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Jan. 3rd, 2011


The Capitol Must Have Me. [Open]

There were restraints and different things being pumped into her. Katniss did not like this. She serve her time in the Games, she did what they wanted her to do. It wasn't her fault that they made promises they didn't intend to keep. They forced her hand. They told her that if Peeta and herself made it to the end then they could both live. They made it to the end. She killed Cato. They reneged on their word and she had to do something so Peeta wouldn't bleed to death. Damn idiot broke his wound open and she couldn't let him die. He loved her and somehow she loved him as well.

She remembered that she was allowed to go home and she talked with President Snow. He wasn't impressed with her performance in the games. He wasn't impressed with what she did for Rue either. He didn't like the thought of unity between the districts. That's how wars start. They must have gotten her when she was asleep and took her back to the Capitol and then hooked her up these machines. What were they going to do? Use her to dispell the rumor that their was going to be another uprising? She would have done that if they asked. "Why?" She tried to ask but she didn't think that they could hear that.

Soon after being medicated she was able to sit up and eventually stand up. She knew who she was but she didn't know where she was right yet. She was mellow now and not trying to figure out how to get out of here. If you asked anyone this was an improvement with Katniss. Once she was allowed to leave her room she walked to where the other patients were sitting and sat amongst them, staring blankly at the television. She knew things were happening but she didn't know what and she didn't seem to care either.