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Jan. 3rd, 2011


buying time (open)

She ever could keep track of time very well, considering she spent most of her time in space with light either always there or always gone. Depended on how close you got to them stars. Mal didn't ever let Serenity get too close. And once they broke atmo' it could have been days, weeks, or months since Kaylee last saw a flippin' calendar. Not that she minded it then, she minded it here. Now, Kaylee didn't argue, and she hardly ever fought. So she was on the 'good list' she supposed. Still, she hated sitting around not doin' anything and being trapped was bad. It made her think of the alliance prisons, not that she'd ever spent time in them! And then it made her think of that bounty hunter and she'd shutter and try to think of happier things.

Shinier things.

Kaylee missed the City now, or really being out in it. There was an out wasn't there? Was she even still IN the City? She was having problems remembering everything. She supposed it was something about the monotone atmosphere of this place. She'd heard it was called somethin', but Kaylee couldn't tell if she was hearing things or if there really were people screaming things around her. She knew she was allowed out of her cell, no better word for that thing, and around. But she didn't exactly.. she couldn't exactly.. it was complicated.

She was trying to stay sunny about everything. That was the thing Kaylee's were good for. Nothin' in the 'verse could stop her from being cheerful! As long as they provided strawberries.. and if they'd just let her have some tools so she could fix somethin'..

She kept finding herself in the dining area, cafeteria, whatever they called this place. She liked being around people. Any people. Kaylee loved talkin' and their stories were sometimes interestin'. Just had to be sunny! Eventually they'd get out right? Maybe someone would call to break out. Kaylee had no problem making that kind of trouble, but until she had a good idea of what was going on, or until she saw something she could fandangle and make a good break for it she was just buying time.

Like right now. She didn't mind the food. Or the company. She just smiled at anyone who happened by and tried her best to look friendly. She liked making friends. She took another drink of water and gave a look around.