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Feb. 15th, 2009


Coffe, tea or me. (Violet // Cupid)

Elizabeth had found herself in this place in a state of bewilderment. She was an astute and clever minded woman but even her notions of propriety were challenged by being here alone with no connection, no one to properly introduce her to society. In some respects it had been a freeing experience, liberation of a kind she would never have dreamed possible. Women walked about and made themselves known to men with no chaperone. Men walked about with little or no regard for the ladies around them. People spoke most plainly about matters and had no issue with the so called delicacies of the fairer sex. How decidedly queer.

It had taken her days to settle in, she was still trying to understand so much but the boarding house she found for young ladies, was accommodating enough. Though she missed her family terribly, Jane most of all. Her beloved sister was her best friend and there was no other that could replace her in Elizabeth's bereaved and empty heart. How shall she ever manage? No pap to laugh with at the silliness of her sister, no Jane to be her confident and most trusted friend. No Charlotte to chat with over tea...tea..that would make her feel a bit better.

The boarding house had given her excellent directions to a tea shop a short walk away, walking for Lizzy was a joy. She had no mind about the short jaunt and took to it with great enthusiasm, her long skirts sweeping the paving stones as she made way to the shop. It was a store which sold only books, and they would allow one to read there! She was delighted with the place, in purest heaven to find such an escape.

The dark haired woman took her tea and sat at one of the outer tables while she sipped and enjoyed the works of a rather good writer. She was of no mind to read some of the more modern works, as they had been called. Filled with fright and subjects not fit for a gentlewoman to read. So sitting with her tea and her book Lizzy was quite content, for the moment.