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Aug. 9th, 2012


Intro (and Open!)

Cut for spoilers for Ghost Story )

Jul. 21st, 2012


A Comedy of Errors (Harry & the Murphettes)

Two weeks of exploring the strange new world with Jesse and Peter, and Murphy suddenly found herself back within the walls of the old, familiar City. No real warning, or explanation. Just there one moment, and here the next. This time, she wasn't all that surprised, but it she had a feeling it was going to take at least a day or two to catch up with all the paperwork and whatever else she had missed. Her first order of business was to head down to the precinct to ensure that her unexcused and unexplained absence hadn't gotten her suspended...again.

Feb. 4th, 2012


Sparring Partners (Murphy)

Jack hadn't had much time for working out over the last few months. He was stressed and a physical outlet was definitely in order. He'd found a dojo in the City and he was now suited up and ready for a workout.

The class he'd signed up for went well and afterward, people started to break into pairs for sparring. Jack took his station near the wall and watched as each pair fell into the graceful dance of trading blows.

Jan. 18th, 2012


God's Cop [Jesse]

If there was one good thing about The City, Murphy thought, it was the fact that she didn't have to turn her official police reports into works of fiction, with made-up terrorist organizations, and gas line ruptures or mass hysteria and folle a deux to explain away the magic and the unexplained. She could just write down that there was a giant primate terrorizing The City. It made headlines of real, legitimate newspapers, not just the gossip rags. It was kind of refreshing.

On the other hand, with all the superheroes known to mankind to serve and protect, it was starting to make Murphy feel a little bit...out of place. Unnecessary. Sure, there was the day to day weirdness, but she was feeling a little disconnected again lately, and she knew she needed to do something about it. So, Wednesday, after her shift, she sent Jesse a quick message to see if he was free for coffee. Even if he wasn't able to join her, what better way to get over mid-week hump day than a shot of caffeine?

Oct. 24th, 2011


Roomies (tag: Murphy)

It had taken Rose a bit of time to find a supermarket in her neighborhood. Out of habit, she took the turns that would have led her to the grocer she used to use, but in this place, of course, there was no store there. Instead there had been an art gallery. Which might not be there if she went back. That was very difficult to get used to, and Rose still wasn’t convinced she wasn’t dreaming.

But as a pragmatic (at least in her own mind) farm girl, on the off chance that this wasn’t a dream, there were certain realities that needed to be dealt with. She was still in search of a job, though she was doing her volunteer work. But since she still wasn’t getting Charlie’s pension, Rose needed to find a way to make some money before she ran through all of her savings. Also, she needed a roommate or two. )

Oct. 7th, 2011


Closure (Harry, Murphy)

Murphy had hurried out of the house when Dinah had shown up. She really did have an interview to go to, but she hadn't been in quite as big a hurry as she'd made it seem. She'd just wanted to make sure Dinah and Harry couldn't use her as an excuse anymore. She was just as tired of being the third wheel as Dinah was.

She'd contemplated finding somewhere else to be for the night, but then she'd be just as guilty of avoidance, and that wouldn't resolve anything. So she went back to Harry's place, and this time, she knocked loudly on the battered security door, just in case Harry and Dinah had decided to have a passionate makeup session.

Oct. 5th, 2011


Raise Your Glass (Open to any and all)

Dinah was thrilled to have Zatanna in the City. She might have had her reservations about her old teammate's methods, but she was glad to have a friendly face. After everything that had happened over the past few months, she was really glad to have someone to just go out dancing with. Unfortunately, Harry couldn't exactly take her to a club-not unless they wanted to risk him shorting out the sound system or something along those lines. For that matter, she hadn't seen all that much of him since they'd patched things up. It wasn't that she didn't want to see him, but they were both busy and a part of her was still proceeding with caution until Murphy was moved out.

But tonight she wasn't going to worry about that or anything else, if she could help. She'd left messages for Fred, Jennifer and Barbara inviting them out. She'd even left a message for Murphy. It might have been an awkward thing to do, but she was still trying to make amends and smooth over the rocky start they'd gotten off to. For that matter, she owed Harry's best friend a thank you for pushing her to talk to him. Not that she was sure that the thank you would be well-received, but she was grateful.

Dinah entered the bar with Zatanna at her side. The two had gotten ready together, and of course Zee looked fantastic in her little black dress, but that was par for the course when going out on the town with the mystic.

OOC note: Dinah left messages inviting Fred, Jennifer, Barbara, and Murphy BUT that doesn't mean those characters have to join, nor does it mean that it only has to be those characters. As they're out at a bar, anyone, male or female is welcome to join. Also, let's just keep this thread as a free for all instead of worrying about posting orders :)

Sep. 28th, 2011


Closure (Open to Murphy and/or Harry)

Dinah hadn't heard from Harry after the storm. She'd left a voicemail, but no answer. She wasn't sure whether to be hurt that he was taking the whole break thing to the extreme of avoiding her this much, or worried that something had happened.

She needed to find a way to move past this. She needed closure, and she needed to just rip off the band-aid, so to speak.

She still had the key to his apartment and the bracelet to get past his wards, though she hadn't been wearing it lately. It was just another reminder of him. She really needed to get that back, as she didn't want to be responsible for it falling into the wrong hands. Wayne Manor might have been relatively safe for the City, but with the types of things that Harry's wards protected against, Dinah doubted the defenses of the manor would help at all with that.

She really hadn't wanted to stop by the apartment. She was a little afraid that dropping by the apartment might just confirm that Murphy was still living there. So she'd tried the office first.

No dice. Apparently it just wasn't her day.

So Dinah steered her car toward Harry's apartment, trying to steel herself against what she might find there.

Maybe it would be better to find Murphy there, she reflected. Maybe it would be better to just confirm that things were really and truly over, instead of the half-waiting for things to somehow work themselves out.

Key and bracelet in hand, Dinah approached the door. She hesitated for just a minute and then knocked.

Sep. 20th, 2011


Hell of a thing (Open)

Jesse stood in front of a shop and looked out at the devastation the storm had brought to The City. The place had hardly seen such foul weather, and here it spent a good two days with something far worse than the snow had brought upon them.

Funny thing was, he knew it wasn't the City that did it.

What could be out there that would be powerful enough to cause such weather in this place, without this place lashing back at them? Him, he could do it. He wouldn't do it, but he could have. He'd not met any other being capable. It worried him a little, not knowing who or what it was, not being able to put a face to the power behind this. Was it somebody new, or had they been here the whole time? Had he managed to not encounter them? And he'd thought everybody eventually met everybody.

He chewed his lip a little bit, and then put his cigarette back in his mouth. The idea that kept swirling around in his head was that he was going to have to find this being. For good or for bad, he was going to have to seek them out. Not that he knew what he was going to do or say once he'd discovered them. But he couldn't just sit back and let something like this happen.

And what about the City? Why had it allowed this?

Something was amiss. The preacher couldn't figure it out, but he'd find the truth.

"Hell of a thing." He muttered, looking across the street at a building that had all of it's windows broken, and what looked like massive water damage inside. He thought it had been some kind of corner store previously, but all the wares were so severely soaked, he couldn't really make much of it out. Save the shrink wrapped items that he was fairly positive could survive Armageddon without their wrappers. Those he was able to identify.

Sep. 19th, 2011


chasing pavements [open]

Murphy understood why the city had sent her to Harry's, in the beginning. She had been so focused on fixated on her belief that he was still alive somewhere that she hadn't really cared about finding her own place. All she'd been able to think about was the fact that he was right there, beside her, and she'd been so relieved.

Now, she was afraid that if they didn't put some objective distance between them, they were going to ruin what was left of their friendship.

So there she was, sitting at a little outdoor cafe, newspaper spread across her table, and a coffee in hand, enjoying the lingering warmth of a swiftly fading summer while she searched the classifieds. She needed a job, even if she ended up just working as a mall cop, it would be better than nothing. And it might give her a little more freedom to up anchor and go on holy rescue missions, if and when she figured out how that whole 'go where I'm called' thing worked.

She wanted her own house back, but any affordable apartment would do.

Sep. 9th, 2011


inconvenient (for Karrin)

He didn't want to sleep in that office.

Lindsey was glad to be out of... wherever the fuck it was that he was, with that basement, and the fake wife, and the fake kid... but he didn't believe for a second that this wasn't another one of Wolfram and Hart's tricks. There were innumerable hell dimensions. This was probably just another one.

It was really unlikely he'd see 'his' L.A. again, or Eve again. That second part made his chest hurt.

Almost immediately after arriving and checking out his office, trying to find a letterhead that said something other than LINDSEY MCDONALD, ATTORNEY AT LAW on it, Lindsey was out the door.

The street out here was pretty normal looking, but that didn't mean anything. He felt exposed here, and he didn't like it. Those tattoos were starting to look like a good idea again. He could find a tattoo artist to re-do them, he knew. He furrowed his eyebrows, half-glaring, and continued down the street.

When he saw a convenience store, he ducked in, looking for a newspaper or something that'd tell him where he was. There was a t.v. on behind the clerk and it was running news he didn't recognize, but it wasn't mentioning the name of where he was.

There wasn't anyone else in the store besides the clerk, who went from half-asleep to full-on asleep, looking seriously like he might be dead. Lindsey scowled, pushing his hair off his face, and looked up when the bell on the door rang. Good. Maybe he could get some answers, now.

A blonde woman walked in, and Lindsey turned on his best million-watt smile. "Hey, 'scuse me," he said. "Sorry, the clerk seems a little checked out. Do you see newspapers in here anywhere?"

Aug. 5th, 2011


Blondes really do have more fun (Murphy)

For the first time since the rescue, Dinah left Wayne Manor. Alfred had been gently encouraging her to take some time away for days now, but she'd been reluctant to do so. Finally, she realized that it was time. She had to get the information that Harry had found on Roland. Had to talk to Harry, for that matter.

And she needed time away. It hurt to watch Jake wander around in a stupor, to keep her emotions in check during the times when he broke down. The small glimpses of the boy that she'd found in the Clocktower so many months ago were like little promises that it would get better, that he would get better, but those were few and far between.

So, she decided that today was as good a day as any. Harry was supposed to be at the office late but she decided to head to his place a little early in the hopes that she might catch Murphy. She'd spent too long avoiding Harry's roommate and best friend, and she owed the other woman a thank you, at least, for all she'd done to help Jake. She also knew that it was long past time to at least try to get to know her and smooth over the rocky start they'd gotten off to.

She took a deep breath, a little nervous at the attempt at peace-making, as she stood outside Harry's door. Finally, she got up the courage to knock. Key or no key, bracelet or no bracelet, she wasn't about to let herself in. Not with someone else living there.

Jul. 25th, 2011


Rescue (tag to you all know who)

Arkham Asylum loomed into view as Dinah pulled her car to a stop near the entrance to the bridge. The gothic looking manor that housed the asylum awaited them on the island, seemingly quiet from the outside.

Dinah waited for everyone else to catch up, her eyes sweeping the streets for any sign of the Batmobile. She tapped her communicator once to connect with the Clocktower.

"Are we up and running, Fred?"

She still wasn't completely confident in the plan. A part of her worried that she was just sending the people she cared about to their deaths-or worse, knowing the Joker. But she had to try, had to believe that Jake was in there and could be saved.

Jul. 21st, 2011


Have Fun Storming the Castle! (tag you know who you all are)

Dinah had spent the better part of her day tracking down building plans for the Asylum and starting to form her own plan of attack for rescuing Jake. She already knew that she could count on Harry and Murphy to show up to the planning session, which would be at the cleared out Sherwood Florist. The backroom was a large enough space for however many people were able to show up and she'd cleared the table of any flowers and now had the blueprints all laid out. Now she needed to go through the list of others that she was going to call for help.

Dinah wasn't a huge fan of calling people for help, but she knew that taking on the Joker alone or even with a group of two or three was far too dangerous. She wasn't going to risk everyone getting hurt, or worse because she was too proud to ask for help.

So, she pulled out her phone and began to go down the list of those that she would call for help. There was Fred, and Dean, who had already been helping. Alfred, who could get a message to Bruce for her, since she'd had yet to actually see or talk to Bruce outside of the suit. Even Oliver. While she wasn't entirely sure about asking him for help, they had become allies here, and if he was anything like the Oliver she knew, he'd want to help.

The only person she left out of things was Barbara. She felt guilty, and she'd done her best to avoid the Clocktower apartment that day, but she didn't want Barbara anywhere near the Joker. Or Jake, for that matter. She had a feeling that the presence of a younger version of Barbara would just be a trigger for Jake and she had no idea what the City's Joker would do if he knew that Batgirl was in town and still had the use of her legs.

Jul. 9th, 2011


...then have a really awkward hangover. (Murphy/Dean)

Sleeping in Harry's bed, seeing him try to stretch out the kinks--and not in a fun way--after sleeping on the too-short couch for weeks was getting old. Knowing she was a trespasser on another woman's turf was also getting old. Especially when it didn't take much to guess that said woman was tiptoeing around her. It wasn't as if either of the three of them had anything to hide from one another.

Harry was alive and well. Murphy had her reassurance that he wasn't going to disappear, nor was she going crazy. Now, it was time to move on to plan B. Which was to go back to what she had been planning to do before Harry had gone missing: Go get really drunk, and then have sex with the first reasonably healthy male who walked by.

Sitting at the bar, in a little red blouse and black skirt that she'd bought with magical money that appeared out of nowhere, she was working on the drunk part. Now, she was keeping her eye out for reasonably the healthy male. And if anyone so much as whispered 'cougar' in her general direction, she was going to break something.

May. 28th, 2011


Faith & trust & pixie dust. [Murphy, Dinah, Harry]

Second star to the right and straight on till morning. )