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Jan. 9th, 2009


Hot To The Core. (Jayne's Entrance, OPEN!)

It'd been one helluva shindig. Laughter and music and drinkin' and dancin' and more drinkin'. Holes were punched in Jayne's memory, blotting out various points in time thanks to the vast amounts of alcohol he'd ingested. Although he might've been a man who knew his limits, that didn't exactly mean he was one to stick to them. At all.

He did remember settlin' in for the night at the inn with an awful pretty doxy, and he sure as shootin' made sure he got his money's worth before he rolled over and drifted off. He'd expected the Cap'n to come around early and start a-hollarin' outside'a the door, so imagine his surprise when he woke up of his own accord, the sunlight so hot and bright that it burned his eyes the second he started to open them.

Disgruntled, Jayne wrapped an arm up around his head, the bed feeling hard and uncomfortable beneath him. The blankets had been stripped from his body and he was laying in the light. He groaned loudly, reaching a hand out to see if the whore was gone, but his fingers grasped nothing but air.

The air felt cold and wet, despite the light, and in semi-conscious confusion Jayne rolled over to try and get comfortable. The next thing he knew, he'd fallen and hit the ground, and was shoulder-deep in snow.

Cut for length... )