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Mar. 29th, 2012


Quack (tag: Thomas)

Ever since the “incident” with that ridiculously tall leprechaun, Jeannie had been avoiding the park. Not consciously. She did not think about ways to avoid passing through it, or alternate routes around it. She had simply been doing it, and it was not until that very morning that she realized it. Which gave Mad Sweeney far too much influence over her life.

That would have to change. )

Feb. 13th, 2012


Gaining the Upper Hand [Jeannie]

It had taken some work, the notion that formed in the leprechaun's head. He admitted he was curious as to the way the City had kept the Djinn away from him, since they had a stint there where it felt like that infernal woman was everywhere he went. Always, as she tended to do, interfering with his day-to-day activities. And she was horribly judgmental. Not to mention ungrateful. Just when he was trying to take the high road, be the better person and make sure she got to safety... she acted out against him again.

If Sweeney didn't know better, he'd have thought Jeannie liked him. )

Feb. 9th, 2012


Wandering (Open)

There was a lot of this place to explore, and Annie didn't have all the time she wanted to do so. She had the store to take care of, and she wanted to do that right. Already, she'd filled it with more computers, more game consoles, more phones, more electronics. Instead of just parts, there were actual machines in there. It was busier than she'd thought it would be, as well. She had no idea, but some days, she felt like it was the only shop of it's kind. She'd had to pick a day and close Fixit entirely, just so she could have some real rest. Some days, she didn't even get a lunch.

So she was taking this day off, in addition to the day she usually closed the store, to explore the city some more. It wasn't an easy task, because besides the size of it, there was the fact that everything moved. She knew that she was seeing some shops more than once. Some streets, as well.

She'd passed a botanical garden that she told her phone to note for later, and a zoo. She wondered if Rufio would go to the zoo with her. She saw a park, and a district that she noted to never come back to that was by the water. It looked very sketchy and scared her. She felt like she might run into people there that weren't nice, and weren't looking out for her best interests. People that she did not want to meet.

Eventually, she found a place that sold the stuff that Charlie had been eating. It turned out there were a lot more flavors of ice cream than just banana. Annie stood, staring at the sign, unable to make a decision on what she wanted to have.

"Holy crap."

Dec. 21st, 2011


Not the right drama (Jeannie, Lois)

Dean was tired. He hadn't seen the angel in a while, nor Jimmy. He'd also been out of touch with not only his brother, but also a few other people. It wasn't that he was trying to avoid anyone, or maybe it was. Honestly, there was only one person in the City he was actively avoiding. Fred was actually doing him a favor by keeping him busy, not that she gave him many jobs. She did give him some of the more physically demanding ones, which worked in his favor. Usually meant he was too tired to get a drink, well, maybe more than one drink, two drinks, the bottle. He didn't drink a whole damn bottle of something.

To make amends, not that he was on any number step program because he didn't need to be, he thought about stopping by Dinah's shop to see if she was in. Unfortunately, he couldn't bring himself to go in. He wasn't mad that she had gotten back with Harry; he really wasn't even mad that he hadn't known about it. He was just tired of not knowing what was going on. See? Tired.

So, he stood at the door that led to the stairs that led to his apartment. He should have gone in, either up the stairs or the shop, but he couldn't make himself do either. He hated apologizing, and he wasn't even sure why he should apologize. He hated not knowing what to do, which did happen a lot though not as often as some might think.

The hunter finally took a depth breath, sucked it up, manned up, found his balls, whatever. He started for the door to the shop. Hopefully, he was not walking into a drama trap.

Oct. 29th, 2011


I dream of bylines (Jeannie)

Lois needed a story, and fast. So far she'd covered the rally for Gaius Baltar, which had been bumped to the middle of the paper while the rally for Jack Heart had made the first page thanks to some hubbub over a swordfight. Then there was the story about the skinwalkers that she'd been force to set aside for the moment. She was still looking for that pack, but she couldn't publish an unfinished story. And until the rest of the pack of she-dogs was arrested or at least prevented from harming others, publishing anything would be irresponsible.

You're only as good as your last headline, and she hadn't had a headline yet since her arrival in the City. She was in danger of getting forever stuck in the basement at the rate she was going.

What she did have was an assignment from her editor to do a series of profiles of some of the more unique residents of the City. Which was nice and vague, as she hadn't been assigned a subject yet.

She supposed she could have asked Oliver for an interview, but hitting up her ex for quotable lines felt a little bit too much like taking the easy way out.

So instead she took to the streets. Quite literally. In a place where the buildings and streets moved around at random and, from what she'd read in the news archives, strange things happened all the time, she figured that if she walked long enough she'd eventually find a story. Or a story would find her. One of the two.

Oct. 26th, 2011


Keeping House (tag: Guy)

Jeannie yawned and stretched before sitting up. That had been a very nice nap, and she felt very rested. Except for her back, which was a little bit sore. The couch in her bottle was very comfortable most of the time, but it was not the same as a feather bed. Still, she reflected as she gazed around at the curved pink and purple walls gilded with gold patterns, there was no place like her bottle. It was safe and secure and, most importantly, hers.

But now that she was well-rested, it was time to get up and do something with her day. Jeannie was not, and really never had been, a laze-about sort of genie. Oh there were some that did nothing but sit around eating candied dates and drinking sweet wine while they waited for their masters to utter the two words that were a command to every djinn: “I wish…” Jeannie, though, was a more proactive person. She did not simply want to wait to grant her master’s wishes. She wanted to anticipate them. And more, she wanted to make his life easier.

Though that was sometimes harder that it sounded. )

Mar. 3rd, 2010


Spring Cleaning (open)

There were a few things that Jeannie took a great deal of pride in. At the top of her list was that when she had a master that treated her well, she returned the favor a thousand fold. She did her very best to make their lives comfortable, fulfilling, and most importantly, fun. But each master had their own idea of what that meant, and she needed to mold them slowly until they had a good time in spite of themselves. )

Dec. 8th, 2009


What the Hell [tag: Jeannie]

Sweeney woke up initially with a pounding headache. He wasn't quite sure what had happened at all. There was something oddly familiar about the stench of his locale. Given that in his time in the City he'd taken care to clean himself up a bit, this was not comforting. It helped that everything he wanted was at his fingertips. Thankfully the City provided where necessity was.

He'd gone and gotten himself a flat. The only trouble being that from day to day it became difficult to find it. That was given the City's propensity for moving things around at whim. Normally he found it after a few hours. That was unless he was so blue-blind paralytic drunk that he couldn't make his way around decently.

Where Sweeney found himself, though, was not in his flat. )

Aug. 6th, 2009


Horse Sense (tag: Sir Guy)

Jeannie stood outside of the cabin that she was now calling home, a place she shared with her new master. She paced around the outside of the building several times, quietly muttering to herself as she tried to find the perfect spot for what she wanted to do. Finally, she chose the south side as there was a good deal more room there.

Standing with her feet planted, the djinn crossed her arms at chest height, one over the other. Then, concentrating and taking careful aim, she simultaneously blinked and nodded, her pony tail swinging forward to brush her cheek. Moments later, she was clapping her hands in delight at the results as she looked at the brand new stable. It may not match the cabin, or look much like a modern stable… in fact, it looked a great deal like those found in ancient Bagdad. It was exactly what Jeannie had intended to create.

Now for the horse. )

Jun. 14th, 2009


Dr. Who has become unstuck in time TAG Jeannie

Enough of this already. The Doctor was a traveler, a scientist without parallel and not happy to be stuck in one place for very long. It was time to go.

“RIGHT!” The Doctor ran around the control room of the TARDIS and prepared fold time-space to get the hell out of this City. It had been 6 attempts so far, but this time he had an “Ace” up his sleeve. His meeting with his old protégé had reminded him that the TARDIS had something in its storerooms. A huge amount of Nitro-9.

It took a few weeks to set the charges all over the City. Careful not to have them in place of any living beings. Every power station, feed and switching grid he found were now rigged to explode with a flip of a switch. To be sure, the Doctor also had constructed an EMP generator that should fry every conventional circuit in 50 miles.

The TARDIS was not conventional.

The Doctor took a few photos, bought a couple of postcards, and made sure to leave a nice note for Ace. The TARDIS powered up, beginning it slow dematerialization. The Doctor smiled to himself and triggered the explosives. The City was rocked by 156 well placed bombs knocking out all the power they could. “AWW now for the icing!” The Doctor flipped a large paddle switch and the EMP sent a blue electronic wave over the City short circuiting anything more complicated than a toaster oven. VWOOORPP VWOOORP VWOOORP! The TARDIS phased out of this reality and fell into a wormhole.

Then it stopped. The Doctor was thrown across the control room, as the force of the deceleration was more than even the inertial dampeners could compensate for. “Oh no, what now.” The Doctor crawled to the console and peered into a viewer to see where he was. He Wasn’t anywhere it turned out The TARDIS was in the time stream, but it was not moving. It was stuck between moments and places. The ship strained around him trying to move on. Reality glimmered at the point the ship had been in the City.

May. 29th, 2009


Reap or Not to Reap [ Jeannie ]

Betty scrunched her nose and narrowed her eyebrows, looking from the post-it in her hand to the woman she was following and back again. This was surreal. It had to be her.

She had been quite mentally displaced to come home to find post in notes everywhere in her borrowed apartment. In her shoes, in her purse, in her closet in her bed. The worst part of them was that they weren't particularly organized in any way shape or form. They just were there. No sequential stacking, nothing.

So she figured she'd start by grabbing one and just going from there. Start small, stay busy, work quickly. At this rate maybe she'd hit her quota soon.

Periwinkle heels that matched her favorite periwinkle dress perfectly clicked on the pavement as she followed the woman in pink. Looking back at the post it, Betty was annoyed that it didn't give her any more information other than a first name. Or at least what she assumed was a first name.

All it said was: Jeannie.

Maybe Jeannie was meant as a descriptor, because what this woman was wearing was unreal. Completely and utterly unreal. Beyond unreal. It was just bizarre. It was like something out of a Halloween catalog.

She tucked the post-it into her handbag, fingered her hair and picked up her pace a bit with the hopes of catching up to her.

May. 1st, 2009


Arabesque (tag: River)

Jeannie had been having a very good day. So far today she had helped a man get out of a burning building, stopped a thief from getting away, and given a child her greatest wish. It was a little disappointing that the man from the burning building had been the one to set it on fire, but she had still saved him because he had been trapped inside. And at least the little girl had been polite enough to say thank you.

All in all, despite the small matter of the arsonist, Jeannie was pleased with her efforts thus far today. How kind was her new master to let her continue aiding people! Sir Guy was everything a gentleman should be. He was sweet and generous and very contentious of her feelings. And so handsome! Jeannie decided then and there to do something special for her new master to thank him for letting her follow her helpful urges.

What that might be required some thought. )

Mar. 26th, 2009


Shopping List (tag: Wash)

Jeannie was pleased as punch. Tickled pink. Which was most convenient, since pink was her favorite color and she was very fond of punch. Especially the kind that made her tipsy. She felt rather tipsy, even though she had not had anything to drink. She was just that happy.

She had a master again! Sort of. )

Feb. 15th, 2009


Hungry For Love [Cupid Challenge] (tag: Logan)

Jeannie paused on the street, holding the door open for a darling elderly couple that was leaving the diner. They were holding hands, smiling at each other, and the djinn did not wish for them to stop doing so just for something as silly as opening a door. She was, in fact, in a very light frame of mind due to the holiday.

More than one person that day had made the assumption that because she favored pink and red in her wardrobe, that she was enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day. That was not why she wore the colors, but she did very much like to see people being kind and helpful to one another. It was a little bittersweet, as Christmas was. Why could mortals not do that all the time, rather than just once in a while? She understood why they could not continually give extravagant gifts, but the little considerations could and should happen all the time.

She was also very in favor of being given chocolate on a regular basis. )

Jan. 25th, 2009


Illumination (tag: Sir Guy)

Tiffany lamps were very lovely things. Jeannie had always thought so, ever since she’d had first seen one in the home of her former master darling’s friend, Dr. Bellows. Mrs. Bellows had been very proud of it, and Jeannie had understood why immediately. Someone had taken the idea of a stained-glass window and made it into a lamp that could be taken home. It was very clever.

But then, Jeannie had always had a fondness for lamps in general, she reflected as she looked at the beautiful Tiffany lamp in the display window before her. Lifting her fingers to the glass store front, she leaned a bit closer and wondered if that affinity had anything to do with so many of her kind being bound to lamps. Oh, not this sort of lamp, obviously. That was just silly. Where would a djinn reside in a modern lamp? The light bulb? That would be terribly bright, not to mention hot, and really, there was no way to open and close a bulb. Very silly indeed.

So maybe she simply liked lamps because they were pretty. )

Jan. 14th, 2009


Snow Day [Snowed In]

(For Bella, Veronica, Dick, Bruce B, Lee, Edward and Simon)

Making the snowman had been extremely fun, and Jeannie was very pleased to have met a new friend. She genuinely liked people, and the truth was, she was more than a little lonely. While she enjoyed meeting all the people that she had since coming to this place, not one of them had really stayed. There was no one that she saw regularly. While she liked her new master, it was not at all the same as having a human master who was always there. To talk to. To serve. To love.

But when the snow became too bad, it was no longer quite as fun. It became too difficult to hold a conversation. So reluctantly, Jeannie made her good-byes and watched as Liz disappeared into the growing storm.

For a bit, Jeannie wandered through the chilled and changed landscape. Here and there, she ran into people that needed a bit of help dealing with the ever-deepening snow. All of them received aid in some fashion or other. Except for the last man. )

Jan. 2nd, 2009


Marshmallow World (open!)

Snow was amazing stuff! Jeannie had not had a whole lot of experience with the frozen precipitation in the past, only having been exposed to it a few times previously. It simply did not snow where she had come from. And there really was not much snow in Florida either, unless she caused it. Well, it had been Christmas, and really, many people were wishing for it, not just her master.

But she had not had a chance then to play in it as she was doing now. Wrapped securely in a pink rabbit fur coat with little red tassels at the end of the hood ties, Jeannie dug her mittened hands into the drift next to her red boots. She packed a rather large wad of the semi-sticky stuff together, then began to roll it about, allowing gravity to make more snow stick. She rolled and rolled until she had a rather sizable ball, then she stood back to gauge her progress. Not quite big enough, she judged, so Jeannie went back to work.

When the ball had finally reached the height of her hip and she was reduced to blinking the huge and heavy snowball in order to make it roll over, Jeannie decided that might be big enough. She packed snow around the base of the ball, making sure that it would be secure and would not roll one way or another. A bit more snow was added here and there, evening the surface, creating a perfect sphere.

Pleased with the beginning of her project, Jeannie turned to create the next section. She had never before made a snowman, but it was a great deal of fun! She could, of course, blink a number of them into existence, but that would defeat the purpose. She wanted the experience, and thus far, she was enjoying it. She could hardly wait until she got to put the top hat on her new creation!

Dec. 21st, 2008


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP THREE

There's a room filled with 500 rare and expensive birds. They all need to be caged, individually, and carefully. No feather must be out of place. No bird harmed. Magic doesn't work on them. There are perches high in the room that the birds can get to easily, and the birds themselves have rather sharp beaks.

Dec. 3rd, 2008


I dream of Jeanie? [Attn: Jeanie]

Things seemed back to somewhat normal. The City was still a mess and now and again, someone who wasn't cured would appear. Dean had taken time out to get supplies. They were already low in them and well, being some places were already broken into, police were more worried about the walking dead still around, Dean took the opportunity 'collect' some.

And the snow flakes were nice.

He was looking through a store, seeing if he needed anything when he heard a noise. He looked up, ready to draw his gun.

Dec. 1st, 2008


Reaping in Reverse (Everyone Who Wants to Be Cured)

George looked a bit like a gunslinger. She had two separate hypospray devices that delivered the cure without the hassle of a giant needle. Just press the barrel of the gun-looking medical tool against someone's neck or the chest and pull the trigger. It even made a neat little sound when it activated. (Zzzt!) There were, of course, complications.

Some zombies were missing body parts, some would not survive the cure process. After enough people had the cure delivered to them, there was just barely enough organization to herd the more damaged to either a) the hospital to have the cure delivered there where they could get immediate medical attention or b) to Arkham Asylum to be kept there until city officials decided what to do with the undead who were possibly too damaged to come back.

But not all the citizens of The City got a happy ending. For some there was just an ending. Volunteers were gathered up to collect the bodies. There was a graveyard and a memorial in the works for those who had died in the plague. After getting several filled post-it booklets of names and places, George went to the impromptu morgue that was set up for the more unfortunate until or if friends or family members were able to identify the deceased. It was one of the easiest jobs George ever had. Her hand brushed along the dead like some strange ghostly domino effect, and many started to take their leave. A few still chose to linger. The death toll was estimated to be in the thousands.

What seemed like a slow process felt very quick to George. She cleared out the hospital first, then the park, and so forth. After a while she wasn't alone. Recently cured policemen who were healthy enough to serve dressed up and riot gear, slowly retaking The City. Hotlines were set up for zombie sightings. It was all very efficient.

After today, George wasn't going to be quite as anonymous as she once was. A lot of people were going to remember her face. She at least tried to be a little considerate, hosing half eaten flesh and blood from some of the soon to be formerly undead before administering the cure, providing blankets to others that didn't have much left in the ways of clothes.

It was a bit like reaping in reverse. George liked it.

OOC! )

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