the man himself. Surely there would be grounds for a good trap if they could pin him down. Going for the heart was an act, though, Killian had done a few times before. He had shot Belle, for instance. And she was the next closest thing to the Dark One himself to have a pronound effect. Killian supposed that perhaps this was much like that situation. Maybe this man, this Logan...maybe he was powerful like the Dark One and he couldn't be harmed by conventional means. Which would make sense that they would be after what made Logan's heart beat. The girl.

Effie had provided Killian with what he needed, a poison to be administered on the sly. Perhaps he could lure this girl some place, use his charms on her and then let the poison do the work. That was the easiest route unless for some reason the target was as temperamental as Emma Swan, and then it could be more of a challenge.

He would just have to play it by ear. And he wouldn't strike just yet. They had to wait for the most opportune moment in which to administer the dosage. He hoped that by doing this for Effie she would be happier. Not that she wasn't already but it would be one less thing off of her plate. Messing with magic often came with a price and Killian could only hope Effie was ready to pay it if this plan backfired. Though there was a chance they could get caught, and that this might not be all to do with magic, the pirate was sure they would succeed. Or that he would succeed. And The City would be better for it. All he had to do now was wait for the word and it would be put into motion.

Oh how he loved a devious plan.

Apr. 5th, 2015


Party Riddles (Effie, Jonathan, Selina and Killian)

Family parties were always quite the event when they happened. It was almost expected to be loud, to have someone go to jail or get maimed, for there to be alcohol flowing like water and for a fight to break out. The dramatics were always quite the spectacle to behold and a birthday was as good of an excuse as any to get the antics ready. But t wasn't just any birthday party, it was a belated celebration for Effie and the chance to meet whatever sucker his daughter had picked up for the occassion. His daughter had mentioned something alluding to the fact that she had found someone to keep her occupied and Eddie was curious to see what Effie had dredged up and from where. Anything had to be better than Bruce.

Honestly, Eddie was glad Bruce was out of the picture. He wasn't their type nor had he been good enough for Effie. And it was with that glee that Eddie finished decorating for the party.

The warehouse had been the venue of obvious choice since it was large enough to hold them, and also any of their crazy theatrics. It was also appropriately boobytrapped in case the Police did happen to drop by unexpectedly.

Though the four of the invited guests would not likely make enough noise to warrant a visit from The City's finest. Or the Bat. There was one person that was not attending on account of being locked up and currently unconscious from a good torturing. A certain Clown Princess. Eddie squealed with glee when he thought of Harley down in the basement of Arkham, passed out from the pain, chained to the floor with a broken hand...amongst other things.

He sighed with contentment and hung up the last of the streamers.

"Jonathan, are you ready? Is everything all set?" Working with one hand was a feat in itself but Eddie managed. He climbed down from the ladder he had been standing on, tucked it away behind a door, and made sure the cake was fresh. The warehouse was decorated in a sea of green, gold and purple. The symbols appropriate to their lineage also decorated the walls and floors, the question mark.

"Oh this will be perfect!" There was alcohol to be had, and fun times ahead. Eddie did love a good party.

Mar. 24th, 2015


Come Sail Away With Me (Effie)

(**Warning: adult content***)

Killian didn't know what exactly it was that was bothering him so badly. There was a mixture of things he had picked up on from the bar, all of them had him reeling. Surely there was some way out of here...The City, a place with such a generic name though it held the most unique types of people. Was that a cover for something? The name? It was so plain, so obvious. Killian figured there was more to it than the people here were letting on to. And it was troubling him. There had to be real Magic here. It didn't feel as authentic a place as New York, where Magic wasn't present. No. It'd had the enchanted feel to it. He had spent enough time in both Storybrooke and Neverland to know the difference in the air.

He felt burdened by the weight of this land. The sword at his left hip was no burden, nor was the satchel dangling from the right. No, the weight came entirely from the shoulders and he felt as though he had a limp when he walked. That was the pirate swagger, of course, but it felt different than usual. His heart begged for something familiar. Killian would have settled even for a good yelling at from Emma, or being beaten up by Regina. Anything. He did fancy Miss Swan when she wasn't yelling his ears off, though she was agreeable most of the time. And that look she gave him when they were in the same frame of mind.

Killian sighed.

Despite having been at the bar all day he reached into his satchel with his good hand, removed the half-full bottle of rum and lifted it to his lips. He yanked the cork free with his teeth, spat it out as he walked, and proceeded to drink as he walked through the rest of the public. He was headed for his ship, wanting only to rest and drink away the duration of the day and into the evening.

The blonde from the bar would have been at his arm should he have only made the suggestion but his spirits had been dashed and he had let her slip past. That had not been the first time, nor would it be the last.

Finally Killian reached the dock. The bottle of rum hung limply from his fingers as he approached the platform with intentions to board the vacant ship.


New Places (Peter Petrelli)

This was familiar and yet....and yet it was entirely different. Killian had sailed to many places: from cities near and far, to islands.

The landscape before him expanded to reveal a place caught between a big city and a small, backwoods town. It reminded him both of the New York City line with the large skyscrapers and the bustle. And it had the charm also of Storybrooke, though rustic and homey cities weren't exactly always the most welcoming of strangers.

The Jolly Roger idled at the dock, and the Captain made his way slowly up the sidewalk. Against the modern setting he stuck out. The sword at his hip that swung as he moved, the all black leather. His left hand was concealed in the lapel of his coat and his right hand hung at his hip, fingers flexing some.

Blue eyes swept the faces that passed him. He was curious if there was magic here, and if there was then Killian needed to find it. He needed magic to get back on course. The bean he had thrown somehow had pushed his ship astray and this was not his intended destination.

From his experience he knew that the best place to gather information was the local watering hole, and he had a knack for finding any place with good drink. Maybe it was one of those quirks of being a pirate.

Ducking in to the bar, Killian blended easily with the dim lighting and with an easy few steps he was at the bar. His eyes swept the place, the few faces settled at the counter around him, and he found himself settling on a vacant stool.

The bartender approached and Killian offered the woman his most charming smile, "Hello love," the pirate breathed, setting his right hand on the bar top. "Give us your best rum." He nodded at her kindly and she smiled before moving off to fill his order.