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Sep. 3rd, 2008


New City (OPEN)

Ebony woke up, eyes still bleary and disoriented, somewhere on City pavement. At first, she thought nothing odd of this. As a Loco, she'd often allowed herself to fall asleep out in the open, completely unafraid of what might happen. She had been the second-in-command and then leader of the most powerful and feared tribe around. Nobody would've dared to approach her even in her sleep in those days. It wasn't until she remembered that those days were long gone, she wasn't a Loco anymore, and had, in fact, fallen asleep next to her latest lover Slade on a boat leaving Wellington that Ebony startled into sitting rigidly upright. Her blue-green eyes darted around wildly, looking fearful and panicked as they took keen inventory of the sights around her. She very quickly concluded that this place was not her home city. She didn't recognize any of these buildings but standing so close, just underneath them, Ebony couldn't recognize the skyline from any city she remembered from her social studies books back in school. Which just went to show how useless all those years wasted in education had been.

As she lifted her body up onto her feet, Ebony's continued to scan the area suspiciously, searching for anything at all recognizable, but in finding nothing of the sort, began to move cautiously, now searching for any kids that might be out and about in this city so late at night. She remained in shadows, however, moving behind trash cans and anything else which might hide her just in case any malicious tribes were on the move. Ebony knew she was one of the best fighters back home, but this clearly wasn't Wellington and even she couldn't take on a whole tribe by herself.