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May. 6th, 2009


Dinosaur dentistry [OPEN]

"You're being ridiculous."

Gert was standing outside an ordinary brick-facade office building, her arms crossed over her chest and a frustrated look on her face. Old Lace hid behind a post-office box a few feet away; or rather, she attempted to hide but failed miserably, as she had several feet on the blue metal structure. The dinosaur hissed.

"You think this is fun for me?" The teenager demanded, her eyebrows scaling her forehead. "Dude, I would so much rather be at the park right now. Don't be a baby. I put up with this kind of thing all the time and you don't hear me whining."

Old Lace slunk backwards a step. Apparently, Gert's pep-talks could use some work.

"Old Lace." The teenager's tone was flat. "Do you know how hard it was to find a vet that would see you? Come inside."

Feb. 15th, 2009


Trying to be a good foster parent [Cupid challenge: Gert]

Wilson felt bad that he had gotten to wrapped up at the hospital that he had neglected to check up on Violet. He had grabbed some nice journals for her this morning on his way to work. He made an effort to clear up his lunch break to go find her, since she had disappeared the other day after leaving him a note that she was going to visit friends at the youth hostel.

He had assumed she had just stayed over there with the friends, who were sure to be far more fun than hanging out with a middle-aged doctor, and that was a good thing. He just wanted to give her a little gift to make started college easier when she finally got matriculated.

He knocked on the door of the hostel, but no one was at the front desk.

"hello? Is anyone there?"

Jan. 3rd, 2009


Teacher/Student conferences (Open to teachers and students)

The City wasn't too up to speed on a lot of things that humans required in their daily lives. It liked order, and it liked rules. It also liked bending things around to fit whatever it wanted it to that particular day. But one thing that it was very sure of was that kids needed to go to school. In order for kids to go to school, they had to have teachers.

The concept of parent/teacher conferences was something that it had come across recently. It didn't quite grasp the idea that the parents were supposed to talk to the teachers and find out what their kids were doing, and if they were passing or having problems. It just thought that it was a time to get everyone in one room. Thus, it thought, it could be the same thing to have student/teacher conferences and accomplish the same thing.

It sent out a flier to all the school-aged kids that it had brought in as well as the adults he knew did teaching things within the City's walls. It hadn't previously realized how many of them it had collected, seeing the list of names, it became a little excited. Not to mention a little bit proud of itself. It was furthering the education of the youths!

There was absolutely no consideration to the fact that it was snowing very hard outside, and very few if any of these people had a vehicle. All it cared about was getting them all in the same room.


Jan. 1st, 2009


SNOWBALL FIGHT! (Open to everyone)

With so much snow laying on the ground, it didn't take much for the kids of the City to start playing with it. At first they hadn't known what to do, but instinct took over in no time. They were soon building things with it, making snow angels... and snow demons.... and then one kid had the brilliant idea to pick up some of it, turn it into a ball-ish shape, and hurl it at one of his friends.

It started a small war.

Soon enough, random passers by were caught up in it, forgoing everything else they had been on their way to do, and joined in.

About an hour later, everything in the City was closed so that anybody who wanted to could join the big snowball battle.

Errant snowballs flew, giving no regard to who they hit or how hard.

Dec. 22nd, 2008


Edward's Arrival (Open to All)

Edward did not need to sleep. The clock in the main hall chimed, reminding him it was 4 AM. He sat on the black leather sofa, staring across his room. Since the date he came out of the debilitating burning of the transformation, he had spent every hour of every day awake. Granted the night hours for him were just as productive as the hours in the day, time itself seemed to pass quicker than he could ever recall when he was human. Muddled were these visions, but Edward remembered the anticipation of the Great War approaching, as well as his 18th birthday which never seemed to want to arrive...and did not arrive. Edward was stricken with the Spanish Influenza and on his deathbed when turned.

Chicago in 1918 was a very different place when compared today. Yet, even if he felt the need to try and reminisce, something else managed to distract his thoughts. The heightened senses his race had helped to distract them from trivial matters, and the book case in his room called to his attention. Taking great care in diversifying and organizing his collection, he studied the titles on their spines, gradually scanning over the now-dried ink which rolled over the bumpy texture most of the books in his collection had. Spanning over eight decades, titles varied greatly. His signed copy of The Old Man and the Sea, a gift that his sister Rosalie thought appropriate, was probably the most valuable book he himself owned. Carlisle was drumming his fingers over his desk while reading up on possible cure for cancer, and Esme hummed as she was scanning her blue prints. Edward tried to always stay out of his family's thoughts, but sometimes it was just unavoidable. Making this task easier today was Jasper and Alice along with Emmett and Rosalie gone hunting into the Cascades. Being the lone vampire for so long had not truly bothered Edward. Poor Esme on the other hand constantly worried about it, regardless of her lack of conversation on the subject.

Edward froze. Decades of practice trying to be a human couldn't undo what came natural for him. Something suddenly didn't seem right. The shift was instant and now the room was different. The belongings in this room were the same, but the dimensions of the room were not. The walls were 2 centimeters taller which netted a subtle difference in how the air in the room traveled. The increase in mental decibels was enormous; suddenly he heard the buzz thousands of voices at once. Never in his entire vampiric life had he even been taken by surprise. It just didn't happen. If he didn't smell or hear the threat making audible noise, his mind always alerted him to their presence. Nothing in the natural animal kingdom could harm him, only supernatural beings which usually possessed language-based thoughts ever posed a threat.

Edward inhaled deeply. The former musky-forest scent was replaced with the smells of a larger city, much more repugnant and smog-laced. Crossing his room to the door, he realized he was in an apartment building rather than the glass-walled house in Forks. There were 6 doors on each side of his own in the hall, making for a total of 13 rooms on his floor. Running down the hall, he scanned the thoughts around him to see if he recognized anyone.

Damn, I'm late for work again!
Should I use the red or the green?
I'm singing in the rain...just singing in the rain...

Nothing. Just your average thoughts from the average human living their average life. It was always the same. Edward would never escape the mediocrity that surrounded him. Never. He bolted down the stairs, a total of 13 floors in mere seconds. Not caring if he revealed himself to others, he scrambled into the street. Jumping over a moving SUV as it came barreling towards him, he landed on the asphalt with his usual light cat-like grace. The driver of a truck in the other lane of traffic honked his horn at Edward even though he was at least 8 inches away. As if I would not just jump over the truck, too. He decided that in order for the drivers to be safe from crashing into himself, who was planted just as securely as any brick building, he leaped onto the sidewalk. He stood still, listening for anyone with ill threats to approach him. Edward was on red alert.

He could read minds. Alice could see the future. Edward doubted Carlisle ever came across someone who could teleport anything, let alone and entire room of belongings and its occupant without disturbing anything, nor being able to do so without alerting Edward's built-in RADAR detector. Edward continued to stand on the sidewalk so he didn't endanger more people's lives, looking like a lost teenager. He did not recognize the location or the thoughts of anyone within several miles. He had been to just about every place on the planet, including some places believed to not exist.

Edward had never wondered about conspiracy theories. Those thoughts were for the mentally unstable or those who felt the need to have a scapegoat for all the world's problem. He was suddenly faced with a serious dilemma. Were the Volturi behind this? Carlisle's coven had been meticulous in their charade. Did a new vampire do this to him? What kind of power was to blame? Edward looked at his reflection in a store front window, staring at his own topaz eyes looking for some sort of logical explanation from within himself. It never came.

For the first time in his own personal history, Edward truly was confused and...scared.

Dec. 21st, 2008


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP SIX

Scavenger Hunt. Pair off. Each pair has to find:
- The tooth of a four fingered homeless man
- A unicorn's eyelash
- Blowfish venom
- A pocket watch
- Mittens

Dec. 1st, 2008


Aftermath (Open)

Violet Baudelaire came to realize something: the last few weeks had not been her idea of a good time and finding out she was also newely homeless only made matters worse. The youth hostel that had been her home would need major repairs before anyone could move back in so she was back at square one. The only difference this time was her actually knowing a few people that might help or at least understand her.

So after getting her things she just walked through the city in hopes of finding a place to spend the night. The only thing that was not helping besides her current state of affairs? She was ankle deep in an ear infection and could really use some meds to stop her ear from ringing. She was alone once more and anyone could see how the last few weeks had effected the young inventor. "At least I got my stuff out of the hostel before things did hit the fan" she muses while walking.

Nov. 28th, 2008


Desperate Times (Anyone at the Church)

Violet was offically angry and it was starting to show. She made a last ditch raid of the various parts of the church and had found a decent amount of weapons plus a few of her own. "I move we make a break for it an join the fight, we have to fight back!" as she got the hostel group back together. Between the 7 of them they had a slingshot, 2 handguns, Violet's crossbow and a few odds and ends. "Plus we have Old Lace on our side" shooting a look of support towards Gert. One of the boys added,"We have to help out somehow, we can't sit here and take this sitting down!" as the little band moved towards the doorway with weapons in hand.

(hopefully this makes more sense, been out with a cold)

Nov. 14th, 2008


Safety in numbers (continued - OPEN)

continued from here

There were less people than he'd thought there would be. Which was good, he supposed, in the way that they didn't really have to worry about supplies. But it was bad, because it either meant that people hadn't seen his sign, or that they'd all been bitten and there wasn't anybody to come find shelter here.

It worried him.

It also worried him that he hadn't seen Buffy. She hadn't come back to check in, and she hadn't sent anybody in this direction. Nobody wandered in carrying her name on their lips to assure him that she was okay.

There were others he was worried about as well. He'd not seen hide nor hair of them, and he couldn't help but fear that they were monsters now too.

Aside from Zoe and the kids, a few of the City's regular residents had popped in for shelter. Those who didn't come from some place or time outside of this one. They had no special abilities. No extraordinary skills. It was easy to forget about them in day to day life, because they just tended to blend in with the background. These were the people who had no idea that their city was alive, because they'd always lived with it. These were the people who didn't think it was bizarre how the streets and buildings shifted. How people popped in and out of existence. They were the people that needed the most help in this.

Jesse sat, looking out one of the holes in the stained glass in the choral balcony. The streets seemed dead outside. In more ways than one.

Oct. 13th, 2008


School's in. [Open]

Gert hadn't been to school since she'd run away from home back in Los Angeles. She didn't feel like she was missing anything; she was well read and she'd been in advanced classes. If she wanted to know something, surely she could teach herself. She knew how to use a library.

The City, it seemed, had other ideas. First, a truancy officer had come to her door, demanding to know why she'd been skipping class. They'd had words; Gert had told him exactly what she'd thought of the educational system in general (it encourages complacency and conformity; if I wanted to abdicate my ability to think, I'd watch more television) and, when that hadn't worked, she'd gotten Old Lace involved. The dinosaur was slightly more persuasive than anything she'd said, and the man quickly left after the Deinonychus had peeked around her shoulder and started growling.

So now, the 'go to class' message had gotten a little more unavoidable. She went to the corner store for some toothpaste and found herself facing the City Institute instead. A trip to the park took an extra turn or two, and yep: the Institute loomed ahead. She got onto the bus in an attempt to go home, waited the right number of stops, and then got off to see - you guessed it - the City Institute.

All roads led to high school. Gertrude was beginning to think she might possibly be in hell.

She'd finally managed to go in a direction that didn't seem to lead towards the school. Of course, she reflected, it could be a trick: the City might be letting her get a few blocks away, only to trick her and throw the hateful building at her when she least expected it. When she reached a corner, she slowed down and leaned forward to peek. Old Lace stopped a few steps back, and Gert motioned the creature towards the wall. With all the sneaking around, it was like some ridiculous spy movie. Gert was starting to get a little irritated.

Aug. 19th, 2008


Go Go (Open to anyone and everyone)

It had only recently become aware of the concept of monster movies. In this new body, this new form, it had taken to doing some more human things. One of them had to been to visit something called a video store, rent some videos and find some place to watch them. Since it was The City itself, it just made a house with everything it needed.

One of those videos happened to be Godzilla, featuring a giant angry lizard. It sat intrigued through the whole thing and bolted to it's feet at the end, fresh with a new idea.

There would be a zoo in The City. It would collect animals to put them on display. The City didn't currently have a zoo of it's own, which was sort of sad for the children. But they'd grown up here so they didn't really have a concept of what a zoo was. They would love this.

It would get Godzilla. The monster couldn't be that big, could it? After all, it had ransacked and Japan was a small place to begin with. Just an island. Sort of like The City, only ... different. Plus it had stayed mostly in Tokyo. One city.

After Godzilla, it would get some dinosaurs maybe. A unicorn. A phoenix. Dodo birds. Things that people would know but had never seen in their lives. It would be fantastic. Everybody would be filled with wonder. They would be pleased by what The City had given them.

Retrieving Godzilla as it had everybody else, The City suddenly realized that it had not only misjudged the creature's size, but also it's intelligence and determination. The cage that had been constructed turned out to be rather flimsy.

Just as one of the lesser writers for The City Voice was receiving information about the zoo for an article, Godzilla broke loose.