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Sep. 25th, 2011


Ebbing the Internal Storm (narrative)

It wasn't that Howl hadn't noticed the storm. At one point he'd had to protect Calicifer from a leak in the roof until the fire demon was able to repair it. It was just that it hadn't mattered. If the storm had blown them all way, it wouldn't have mattered either. Seeing the tornado in the near distance, Howl had not taken shelter, almost hoping it would just come take him.

His Sophie, and his worlds, were lost to him. The City had defied his and Jareth's attempt to escape. Then it had thought its change of the shop's sign was adequate appeasement. Just because he had always liked the name Pendragon better than Jenkins didn't mean a change in the name of the castle's storefront would be enough to please Howl. Not even close. There was something condescending about the City's attitude. No you can't have a cookie, but here's a carrot instead. As if he was a child that could be placated so easily. The next day, the sign was back to announcing the owner as Wizard Jenkins. The City had made its point. It was in control.

The storm's rage had mirrored his own. Just as the City's current state did as Howl made his way through the ravaged streets. It was broken, defeated, and dejected, just as he was. As he walked, strange shadows followed him, though the usual trail of green slime that normally came with the shadows did not. He was in a genuinely dark mood, and the slime was normally a tactic for dramatic effect. He had no one to demonstrate it for, nor was he in the mood for flamboyant displays of emotion. Who would care? Who would be there to coddle him? He was alone.

Stepping over a fallen tree branch, Howl trudged on, with no particular destination in mind, when a thought occurred to him. This was destruction brought upon the City, not caused by it. He was sure of that. A being, no matter its form, was ingrained with self preservation. It was instinctual. He stopped mid-stride, taking a good hard look at the City around him.

He forced himself to focus. He recalled the past two days to mind. The storm had been caused by magic, powerful magic. Howl had known it at the time, but somehow it had not registered in the haze of rage and depression he'd been in. Now, looking back, he could see it clearly. Someone had given a little back to the City. There was someone else here, someone who was powerful enough to have taken on the City and won the battle. He tilted his head back and laughed at the sky. It wasn't over.

His step lightened as he turned to make his way back to the castle. He smiled broadly at each sign of destruction he saw on the way, delighting in his newly gained insight. It had been beaten. Only for a short time, and likely to bounce back, but it could be done.

Now he just had to find the person that had done this.

Aug. 22nd, 2011


Hopeful Attempt (Jareth)

Looking over his spells one last time, Howl nodded in satisfaction. Between his books and his own training, he felt sure this was it. Or as close as he was going to get. That little voice in his head nagged that he couldn't be sure, and to not set himself up for disappointment. There was really no predicting the City's influence. By now, he'd already begun to think there was some sort of consciousness behind it. There had to be, or why would someone like him have been brought here? It couldn't be coincidence that one of the greatest wizards known to his world was abruptly relocated here.

The time had come to contact Jareth. )

Jul. 7th, 2011


Of Like Minds (Jareth)

The glaring sign over his front door drew Howl's eyes upward as he entered, shaking his head in disgust. WIZARD JENKINS. It was just the sort of flamboyant sign he would have chosen, if he'd wanted the attention. Which he didn't. Not now, anyway. Next thing he knew, people would be coming to him for spells and charms, and that meant work. Howl had already learned he didn't need his own money in this City, so there was really no point in advertising something he didn't need to do to get by. He'd have to do something about that sign, and soon. Which was typical of Howl's attitude toward anything remotely involving work. Think about it, then procrastinate to the point where nothing actually got done.

He entered the castle... )

Apr. 17th, 2011


Shopping Frenzy (open)

Howl had spent the day shopping. It was probably the most enjoyable shopping trip he'd ever been on, once he figured out that he could have anything he wanted. All he had to do was reach in his pocket, and the exact amount of money he required was right there.

It had all started in a clothing store... )

Feb. 13th, 2011


Woe Is Me (Jareth)

"Well, let's give this a try", he suggested to himself.

While speaking with Jean-Paul, a thought had occurred to Howl. He had no idea if his magic still worked in this place. His feelings torn between hope and fear, he wandered the streets, eventually finding himself in a park. He located a conveniently secluded spot, and sat on the ground.

Taking a deep breath, he decided to start out slowly. He took a blade of grass, breathed a few words over it, and watched it bloom into a flower. Easy stuff, but a great relief none the less. Feeling more confident, he let his magic increase in difficulty, conjuring butterflies, then cloud shapes, finally transforming himself into a dog. He only held it for a moment, but it was enough.

He still had his powers )

Feb. 4th, 2011


Stranger In An Even Stranger Land (open)





It had been going on for over an hour.


He tried again. Same thing. No matter how he turned the dial by the door, it opened to one view or another of the same City.