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May. 16th, 2015


Dino what? (Narrative)

Bruce couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had slipped his glasses from his face in wonder as the terrasaur terrorized a city block or two. From where he was standing the sight seemed unbelievable. An honest to God Tyrannasaurus Rex. The fact that it was currently eating citizens of the City was for a moment lost on the scientist. The studious part of his brain was running at full speed and outweighing the probability of danger. He didn't realize he was standing with his mouth agape until a girl nearby screamed.

Snapping his jaw closed, Bruce folded his glasses neatly, stuffed them into a pocket and straightened. He did not want to Outbreak, not in the middle of town but it was seeming as if he was out of options. He couldn't let these people die either by being selfish. He could have run, that was a proven fact. He had run from about everything else in his life so why not this? It seemed unfair, in a sense, to abandon these people that were fleeing for their lives already.

Weighing the options, the petite scientist breathed out hard. Stark would save them, right? They had to have someone...anyone?

Damn it all.

Rushing forward, Bruce regretfully knew it was up to him to stop the beast from further terrorizing the population. And this day had started out so promising...

It took only moments for the Other Guy to emerge in a sea of green muscle mass and tatters of clothes. It roared as loudly at the king of the dinosaurs, earning the attention accordingly. "Hulk smash puny Dino." It was a state of fact.

The gnashing of teeth came at the large green mass but Hulk lifted a mighty fist and drove it into the face of the dinosaur, earning himself a roar of surprise.

A leap into the air to avoid further snapping of teeth, and Hulk soared over the Rex. He landed behind the thing, and before the dinosaur could even try to turn Hulk had grabbed it by the tail. Emitting a roar of his own, Hulk jerked the lizard's tail and began to fling the thing expertly, not caring about damage to buildings or whom might potentially be in the line of fire.

Not even a certain red-headed female that was currently going by the name Effie Nashton, or Enigma. The vigilantee villainess had been crouching behind a car when the Hulk threw the dinosaur into the vehicle, sending the girl, the lizard and the automobile careening across the street and into a building. There was no way she could have survived the impact or the pressure of both the car and dinosaur landing on her amidst the rubble. Hulk had no idea she was pinned beneath the mess.

He stomped forward, grabbed the dinosaur again and began to throw it into buildings and punch it until it was dead and unmoving.

A snort from the green beast and it looked around at the citizens still fleeing. The streets emptied, and the Hulk released a mighty roar of triumph. It made no attempt to clean up any part of its mess, leaving the dinosaur where it lay. Instead, the green monster turned, shot glares at the surrounding buildings and wandered easily into the settling dust.

May. 14th, 2015


Blood Lust (Killian)

"Nonono, get back here!" "Sparrow" yelled, sliding over a rooftop, her long red skirt flaring out behind her, the leather of her nomex suit catching the light. "K, grab him!" she yelled through her mic, trying to direct her partner on the other roof to grab the kidnapper they were after.

As her target took off to leap towards the roof Killian was on, Effie slashed out with her bo staff, trying to trip him, not really caring if he fell onto the roof or the ground below. She cursed as she just missed by an inch, leaping into the air after the man again, bo staff ready to slap the man upside the head if Killian didn't get him first.

May. 13th, 2015


Signage (narrative)

Edward beamed proudly at the sign he held between both of his hands. Long fingers stroked tenderly at the verbage, the sign was complete and it declared his running for mayor. There was little Eddie had to be proud of beyond the small empire he was steadily building on the foundations of Arkham with his family. This...this was an addition to that legacy. This was the flag on top of that mountain that would fly free and full. He was still running unopposed and while that elated him, Eddie felt it was too easy. Nothing that was good in his life had come on an easy path and this was no different. But it still felt god seeing the lettering declaring upward at him.

Effie had assisted him in creating some of the signs so there was glitter in places that it probably shouldn't have been in and he could swear that one of the pockets of his suit was glitter glued shut. How that had come to pass, he wasn't exactly sure. But some where along the way someone had gone a bit overboard with the glitter and the adhesive. No matter. It would wash itself out. Maybe.

The bold, glittered signs littered the table in a pile before him, waiting to be hung.

The one in his hand he liked much more because it was simple and easy.

Nashton for Mayor!

An accomplishment worthy of Edward. He sighed in relief and nodded, setting the sign down on to the top of the stack. He needed a drink and some rest. But the first opportunity in the light of the morning after this one would be the first steps toward Mayordom. He would hang his signs all over the City, everywhere the people went in hopes they would vote for him despite the lack of challenge. If he saw vacant spaces where he knew his signs had been then two more would sprout and populate the empty spaces. He would not rest from his task until the final votes were counted. He deserved this chance, this step in his life. And Effie deserved to be proud of her father for once.

And who didn't love a little bit of power?

May. 6th, 2015


Casual encounters (Effie)

Peter hummed softly to himself, excitement flowing through every fiber of his being. He didn't know what really the cause was for such a feeling, it just seemed to come at him quickly and gain momentum with each moment that passed. Maybe it was the beauty of the night. The breeze was warm and inviting, and the way it pushed through the soft strands of his hair and the way it caressed the exposed skin of his face and arms was alluring. Peter had always liked the evening. Things tended to seem more alive and alert. Things happened then. He was grateful for the sun, too, but there was just something about the way the moon shone down on the Earth that made it special. It was better when someone shared it with you, but seeing it alone was good too.

The streets were packed with moving bodies, laughter and merriment. The doors of shops stood open to welcome pedestrians into their places to further inspect their wares. As tempting as it was to cross those thresholds, Peter allowed himself the luxury of window shopping. Delights of all sorts called to him from beyond the glass. Some were encased in glass beyond the windows, special trinkets of lovely designs ready to be plucked from their casings and taking to those whom would adore them as they were meant to be adored.

His blue eyes wandered the items of one shop in particular, a small, independent alcove stacked with carts filled with old books. The carts were parked on the side of the shop itself, an honest gesture for passerbys to peruse the wares that one could hold in their hand. Finally the temptation was too much and Peter stopped at a cart. Fingers browsed the tops of the bundles of worn, aged pages. His eyes ate up the text on the spines and instantly he could feel the love these books had received before being donated by that lover with hopes of them finding another heart to capture. There was nothing more lovable than a good book. At least, that was his opinion.

The humming ceased and Peter took an excited breath before divulging into the stacks of books. He searched for nothing in particular, just perusing the carts slowly so as not to miss anything vital. Not even the scents from the surrounding bakeries and pizza parlors could tug him away just then. No. This was a gem worth excavating.

Apr. 25th, 2015


Bloody Desires (Eric)

Effie had been watching the man for almost a week now, certain her suspicions were right. He had to be the one she and Killian were trying to find. Pushing up her sunglasses, she stood from her chair, moving closer to the man at the counter of the sweet stop, waiting until the annoyingly bubbly princess had her back turned before leaning in to look at one of the trays, purposely brushing against him, leaning over his arm. "Mmm, it all looks so good, doesn't it?" she questioned aloud. "Especially the chocolate...though I wish she'd sell it in sauce form, it would be so much, that way."

Effie rolled her eyes up to look at Eric over her sunglasses, gauging his response as she almost absently licked her lips, though whether it was due to the idea of the sweets laid out before her, or the 'fun' one could have with chocolate sauce was anyone's guess.

Apr. 22nd, 2015


Sailing the...One Sea (Killian)

Effie was standing at the wheel of the Jolly Roger, absently spinning the wheel of the anchored ship. It did nothing but make the rudder turn, but she had a good enough imagination. She was nude except for Killian's leather coat, the light wind blowing across her body, making her feel comfortable and relaxed in the heat (being nude in public wasn't something that bothered her in the slightest).

She spun the wheel again, sighing softly, looking off, across the dock and towards the City proper. She was bored and uncertain. Years ago, when she dreamed of being twenty one, once, she thought she would be promoted to full super-hero, out of the junior leagues and old enough to work with the likes of Batman and Green Arrow (and maybe get Superman's autograph...), then, she thought she would head her own gang, not be one of her

And then...then the City had changed everything. She had been kidnapped, and given a different life, outliving the one written out in her world by three years. She had found the man of her dreams and her future changed, and idea that she would grow old with him (or at least live a full life until her father killed her in this world)...and then it was all ripped away from her in one night. Well, what had seemed like one night.

Now...she had no idea where to go or what to do, following along with things as if she were asleep and being lead by the hand. Selina suggested a shop, so she started to open it (the 'grand opening' was that weekend), she had met Killian and as the only guy she had met in several months willing to sleep with her (and as a sex addict that had been a very long few months), she stuck with him.

She wanted something more out of everything. To escape the haze and lost feeling of grief, to become herself again. She couldn't steal, she couldn't murder...if not for the damn conscious Erik had given her back (fuck you very much), but the simple fact she looked horrible in orange. But she couldn't be a hero either...the Gothamites in town wouldn't allow it (seriously, she thought Red Robin would break the Bat-Family's no killing rule just to stop her).

She spun the wheel again, jerking her eyes from the Wayne/Stark Tower (and her Warehouse, which she just now realized was both close in distance and in wonder she met Bruce), trying to focus on the here and now...and absently wondered when her not!boyfriend would wake up and join her (she did work him out for several hours after all). She poked at the wheel, wondering if he would mind if she took the ship out for a spin while he was asleep...

Apr. 12th, 2015


Trials (Edward/Matt Narrative; will tag others involved)

Matt sat back against the hard wood of the chair, swiveling slightly on the mechanism to face his client some. Eddie whispered something in to his ear, a quip of some sort that Matt found distasteful and wrong. But Matt smiled anyway, albeit small and tight-lipped, offering a bit of encouragement to his client.

It seemed the entire courtroom was holding their breath as they waited for the verdict. All of the facts had been given for and against Eddie, the witnesses had been summoned and examined and the scenarios offered.

Matt had made the closing arguments to the jury and then the panel left to deliberate.

Some where behind him, Matt knew Rose sat. Her presence gave him confidence. He would need her support more than ever after the jury deliberated and came to a conclusion.

It took only an hour before the jury was back. The foreman stood, lifting the folded paper at which their decision lay.

Eddie leaned forward in his seat, primed with anticipation. Matt continued to sit settled against his chair.

"We the jury..." the woman breathed. She licked over her lips and her fingers trembled as she held up the paper "...find the defendant Edward Nashton not guilty of kidnapping and aggravated assault."

Matt emitted a breath.

Edward flashed a wicked smile and clapped Matt on the shoulder. The gavel hit the desk and the Judge dismissed the case and everyone in the courtroom.

Feeling like he was floating, Matt found himself standing on the steps of the courthouse. Somewhere in the distance Matt felt a pair of lips on his cheek; he knew the Nashton girl had kissed him. He felt outside of his own body and that brought him back a little.

The lawyer offered the girl a small, patient smile and a nod before he turned to look for Rose.

Edward beamed for a moment, proud, before narrowing his eyes in pain at the smack upside the head he had received from his husband. "Ow!" Eddie grunted, rubbing the side of his skull where Jonathan had hit him. But he was teeming with love and his long arms went around the thin frame of the man he loved.

It was over. Eddie was free and no charges were brought. Matt was far too good at his job, and Edward would make sure to compensate the man accordingly for it.

Apr. 5th, 2015


Party Riddles (Effie, Jonathan, Selina and Killian)

Family parties were always quite the event when they happened. It was almost expected to be loud, to have someone go to jail or get maimed, for there to be alcohol flowing like water and for a fight to break out. The dramatics were always quite the spectacle to behold and a birthday was as good of an excuse as any to get the antics ready. But t wasn't just any birthday party, it was a belated celebration for Effie and the chance to meet whatever sucker his daughter had picked up for the occassion. His daughter had mentioned something alluding to the fact that she had found someone to keep her occupied and Eddie was curious to see what Effie had dredged up and from where. Anything had to be better than Bruce.

Honestly, Eddie was glad Bruce was out of the picture. He wasn't their type nor had he been good enough for Effie. And it was with that glee that Eddie finished decorating for the party.

The warehouse had been the venue of obvious choice since it was large enough to hold them, and also any of their crazy theatrics. It was also appropriately boobytrapped in case the Police did happen to drop by unexpectedly.

Though the four of the invited guests would not likely make enough noise to warrant a visit from The City's finest. Or the Bat. There was one person that was not attending on account of being locked up and currently unconscious from a good torturing. A certain Clown Princess. Eddie squealed with glee when he thought of Harley down in the basement of Arkham, passed out from the pain, chained to the floor with a broken hand...amongst other things.

He sighed with contentment and hung up the last of the streamers.

"Jonathan, are you ready? Is everything all set?" Working with one hand was a feat in itself but Eddie managed. He climbed down from the ladder he had been standing on, tucked it away behind a door, and made sure the cake was fresh. The warehouse was decorated in a sea of green, gold and purple. The symbols appropriate to their lineage also decorated the walls and floors, the question mark.

"Oh this will be perfect!" There was alcohol to be had, and fun times ahead. Eddie did love a good party.

Mar. 24th, 2015


Come Sail Away With Me (Effie)

(**Warning: adult content***)

Killian didn't know what exactly it was that was bothering him so badly. There was a mixture of things he had picked up on from the bar, all of them had him reeling. Surely there was some way out of here...The City, a place with such a generic name though it held the most unique types of people. Was that a cover for something? The name? It was so plain, so obvious. Killian figured there was more to it than the people here were letting on to. And it was troubling him. There had to be real Magic here. It didn't feel as authentic a place as New York, where Magic wasn't present. No. It'd had the enchanted feel to it. He had spent enough time in both Storybrooke and Neverland to know the difference in the air.

He felt burdened by the weight of this land. The sword at his left hip was no burden, nor was the satchel dangling from the right. No, the weight came entirely from the shoulders and he felt as though he had a limp when he walked. That was the pirate swagger, of course, but it felt different than usual. His heart begged for something familiar. Killian would have settled even for a good yelling at from Emma, or being beaten up by Regina. Anything. He did fancy Miss Swan when she wasn't yelling his ears off, though she was agreeable most of the time. And that look she gave him when they were in the same frame of mind.

Killian sighed.

Despite having been at the bar all day he reached into his satchel with his good hand, removed the half-full bottle of rum and lifted it to his lips. He yanked the cork free with his teeth, spat it out as he walked, and proceeded to drink as he walked through the rest of the public. He was headed for his ship, wanting only to rest and drink away the duration of the day and into the evening.

The blonde from the bar would have been at his arm should he have only made the suggestion but his spirits had been dashed and he had let her slip past. That had not been the first time, nor would it be the last.

Finally Killian reached the dock. The bottle of rum hung limply from his fingers as he approached the platform with intentions to board the vacant ship.

Mar. 21st, 2015


Sweet Desires (Elsa)

Anna hummed to herself as she started slicing up the chocolate blocks, tossing the bits and pieces into a pot, stirring it as it slowly started to melt, a smile on her lips as the sweet smell engulfed her.

She turned her attention to the cream that she was whipping, her humming increasing as she started to turn the liquid into fluffy peaks before folding it into the melted chocolate, pouring the mixture into little snowman molds. She put the chocolates into the fridge to set up, pulling the eggs out after and cracking them into a bowl to make a base of ice cream.

She had never dreamed that years of watching the castle chefs would later turn out like this, assisting her with her new sweet shop, but Anna was happy making sweets, and watching those sweets make others happy.

...and when her shop was filled, she could almost pretend she wasn’t utterly alone.


The Cat is in the bag (Effie)

Selina crawled quietly across the roof of the warehouse. Edward had given her the location information, details on what his daughter looked like, and about nothing else. It was dark, and her cat suit provided just the right amount of cover in the shadow. Reaching the edge, Selina peered over and glanced down at the ground. There was a winding staircase of iron, connected to other platforms and stairs that worked around the building. The perfect way to get into a place like that. This was not her first time breaking into a facility like that, but she would still be cautious. This was Edward's daughter, and Selina's experience with the man told her to be cautious. Very cautious.

Selina slipped over the edge of the roof, guided herself down on to the wrought iron platform, and worked her way softlt down the stairs. A ledge was her next destination and she approached it, reaching a large window. With an easy bit of maneuvering, Selina had the window unlocked and opened. It was large enough to accommodate her, and so she slipped through without a minute to spare.

This was a mission designed to gather intel, she needed to see what she was getting herself in to. Selina had promised Eddie she would befriend his daughter Effie, at gun point of course, but she never went back on her word. Tonight she was sort of wishing she had broken her promise. Ben would have protected her if Bruce couldn't. But Selina was curious. It was a trait she hated.

Once she was on a stable platform, Selina slinked down another platform and series of ladders. The warehouse was dark, silent and still. She liked it that way. It didn't seem as if anyone was home. A cautious step and Selina was on the ground. Despite her heeled boots, she was a master of silence and so she approached the middle part of the warehouse without the faintest of a sound.

A breath, and a smirk. This was so easy, it seemed impossible. Too easy, and --

Her foot for caught in something and before she knew it, Selina found herself being pulled upward in a large, massively wound net. Her eyes widened in surprise, and her legs dangled through the large woven structure. Down below, part of the floor opened up and as she looked down at the trap she noticed plush alligators. It was comical, and childish. Perfect.

"You couldn't even get real alligators?" Selina called out, not hiding the amusement in her voice. Her arms folded over her shoulders and she dangled, kicking her legs gently. She had underestimated Effie. It wouldn't happen again.

Mar. 8th, 2015


Pick and choose (Effie)

Matt had agreed to meet Effie for a lunch meeting since it had taken a little bit longer for him to gather and process the documents than he had expected. An unfamiliar court system could be a pain, but he was easy enough to get along with and by the end of everything Matt had made a few good friends. He had not expected to bump into Steve Rogers, that was a blessing that had come when Matt had really needed it. And now once Effie had chosen her path with her marriage, Matt would be free to represent her father to the best of his ability. Which kind of made him sick, but he wouldn't think about it.

His mind wandered to Rose. He missed her already. The environment at the office was much more comforting to him because he knew it. He knew Paulina would be filtering the phones and door traffic like she always did, keeping out the unwanted riffraff. Laurel would be in her office next door working and Rose...well, Matt always looked forward to any moment in the day when she could escape her own duties and pop in to see him. Even if it was for only a minute. He had grown fond of their lunch hours together, too, even if it was filled with the same orange chicken. He didn't mind. The point was seeing her, hearing her talk and laugh. And after that night at his apartment his feelings for her had grown.

Now Matt was standing in the foyer at a small cafe that served brunch, lunch and dinner options. He was waiting on Effie to arrive, so they could finish their business. It was one case he wanted entirely off of his desk.

A hand was curled around the handle of the briefcase, and he glanced out of the window as if he could see the traffic on the street. This was a perfect spot to do business, it was quiet and private for the most part, and the food was good from what he'd heard. Entertaining clients was never really his thing, he always represented the small people. But he supposed it was a nice change.

Feb. 25th, 2015


Letting Go (Matt/Effie)

"Yes, I am aware I don't have an appointment, sweetie," Effie's voice could be heard floating through the door to Matt's outer office, a sweet honey coated knife that was clearly directed at Matt's receptionist.

"Then I'm afraid you'll have to wait or make an appointment," The receptionist said, only to be cut off in a choking sound.

"I'm busy, now shush," Effie said, finishing wrapping duct tape around the woman's mouth before stalking past her and into Matt's office itself, taking a seat and crossing one long, mesh clad leg over the other. "Mr. Murdock." she said by way of greening, giving him a warm smile as if she hadn't just duct taped the man's poor receptionist. "I am in need of"

Feb. 6th, 2015


Breakfast! (Effie)

The morning was fresh.

Edward hummed lightly to himself, standing easily in front of the stove at the warehouse. The table behind him was filled to the brim with home made breakfast items, his China tea set and even fresh squeezed juice.

Long fingers curled around the end of the spatula, pancakes sizzling in a seasoned pan.

A newspaper, The City Voice, lay with the crossword face up and half penned in. Forgotten. Breakfast for Effie was more important.

After the last of the pancakes were stacked high on a plate Eddie started on scrambled eggs. He cracked the eggs into the pan, pushing the yolk with the spatulas until it broke.

Coffee was dripping into the pot beneath the machine.

He hoped that Effie would wake up when she smelled the breakfast cooking. He couldn't remember the last time he had made her breakfast.

Eddie wore a green apron over his green dress shirt and slacks to protect them from bacon grease and flour from the pancakes.


Jan. 1st, 2015


Something wrong (OPEN)

Oh, she was rather used to the City and it's games, and had even joined in a few a time or two, but there was something wrong at the moment. It wasn't a little thing that she could brush off easily, like a file being out of order or a few hours missing...but there were two very large holes in her life that screamed at "Not Right".

Her father and Bruce were gone.

Just...gone. No signs, no nothing. She had checked the Tower. She had checked the Warehouse...she had even gone to Arkham (and found her step-father moping about which ended her search for her father right there. If Edward was there...Jonathan would know it. Jonathan would never willingly be without Edward.

She sighed, locking the door to her and Logan's cabin, pocketing the key and heading for the Warehouse again to search for clues...for something, anything to explain what the hell was going on. She had missed Logan and Giselle by an hour, not realizing she had a problem waiting for her (such as two strangers now sharing the same space she had thought she shared with her lover), her mind focused, narrowed down to a single point.

Find out what happened.

"This is not funny, by the way," she muttered, kicking at the earth as if she could kick The City itself. Honestly, she would understand if she could just have an answer...

Jan. 24th, 2014


Home again (Logan/Effie Log)

(Warning! Graphic content! :))

Let's spar! )

Jan. 18th, 2014


Idealations of the End (Bruce)

Effie was standing on the edge of Stark Tower's roof, the only thing keeping her from flying off being her stiletto heels hooked over the railing, and the familiar balance she had of standing in such a location. Her father had kept her from any chance of ending her own life for the past week, but he wasn't there with her and she hadn't even been at work an hour before she had found herself up here, staring down at The City below.

From this seemed so much like Gotham, she could almost hear the screaming, hear the horns honking and police sirens...she never realized just how much she missed home.

Her balance wavered slightly, the wing tugging at her, pulling...caling for her to fly. She shifted her feet, a gravel rock tumbling over the edge of the roof and she watched it blankly, her heart longing to follow it.

Downstairs, Jarvis beeped Bruce, his cool monotone flowing through the man's earpiece. "Sir, your ex-wife is on the edge of the roof."

Jan. 15th, 2014


Forgotten Wishes (Bruce)

The door to Bruce's lab dinged, Jarvis warning the man he had a visitor, and a courier wheeled in a food cart covered in a crisp white table cloth and two silver domed meals. He lit the candles on the table and placed a purple coloured rose in the vase before giving a bow and vanishing back out the door, job done.

Resting against the vase was a small card, Bruce's name written on the cover in glittery green ink.

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

Today is the second happiest day of my life, because it's the day you came into the world! I love you, Bruce Banner, for always and always. Give me a few minutes and I'll be downstairs...I'm more then likely upstairs getting ready for our birthday date! And no peeking at dinner before I get there!

-Effie Banner

Jan. 12th, 2014


Lost surrender (Effie/Logan/Edward/Bruce log)

(Last post from us for a good while. I swears!)

Regretful consequences... )

Jan. 10th, 2014


Straightening Stories (Eddie/Logan/Bruce)

Effie was visibly enraged by the time her father appeared, her face almost as ready as her hair and she kept glaring at people like she wanted to paint the Tower with their intestines. She stalked over to the car, climbing in and huffing. "I need you to take me to Logan's," she stated, not looking at her father.

She instead stared out the window, tears still rolling silently down her cheek, even despite her pain. She was so...broken inside that she could barely breathed.

How could Bruce hurt her like this?! They were supposed to have a nice night and he...he...

She burst into tears, clinging her her knees, sobbing against the flesh, her tiny body trembling with her pain.

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